Friday, January 17, 2020

 We are on the cusp of a dying world

I have asked many of my friend what they see as the future. Usually they seem to think that things will keep on going, and we will all end up in a Star Trek: type world where the planet is at rest and so are it's people. Actually that is really a nice idea, and I would like to live in such a world. I am sure you would as well. But "Beam Me up Scottie", is that the way things are really headed? Well they could have except for one thing and that it is not possible in the world we live in, and the Star Trek world is not even a remote possibility. We could have chosen that path many years ago before the two world wars where science was hijacked. The rich, greedy and evil of this world decided it was very profitable to milk humans like some cow locked up in a shed. That has continued to this day and it is even getting worse as humans are awakening. But just in time there is the final solution.

The final Solution
As I stated in the above graphic, we are on the cusp of a dying world. Religion, ethics, love, democracy and the family is dying rapidly. Last year abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide. Millions and millions of unborn humans never made it to the light of day. Their precious body parts sold.

In my mind, a world where this is OK, is a world that deserves to die and die quickly. 

I suspect as I get older, they will come for me next. What useful purpose is an unborn human and a useless old man? 

But it gets worse. In my blog I have been talking about the Super Grand Solar Minimum, political stupidity and madness, Wandering earths magnetic poles, weakening sun, Ice Age and finally a sun micro nova. At this very moment we are experiencing world wide some really strange and unusual weather. Our jet streams have gone wacky and we are starting to see the first stages of what will be a massive global crop failure. 

In a world that has no remorse for killing millions of unborn humans, how to you expect things like starving people globally will work out? You will just be a fly in a platter of food that they will dispatch to the bottom of their boot. 

If you watch China you will see what they see and are planning. China is looking for food and places to grow it all over this planet. They have know about what is heading our way for years. AND so do all those in power and with riches that they have stripped from you. They are planning while they tax you and keep you occupied with a horse manure diet that mushrooms are grown in. It's a big show to keep you stripped of your wealth while distracting you. 

The Dark Final Solution.

The plan of the Dark Government is THAT YOU DIE, while they survive. It's that simple. When it's all over the mushrooms (that's us) will all be dead, and they will own everything. 

Did Hitler have a final solution? 

All of this reminds me of some words I read. It goes as such:

"And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

We seem to be headed in that direction don't we? And truth be told, it's MY AND YOUR FAULT. It is and is going to happened because we let it. No not the cooling but what we have become. You and I may think we are good people and if you are great, but good and goodness goes beyond not being in a jail, or sitting at home minding your Ps and Qs. When we are good, that is just a start. If we are good we all need to explore what to be good about and the not so good things. That is where I think I and most of us have failed. We have failed because we chose the world we live in by default.

All of us can kill by the default of doing nothing.

Well that's all for this blog. If it offended you I don't really care. I grew up in a world where being offended was not something I ever worried about. So why start?

Wishing you life and the best of everything
Dennis In Central Texas

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