Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Transition

Now is a good time as it is short to start making the transition. I guess the graphic below sort of displays this process. It is a process of discarding all the insanity of politics, war, being self centered and completely dependent on the world and government to take care of you to something different and uplifting. It is a process of looking out for your self and your family and neighbor. The transition is developing new ways to feed our self's and others. It's a way to compensate what is coming because of the Super Grand Solar Minimum and the cold times and the failure of our global mono-culture methods of producing food. The transition is a time to develop new and needed skills. The transition probably happens in an explosive way between 2022 and 2025 but we need to start now in the early days of 2020.  
Below is a graphic that displays what seems to be coming towards us and all at the same time. Never before has humanity ever faced so many things at once. If your a Christian, things are starting to look like the "End Times". The eight things below keep me awake at night. After thinking about all these things, I came to the conclusion that the only thing I can do is to go through all this together with my family, friends and community. I can prepare, but some of these things look bigger than me and there is not much I might not be able to do about them. They are just reality. No matter what comes our way, just sitting in our living room and doing nothing will only make things worse.

Some people think we can get through all this. I think we can too, but that will take some knowledge and real luck. I am not sure how to prepare with luck. Luck can be being at the right place at the right time. Knowing where to be can be something that can be prepared for and learned.

One thing for certain is that if we go into a global war and we use nuclear weapons, the other 7 items in the graphic below won't matter. I cannot even believe anyone would even think we could survive such a war. The new world would be a nuclear winter. 

If you want to be wrong then follow the masses - Socrates

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. - Plato

 I suspect the above quotes apply really well to what is coming.  Looks like things have not changed since Plato's time when it comes to politics and representatives.

Here are my suggestions to all the military that are members of all the armies and air forces of the world.

Go Home and take care of your family, children and your mothers and fathers.

Go home and raise your children and take care of your wife

Go home and take care of your friends and neighbors and the poor who have nothing

Leave your weapons in the dirt and in the sand and let them rust.

You have been lied to and used as cannon fodder.

You have been used and abused and robbed.

Look after your self and those around you.

Make your leaders and representatives responsible for their actions.

Grow your own food.

Search for love and community.

Realize that when you make choices they can effect the whole world.

When you hurt and bleed and suffer and are cold and hungry so can every person on the earth do the same.

Is it not time for peace and prosperity?
Is it not time to quit hating and killing?

There is no one person walking this earth that is more important than you and your friends and family.

Your Life and the life of others is the most important and precious thing above all other things.

The world is cooling and you and I will need each other as an asset instead as a burden.

All the best from Central Texas.


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