Saturday, December 28, 2019

What if we are on the wrong boat?

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Here are some what if's

What if global cooling is actually happening?
What if there is a coming Ice Age?
What if we will soon see global crop failures because of climate extremes?
What if the planet is actually warming?
What if we do nothing?
What if you do nothing?
What if I do nothing? 
Will the world not even have a boat to sail on soon?
 From my present thoughts to your head if you read it!:

There are some very crazy things happening lately. We are starting to see more earth quakes along the west coast of California up to North West Canada.  California is starting to rumble more lately.

It is looking like we will have a 2019 / 2020 winter and spring similar to 2019.

Politics recently took madness to another level here in the US.

Australia is burning up literally.

The Chinese government is looking for more food to feed it's people. Pigs are dying and the death is spreading.

Cosmic Rays are increasing and there are more clouds.

Food is getting more expensive and there has been some failure in seed and potato production. Some crops like potatoes and sugar beets are still in the fields under snow.  Same with some corn. We are just starting to see the effects of the solar minimum we are descending into and in the coming years should continue to express it larger and more destructive effects on food production and availability.

People are still asleep because there is beer and pizza in the frig.

The grumpy old man who writes this blog is retiring from the madness of making microgreen deliveries all week. Hopefully I can quit before a beer truck runs me over.

It looks like we have broken records for low sunspot numbers in 2019, and as we go into 2020, the new cycle may be beginning. I suspect it will be as weak or slightly weaker then the one that is ending.

In 2012, the world will finally wake up to the fact that there will not be be enough food to feed the planet. The poor will suffer the most from this realization. Actually the poor always suffer for most everything except for the goodness of peoples hearts. If you and I are not careful we could all become part of the poor. If taxes and prices continue to increase this will eventually become a reality for all of us. Another good reason to start growing your own food.

After the end of 2020 Canada and a large part of the US will loose the ability to produce enough food to produce a surplus. At that point what food we grow will be the food we are eating and there will be no surplus. China will purchase as much food and pork as they can possibly purchase and company's will sell it to them even if it makes it unavailable or too expensive for the US consumer.

Food packaging will continue to shrink (shrink flation). Grocery stores because of transportation and food stuff availability may at most have 8 hours of food available at any one time and it will all be in and on the shelf's not in the back of the store. I have walked around in the back of many large grocery chains. I can tell you that there is little on no food stored in the back. The only time that it is that way is when it is unloaded from trucks. At that point it is then moved to the shelf's. This is the Just in Tine food system (JIT) that minimizes the amount of food a company has to purchase and have on hand for it's customers. Any time that there are no deliveries (say during flooding or hurricanes), then the shelf's will become empty. So in any kind of disruptions be it financial, geophysical or other types to the JIT will end in food shortages. While this is very efficient for the grocery stores, it is not ideal, and will not provide a backup in case of disruptions which ultimately will effect the consumer.

While Gold and Silver may be a good hedge against inflation in the coming years, it will only be a good investment for a short period of time. At that point most will keep their Waltham squash and let others eat their gold and silver. When it is all over food will be the new currency (if you can keep it). Another good reason to become your own food banker!

Unless they perfect better batteries, electric cars will not work in arctic temperatures.

Wind and Solar energy will become the most useless energy source on earth when it gets cold and the sun does not shine and turbines don't turn because of ice or no wind.  Makes the mental image of freezing in the dark a real thing. Good luck Australia!

As our earths magnetic field weakens and our sun cools, it will become very easy for the sun to take out the global electrical system.

Our weakening and wandering magnetic field may end up flipping. This mostly always ends up in a period when species becoming extinct if you look at paleo data. The dangerous thing about magnetic pole flips is that towards the end, the magnetic field gets very weak and at some point will approach almost zero. At this point the whole earth is exposed to outside radiation from outside our galaxy and from the sun. Not a good time to be outside and incredibly harsh on any living things.

If all the above were not enough, they may be even other really bad things coming down the global river. See the two YouTube URLs at the end of this blog, Think Ice Ages, Micro Novas and Galactic Waves!!

As I have said over and over, we really live in interesting time. From the start of all this in my mind, this has never bothered me and if the outcome means I am no longer part of the living breathing people on this earth it will have been worth the ride.

There are so many good things we can do as humans. What you do now may indeed have a lasting goodness that blesses many in the future. There are so many wonderful things available to all of us. Wonderful music, sweet food and honey and the amazing sun rises and sunsets that grace our every day. A laugh from our children and the whiskers of my cat  make me smile as she rolls overs and wants to play, and gets mad when I move her over when I go to bed. There is almost an endless array of people to meet, talk with and care about. We have been blessed with global warming for the past 300 years which if we choose gives us the ability and technology to face what is coming and survive.

It's only a choice,  a simple sweet choice to choose love, family and community.

Only the sick or selfish or evil would choose something else or choose to do nothing.

This is the world you and I will have to live in. There is no escape but death, and useless death is a waste of the human spirit. We are all guilty for permitting what this world has become. Don't you think it's time to turn around and make it a world we can all be happy in?

Life is a million choices and some of those choices are much more important than others. There are two huge unmovable choices that humanity will have to make soon. Will we choose love and life or will we choose certain death. This is an amazing time and I cherish it as no one will ever again get to make such an important choice as it will be global and NO ONE will be left out.

We will live through all of this and each of will have that choice to make. What will be your choice? I choose life!

Cheers from Central Texas

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  1. Again thank you for you wonderful thoughts on this subject. You and I are the same age, so that might be one reason I agree with your thoughts so much. Thank you and whatever comes down the pike, like you stated,"We really live in interesting times".