Thursday, June 4, 2020

Where is it all headed?

I keep asking myself that every morning when I wake up. After all the virus things that have happened, things here in Texas seem to be coming back to what I would call a semi-normal.

I guess if you are still unemployed, lost your business, or a loved one during all this, things will not feel so normal. Also with the USEFUL CRAZIES out there burning things down, and people are wondering what is next. I suspect most of the real violence is caused by someone being paid to do so. The rest are just being duped into thinking they are somehow making a difference.

The only real difference one can make is to live your own life and take care of those who you love. I think there is a real feeling that most people are starting to realize that they are no longer in charge. The realization it that it does not seem to matter what they think or how they vote or what they do, they are no longer are in charge, and it's been that way for a long time.

As I see it, the world is in for a world of hurt in the next coming years. If you are not having problems getting food and can afford all the food you need or want, get ready for real change in the future. 

Because of our cooling sun and the earth's waning (weakening) magnetic field, we are already seeing monumental changes across the whole earth. While poor humans are facing what will happen because of the above, we now are having to worry about what I have written below:

To make it worse, the powers that be (New World Order) are using the virus and the social unrest to clamp down on society. Tracking, face recognition, and medical martial law seems to be creeping into the fabric of our society. There is a war on food, especially meat, dairy, and other foods derived from animals. While I don't eat meat products, I have no problem with others doing so. 

So where is this all headed? 

Personally, I think that all of what is going on at this very moment (June 4th. 2020 6:46 PM CST) is all about what the next couple of years is going to bring. Again I bring out the list. What does a Super Grand Solar Minimum look like? To repeat, here is the list:

The SGSM is nothing like modern man has ever seen
“We live in interesting times”
The above is a curse!

The following is a list of possible environmental and social problems:

  • Bitter Cold
  • Extremely Hot
  • Biblical 1000 Year Floods
  • A huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
  • Droughts
  • High Winds
  • Very Large Hail
  • Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
  • Starvation
  • Disease
  • Loss of life
  • Social Upheaval
  • Human Migrations
  • Fall of Governments
  • War
  • Electromagnetic Displays
  • Hot Dangerous Lightning
  • Increased Large Earthquakes
  • VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
  • Atmospheric Compression
  • High Cosmic Ray Environment
Have you seen or experience any of the above? Perhaps you have your head buried someplace and don't fully realize that life as we have previously known it (reference Christmas 2019) will never ever happen again. We are not going back to normal, but are headed for a new normal which will not be of your liking.

So what will the new normal look like? Well just look at what is happening here in the US, and then add in all the above bullet points. 

That is the new normal.

What is heading our way is the complete destruction of the American way of life. This destruction will eventually happen to every government on the planet (yes even China). Because of food shortages and the inability of governments to feed their people, all will be lost in a great moment of destruction. 

Then those who have been raping the people of the earth for the past 100 years will offer all of us a solution. That solution will look good but will end in death.

Run from the solution

Well, I am back to blogging on the "Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum". I hope you are doing well and have taken what is happening as a reason to start growing your own food.

Cheers from Central Texas