Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Now is the Time to Make New Friends

Do you have any really good friends? I once went to an EST seminar. The seminar leader asked all of us to think for about ten minutes about how many friends we had. After those ten minutes were up, he started out with just 1 and every one in the room of course had one. By the time he got to 4 or 5, hands started tapering off. At eight friends, there were no hands at all. He paused for about two minutes walking around the room directly looking at every one in the room and seem to look pretty indignant. He then went back to the podium.

WHAT!! he hollered out very loudly which startled 
everyone in the room.

What the hell is wrong with all of you he asked?

Do you understand that there are billions of people on this earth and you don't even have eight friends?

I must agree, and I must also confess at the time I was guilty as he charged all of us at that seminar. What came out of his mouth next was amazing and life changing. He said that before this seminar is over every one and I mean everyone will get to know every person in here. You will know their names, what they do and all about their family. You will know their needs and what they fear and worry about and what is troubling them. And if you don't want to participate in that, I will give your money back and you can leave now. None did. And I can still see many of the faces there in that room, what their names were and what they were all about.

There are some really dangerous times heading this way, and the more friends you have the safer it will be you and your friends collectively. After spending my whole life just like you, I have absorbed what I see is the problem about the number of friends people have. Here it is in living bullet points:

  • They just don't give a donkey's ass about having many friends.
  • They are actually functionally and socially illiterate and have never actually learned how to interact with people.
  • They are afraid.
  • They are wrapped up in what they want - (self centered), Or it's all about me.
  • It's too much trouble.
  • I don't have time to have friends
  • They think they are superior and smarter than most, so don't have any really uneducated friends. 
  • They are bored stiff if there isn't something in it for them.
  • They only like really cool and interesting people.
  • It's something not thought about or talked about. (lost in their black box).
Of all the above which I think are good reason as they probably all apply one way or another to most people with few friends, the three that jump out like a thumb hit with a hammer is that they are afraid or they are wrapped up in what they want or just don't have time. Making friends if you think about it is not something there is a class in. If you parents were really bad about that, you probably grew up being like them. 

So where is all this leading to. Ya I slipped it in again. You can't be a member of a community unless it's members are your friends.The second thing is that people are afraid of others as there is this unknown fear built in. Fear then creates mistrust and mistrust promotes violence and isolation.

So what about those billions that the seminar leader talked about? Yes from a practical approach that would be pretty hard to do, but can you in your mind actually care for a billion people? Yes, I think that's possible and soon we will have to start caring for them just like you may care about a friend.

It's either they are worth caring about or in the coming months and years that billion people, much like you and I will face a great risk. Not only a political one but a food based one.

So here is my recommendation:

Go to that EST seminar I went to in your mind. Sit out there in a chair and try to feel like I did when I was asked how many friends I had. Try to be startled when you think about how ballistic the seminar leader became when he became so disjointed at the results of his question and what he said.

Winter is coming. It's a cold wind of political madness and greed and control. The few own much of this earth and they want absolute control. The sun is also master of the earths climate and weather. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about that. Soon men will run and hide from what is coming if not prepared. Even being prepared will be hard, and you will only make it harder on yourself, family and those around you if you do nothing. Living in you own little world will soon change and reality will take over, and most of the reality will not come with choices, except from the goodness of your heart.

You will need friends and a community to get through this. Food will soon become a weapon.

Aren't you lucky that there are billions of people who could be your friend? Seek them Out!

Here are my recommendations:
Love and take care of your family and friends
Look after those who have little with food and money and support
Start a garden and grow your own food.

Your friend in Central Texas


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