Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Winter is coming soon


Book 1 Menu

  • What does a Grand Solar Minimum look like?
  • Clouds and the Albedo Effect
  • CO2 is necessary for life and is plant food
  • History
  • Family and Community Start your community Is It Too Late?
  • It’s all in your head Charge up your batteries
  • The Sun Controls the Climate
  • Kristian Birkeland Star Formation Sunspots
  • Looking at the Sun
  • Earth - Sun Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Fields and the Sun
  • Atmospheric Compression
  • Clouds and Cosmic Rays
  • Valentina Zharkova
  • The Little Ice Age Ice Ages
  • Ice Age in our future? Lurking
  • Ice Age in our future?
  • It's Your Turn
  • So the question remain
  • More Gloom (sorry) The Rules of the SGSM Grid Down
  • A B C You loose

Book 2 Menu

  • Some New Thoughts
  • Cycles
  • More Evidence for the SGSM
  • Conclusions
  • Ulysses SWOOPS Terminology and the Ice Age
  • Growing During the SGSM Good Reliable Seed Sources
  • What Can You Grow in a Grow Bag?
  • Greenhouses - Build your own
  • Dehydrating Food
  • Freeze Dried Food
  • Canned and Canning Food
  • Dry Canning (Packing)
  • Vacuum Packing and Sealing
  • Oxygen and Mylar Bag Packaging
  • Sealers and sealing
  • Root Cellar
  • Meals Ready to Eat

Book 3 Menu

  • The Year of the Garden Preparing the Garden Etc.
  • Now for something different!
  • It’s Potato Planting Time in Central Texas
  • Pics from the farm
  • It's time to start outfitting your ship
  • Indoor Growing More on Water Shelter a Repeat Where to Live
  • Where Do YOU Live? A Repeat

Book 4 Menu

  • Personal Radios
  • Keeping warm
  • The Great Global Culling
  • Opportunities During the SGSM
  • The Virus – COVID 19
  • Summation

Book 5 Menu

  • New Worlds
  • Be the one out of ten
  • Down The Road
  • Turn - Turn - Turn
  • It’s all about Food
  • The Old World ended in 2019 The Essentials
  • WORLD 1.0
  • World 2.0
  • World 3.0
  • WORLD 3.0 PART 2
  • WORLD 3.0 PART 3
  • World 3.0 Part 4
  • World 3.0 Part 5
  • Blowing in the Wind Another Ending
  • The Stupidity factor and Perfect timing
  • It Starts

Book 6 Menu

  • It’s all in your head
  • Charge up your batteries
  • What is a Global Reset?
  • The Global Financial Collapse
  • Money and Digital Money
  • Digital Money in the Great Reset
  • It’s all about food
  • The Global Reset City
  • Is it True? A Great Global Reset
  • More Great Global Reset
  • An Ending Thought

And the Final Graphic

Winter is Coming Soon - New Worlds

This is probably the last books I will ever write. The series is composed of 6 separate books in PDF format. All total there are 430 pages. All 6 books are zipped into one file for easy download.

You can get these 6 books HERE.

Please support my blog as I may have to shut down this blog because of financial problems. 



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