Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

Where did the year go? I guess if your having fun it goes fast. While I had some fun, last year was a washout when it came to climate. It looks like things globally are just getting started and it may be more of the same or even more intense.

But while that is what this blog is all about and I take time to wave back at 2019, what I would like to write about is the future. We are having a pre-new year party with fire works, hot dogs and a large gather around fire at our farm tonight. It's going to be a bit cool out there and the fire will feel good. Not that I will be part of much of it as I will be cutting logs before we head into the new year (in bed!). That part will be for all the young people who live here and their friends. It's the young people that I am thinking about as I write this blog. What will their future be like? How can I spend what time and energy that I have left to educate them and insure their survival in the coming years? If you have children then that is also your responsibility as well. What will you and I pass on and what is our legacy? What treasure will be there for their use once we have departed this earth hopefully for better places. The next 20 or so years will be astoundingly difficult.

 What I suggest is that you take a look at what is important to you, your friends and family if you have one. Very soon many of the things you take for granted will no longer be available. One little glitch by the sun could place humanity back into the dark ages. What is so amazing is that humanity has placed it's self in such a precarious situation. Everything that sustains life here on this planet has been placed in little boxes containing very electrically fragile electronics. If you think about it, what would you do if there were no electrical power? There would be no food delivery, water, hospitals, communications or travel using our modern systems and inventions. This places your very health and quality of existence on a hair thin trigger pulled by the sun.

So OK, the grid stays up but our economy crashes. It will almost be as bad a loosing the electrical grid. Huge unemployment and no money to purchase anything. The local grocery store will not receive anything to stock the shelf's, and you wont have any money to purchase it even if it were there. There would be no credit, and the world runs on credit. Your savings and bank account would not be available to you. The JIT system would shut down. Homelessness would grow exponentially. If there were no money or credit, things would not get fixed. Ciaos would ensue.

So OK, the grid stays up and the economy does not crash. What if the Super Grand Solar Minimum destroys a great part of the food available to almost 8 billion people? I am predicting that this will start happening in a big way by 2021. People will start realizing that there will be food Shortages. Perhaps 80 percent of the population will finally realized that they don't need a new electronic anything. They don't need new cars or a new coat or new shoes, but money for food. They no longer go to movies or restaurants. Fast food becomes too expensive. Food and the ability to purchase it will become their prime every day thought. This will in itself tank the economy globally. Food riots will start in the middle east and then move into Europe and China. Finally we will see this in the US. Globally governments will try to stop the riots and marshal law will become a global word. Migration to warmer and more productive places will be stopped. The world will slowly start to starve.

I guess by now you are saying Hmmm - That does not sound like a happy new year blog at all and you will be correct, but take what I have written as a new year awakening wish and gift. If you now live in a wold that is stable, and you are taken care by others like the local grocery store, doctors, pharmacy, gas station, water delivery system, electrical grid, police or some social program then you need to start a new thought process. If you now have a stable job and money in the bank you need to start thinking about what you would do if that were suddenly eliminated. That thought process should start looking like this:

New Thinking

What would I do if I had nothing? What would I do if the world I live in ended and I was exposed to a world where I had to take care of myself and there was no help?  Absolutely nothing would be there. Security, food, water and law enforcement and they would be trying to kick you out of your home or where you live. People who had nothing would be trying to take from other people who had nothing as well. What if hundreds of nasty greedy hungry people decided that you looked like a good weak target?

You had better think the above thoughts and quickly as there is little time left to form a plan that will enable you to even think the above thoughts.

Personally I think we will see all three. And there is a 4 and 5.

I hope you are getting tired of me talking about community as that will mean that you at least have thought about it.

Here on our little farm this coming year we are starting a community garden. We actually have enough resources to support many families here, and as things worsen we hope to increase this. Community is the only way to get through what is coming. Unless you can hide in some far off safe place deep in the earth with 40 or 50 years of food, water, medication and other things then there is only community. You will soon and very soon need to start growing your own food. Now is the time to start a community. Now is the time to just start thinking what you would do if you had to start all over. That is what I am up to this coming year. None of it will just be for me but for my family, friends and my newly started community. Start a community one family or friend of a time.

So here is the four and five. Four is the on coming cold and Icy part of the ice age we are presently living in. This is almost a sure thing as there are multiple things that I have continuously and others talked and blogged about. Unless mankind decides to do something, then there will be no help and you will have to take care of your self as government will be useless to do anything about your situation.  Personally I hope this is just a bad dream, but something inside tells me to not write this one off.

Number 5 is a new one for me, and that is an in coming galactic wave or current sheet that will cause a micro nova on the sun  We actually sent geologists to the moon to study this very thing. What they found was not good news. Apparently we run into and out of these waves every 40 thousand years or so and they cause a lot of bad things like the earth to stop for a day, and the oceans which do not stop moving to flood over most of the earth. There are real geological smoking guns that point to this. Not only does the earth stop for a day and flood but a large portion of the earth is peppered by cosmic radiation from the sun and huge wind storms. Not a nice day for sure. Apparently people have survived this because they were underground and in high enough places to not flood. Some people are stating that we can see this current sheet heading our way by stars that are lined up with our sun starting to micro nova. Google free Adam and Eve Story. There are PDFs available for free.

And for some more frosting on the cake. The earth is now experiencing the shift of it's magnetic poles. This will only add more grief to the already bad situation mankind will find it self smack in the middle of.

So what are you going to do this new year? Will it be the same as last? Will you write me off as a crazy old man? Is all this garbage or is it true and is actually happening now as I write these lines and you read them? That will be up to you my friend.

I am wishing anyone who reads this blog all the best in the coming year. You have a choice to make it so.

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