Thursday, December 12, 2019

Geophysical and Human Problems

We live in strange times. Some would say that we live in the end times. Some say we are just starting to live through the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation. Some would say that we are in the forth Turning which is a book and part of a human cycle. Some would say that we are just entering into a cool icy part of the present ice age.

Some would say that it is all of the above.

One thing that is certain is that we live in some very dangerous times. From the graphic below it looks like any of the 23 items could cause a lot of death and destruction. We are for sure living in strange times and the earth and the people on this little planet are going to eventually have their lives changed for ever. Much of it will be self inflected.

Moral corruption and all the political madness points to the fact that the last item on the graphic below "Human Stupidity" is an absolute fact. We will eventually get what we have chosen, and the good and evil will suffer for their choices or not making any choices which is a choice by default.

I am amazed what corruption people will put up with. Our whole political system world wide is corrupted and mostly people do not say or do anything about it. I have to laugh a very sad laugh its so blatant and in your face, but no one does any thing. That's the reason for the last item in the graphic. 

Very few really believe what I have written above. It's just life as normal and nothing really bad will ever happen. The sun will rise, the sun will shine and the birds will sing forever. The beer and pizza will never run out and the batteries in our cell phones will never quit working. If you believe this then you are really a Pollyanna type for sure. So much for the Human Activity Problems. These are bad enough and getting worse. You will soon be pushed into places where you don't want to be pushed. Watch out Europe and Australia, you are next! They are saving the worst of all of this for the US.

Some of the above picture is from Rolf A. F. Witzsche's website Ice Age Academy and Theater.

All the Geophysical Activity and Problems are bunching up into a complete quagmire that if they all explode at the same time will change the face of the earth for ever in man's time.

Quagmire - an awkward complex or hazardous situation.

When I was a very young person, I always dreamed about these times. The dreams and thoughts were pretty gloomy but I found it to also be a blessing to actually go through what is coming our way. There are some really wonderful and exciting and rewarding things to do now, especially if you put your self out in front on all of this. When I was young, I thought 50 was old, and now I am 76. If you are young, you will get to see some things never seen before by man. It might seem like it will be a science fiction movie, but you will get to be a real actor in it. If you don't go crazy and hide under a rock, then you can be one of the many millions of heroes in this movie that will soon become a reality. You can save life's and feed people and yes you may be a hero but most will just be victims in the script.

This world very soon will not look the same any more. It will be dangerous and even more dangerous unless you are a member of a tribe or community. Be careful with whom you associate with as the moral destruction of many will make them self centered, greedy and lovers of self. You will just be an object to them and will loose your usefulness when you are no longer valuable.

I would suggest that you get ready for what is coming. The PTB (Powers that be) will crash the worlds economy just before we have a complete collapse of our food growing systems. This will completely stop any of you from moving to better, warmer, safer and more food productive areas.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Please look after and take care of your family and friends and try to love and help those who have less than you do.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas

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