Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Great Global Culling

Yes, just like cancer things are slowly eating away at the stability of this world and you are in the cross hairs of the Great Global Culling.

Don't really see that? 

Well let me explain. So come out of your little boxed in world and listen to what I have to say. If you are really comfortable with your present life, you probably won't like to hear what I have to say. I know that I like the life I am living at the present, but I can see out in the horizon what is making it's way and will completely change my life forever and yours as well..

There are many things that are now just starting and some of them have been eating away at the world for hundreds of years. Some of them have become so common that you don't even think about as being unusual or out of place. Some of these things you just put up with or figure you can't do any thing about. All of these things when combined into a huge cornucopia or reality will eventually endanger your life and cause the great global culling. This culling just wont just be people as it will encompass the whole life cycle here on this planet. Some have happened over and over with digital regularity and some things coming will have never been experienced by man and will cause many hearts to fail at the ugliness of it all. There is only one escape from this culling, and there is no guarantee that it will always at least physically work, and that is Love and Community. Love is never wasted and sometimes communities can fail.Below in bullet points are what I see heading this way. Some is wicked, some is good and some is just the reality of nature.

  • Moral Decay and Corruption
  • Religious persecution
  • Corrupt Politicians
  • Small thinking useful people.
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Global Governance
  • 5G
  • Control of food
  • Social Media
  • Loving Communities
  • A cooling earth and a coming Ice Age
  • A New World 
Moral Decay and Corruption and Corrupt Politicians

This one is an easy one to see. Just take a look at a large number of politicians here in the US and globally. These people have an agenda, and it's not  the peoples agenda. We wrongly label them as representatives. They may be representative but they are representative of self, control, greed and even evil. Even worse you put them in office probably by not caring. These people are globalist and are pushing a globalist agenda of absolute control of EVERYTHING. Please note that you are part of the everything even if you don't want to be.

Moral Decay and corruption is just not something that belongs to politicians and representatives as it has become a large universal problem as  pornography and obscenity have become part of our society. The US is the last glimmer of hope in this world, and here are a list of things that communism uses to destroy a country. These items are at work here in the US and globally big time. Some places are so far gone that it will only take a little push to completely destroy their national identity's.

Some of the below come from me but many from an old Congressional report on how communists are planning on the destruction of the US. Read and weep, as it is all happening now.

  • Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
  • Present degeneracy free sex and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
  • Make killing baby's a good normal thing.
  • Encourage the degrading of women and the family, motherhood and children 
  • Make laws that allow the killing of one's self.
  • Encourage the euthanization of people or older people that are dying or severely handy capped.
  • Euthanization of baby's of the wrong sex or who are not wanted or have serious birth defects?
  • Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
  • Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
  • Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
All the above are the signs of a dying society that will eventually explode into an completely out of control mass of degeneration.

Religious persecution and Spiritual Warfare

Its happening all over the world. More Christians are being killed for their faith more than any other.This is not talked about and even our immigration policies here in the US are part of this persecution. Soon Europe will loose its Christian identity and the US is next. Eventually the whole world will and it will become a very dangerous label as is now happening in China.
The State wants to be your god, and they are working on this feverishly as there is little time left as the super Grand Solar Minimum makes it's approach.

Small thinking useful people.

Are you a small thinker? Are you a Democrat or Republican or this or that? What is wrong with that you may ask? Perhaps your are brain dead and can't see reality. Why are you not a part of the HUMAN party? Ya the one that promotes peace, safety, love, neighbor and community. The Human Party finds politics generally corrupt and useless. Aren't we all being taxed to death and controlled?
Do you actually like that? What good do you see in our present political parties and representatives and I use that label lightly? The answer is very little or not much.

Small thinking people usually end up getting smaller and eventually squashed like a bug by people who use them. And no, don't get upset, I am not talking about simple non assuming meek people who are a blessing to this world,

Global Governance - 5G - Control of food

There is a huge race going on in China, the EU and eventually here in the US and the rest of the world. That race is between two horses. The horses of Global Governance and 5G and the horses of Global cooling and the collapse of the global food system. If the UN and the IPCC can convince humanity by taxing then into the dirt through a false climate emergency, then they can win the race. There is coming a global takeover of food and food distribution centers. You will have to be moved off your land and into the city to save the planet. Carbon Credits and your credit cards will be used to control what you buy, and sell. All of this will require a massive 5G infrastructure to control the Internet Of Everything (IOE) or Internet of Everything and Internet of Things. Company's are foaming at the mouth to get into this.

The IOE and IOT is a lovely thing and may even control your sex life, the number of kids you can have, where you will live and what and how much you eat. They need all this under a centralized system of global control. The race is that if the Super Grand Solar Minimum destroys everything by food loss and the ability to stay warm and secure, there will not be a planet left to instigate this Global Governance.

This is the really nasty human part of the Global Culling.

Social Media

Ya, keep your cell phone 1 inch away from your head and keep GPS turned off, and Hey look at what you give those Apps the right to when you install them. Finally that can track what areas you have traveled by cell towers.

Yes the pictures may be cute, but what they represent is not so cute or funny. Social media has almost destroyed the way humans for many thousands of years have communicated which was face to face and by moving their hands and mouths.

So look at the cell phone progression graphic. The next big step may be a terminal in a tiny home where you check in every day, and the things you can do and the things you can't do, purchase or sell is determined by your social credit numbers. You may be on TV one night because of your really low carbon and social credit number

A cooling Earth and a coming Ice Age and the destruction of our global food growing systems.

You have seen the graphic below a few times. The earth is cooling and it is a big horse race between global governance and global cooling. Will the globalists win or will they all freeze to death? As the US and the world seems to have lost it's moral compass, and is tearing it's self apart with insanity and social media nonsense, there is something creeping this way which in the end will win the horse race no matter how others run in the race

If we look at ice core data, you will soon realize that the earth is an ice planet 85% of the time with few short periods that don't last very long and is called global warming (a good thing).

As we play our little deadly games of greed, hate and political madness, something more final and more deadly is on it's way. It's a cool icy
horse and it is galloping down the track at amazing speeds.

As the sun cools, it may revert back to its normal state. That state which has been around 85 percent of the earth's climate history is a cool and low glow state. If that happens our climate will revert back into an ice age and continue that way for millions of years. It's all in the Ice core data. It's a cycle as shown below.

The interglacial warm period which you and I now live in has made it possible to have a population of almost 7 plus billion people. This warm period which is shown in the graphic is a digital certainty, but this climate anomaly is coming to an end.

Mankind will soon and very soon have to face this.

I would like to end this section by displaying the graphics below. This graphic pretty well displays in one place what this blog is all about. It maps out the decent into another world. You and I may or may not be part of that new world, certainty for me at my age I wont, but perhaps you and your children will. Here is a bit from one of my previous blogs:

There is another world on the other side of the Super Grand Solar Minimum. What it looks like will be entirely up to you and those around you. We live in interesting times, and some of the things that will become our new reality we can not do much about. Global warming has made it possible for you to be part of the present reality, but that will soon all change.

The past 300 years have made it possible to create and invent things that we never thought about. In an instant, I can communicate with some one across the earth. Four years ago in an operating room, my heart was stopped, and technology allowed me to breathe while my stopped heart was worked on. At this very moment technology has made it possible to add a graphic and text to this blog. I can take my thoughts and place them so you at this very moment can read what I thought.

All this technology has created many wonderful things but has also made some very dark things possible. In my opinion, much of the technology we use today has dehumanized us. Also this technology has put our very existence in jeopardy. We are just one second from a technology shutdown if the sun decides to do its thing. Much of the social media, cell phones, and our little portable devices, have created brain dead people. I am amazed to watch people who are driving in really bad traffic have their cell phone rested on the steering wheel.

So what is this all about? Well it seems that we have arrived at the end of our global warming party. Personally I wish it would stay around for a few hundred more years. We are looking at the cooling of our planet. It could be a 400 or 3200 year cycle or even a new Ice Age. We will just have to wait it out, and we should have a good idea where we are going in the next 5 or so years.

One thing is for certain, In the next 30 to 50 years, this planet will not look the same as it does now. If you are young, you will have to live through all of this, and at the end it will not be a a new world order but a new world. If you really believe that global cooling is taking place, you can be the 1 out of 10 that will make it through all of this. The new world can then be your, your families and your communities world.

So its your choice. The choice you and many others make will one day create this new world. There will be many small remnant communities that will hopefully be composed of all the wonderful things that our human species possesses. Those who are lost will see you and seek you out.

All this craziness makes me remember a song from years ago. The following are the lyrics:

They're coming to take me away, Ho-ho
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those
Nice young men in their clean white coats and
They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!

They're Coming to Take Me Away - Napoleon XIV (Lyrics)

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas


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