Thursday, December 5, 2019

Community and Seeds Wonderful Seeds

No seeds - Very little life.

Think about that for a minute. With out seeds there would be very little life on this planet. Well on the land anyway. You might say "Well Ill eat rabbits or a pig or a deer", but you would be wrong. All these animals eat some sort of fodder. And most of this fodder comes from seeds. I don't think anyone would not say that seeds are important.

A large portion of the US population probably does not even think about seeds when the go to the grocery store, but deep in most of the products they purchase are at some point started it's life as a seed base product or ingredient.

So why blog about seeds in a Super Grand Solar Minimum blog? The reason is that something that startled me and that was the failure of some areas to produce seed corn. Seed Corn - as in corn seed used to plant large fields of the stuff. Seed corn is not used in products or use as crazy as it is as a fuel in your car, but by farmers planting their fields. It's high quality seed that in most cases has a proven record that the farmer can count on. This problem is also showing up in Seed Potatoes.

As the Super Grand Solar minimum progresses, it may become harder and more expensive to obtain seed corn or other seeds to grow our gardens and for big agriculture to support their mono culture farming practices. Much of this seed production will probably have to move more south to be successful. Seed production in the US is a very import industry. In my mind I am thinking about the seeds I use in my microgreen business, I order seeds in 50 Lb. sacks at times. Just think about ordering 20 Lbs. of carrot seeds. So seed availability is a hugely important business to our health and wealth.

As in the title of this blog, seeds are a wonderful thing. They can be forgiving. and are a sustainable thing that reproduces it self. From one seed it is possible to harvest thousands of seeds once they have lived out their productive life.

In this blog, I keep harping about getting seven years worth of seeds. Actually that is not that many seeds. While I use up quickly the seeds used in my micogreens business, the seeds I use in my Ruth Stout garden are stored in a refrigerator. The reason for this is that seed usually will not germinate properly as time goes on unless they are stored properly. Heat, moisture and even light can reduce or destroy the ability of a seed to be viable and germinate.

Seed Saving

Here is the wonderful thing about seed. With just a few seeds and some work, you can grow your own seeds by harvesting them. Take a squash for example. Let the squash grow much larger than you normally would. It may become really large in some squash cultivars. At that point pick the squash, cut it open and harvest the seeds. Usually you will have to wash the seeds so they are clean. Then sun dry the seeds or even dry indoors on a paper towel. When dry, package them up and you have next years seeds.

If you are new to this I would suggest you get a good paper based book about seed saving. This is a great activity for your children if you have any. The book on the left is the book "Seed to Seed" I have and I have almost worn my copy out. You can order it on Amazon. I get nothing for the sale.

Customize your seeds

Here is something to think about. If you are a seed saver, you are actually letting your plants and eventually seeds you harvest adapt to your local environment. Year after year of seed harvest will contiguously produce these seeds and you will probably be much more productive. This is just the wonderful part about seeds.

If you have not started thinking about growing your own food, now and I really mean NOW is the time to start. If you live in a dry, cool, wet or cold climate, then you will have to learn what works in your area. This could take a year or two, so don't hesitate getting started.


Another thing I push really hard is community. For some reason this seems to bounce off the heads of people who read and see that word. Community will soon become a very important part of life. Think about things like community gardens where thousands of pounds of produce could be grown. Think about a community of like minded people who see what is coming. Global cooling will require that we all get together in communities or it will all become a completely chaotic and a me first type of social environment. This will never work. Just think, community could become a seed savers bonanza. Sharing seed with each other is a great way to grow a diverse seed supply.

Bad Vibes

I am starting to get really antsy about what I am seeing socially. People seem to be even more separated from each other. There is really bad karma out on the roads lately and every one seems to be in everyone's way.

Opportunity during the Super Grand Solar Minimum

How about becoming a seed producer or a community organizer. Build or put up greenhouses. Teach courses in growing food. Learn and teach new skills that will be soon needed. How about designing a medical kit? I have covered opportunities and needed skills in my book and in this blog.


While this blog may seem a bit gloomy at times, what is coming is gloomy if you sit back and do nothing. In fact the gloom will knock on your door and pull you out of your house and put you in places you don't want to be. But that is the result of doing nothing. You can now choose abundance or you can face the gloom by doing nothing.

Here is my bet and it is a good one - Those who produce and promote the needed products, skills and organizations devoted to blunting the SGSM will become very rich. Not just physical richness but you will be rich spiritually and socially. This could be the best thing you have ever experienced in your life. As I said above it is a wonderful opportunity to give your life immense and everlasting meaning.

Here is another bet and it is a good one - If you are one of those ME ME and do nothing types of people you could easily not be a living member of the human race in about three or four more years.

Here is another bet and it is a good one - The Super Grand Solar Minimum is as real as the nose on your face and there is no way to prevent or hide from it. There are only two options available to all of us. Do nothing and suffer what that brings or to prepare.


Note to Preppers. 

If community is not part of your prepping, then you are just a food source to those who are not prepping. You might have cool and good ideas on how to prep, but that will not purchase you security. The only coming security will be community and that in its self will be difficult. Just having some place to run to is a good idea, but is not the end all answer. No place on this earth will be safe except for that place they lay you after your last breath.

So much for this blog. Hopefully you are thinking community. Actually I have written a book, and made a blog about community, so I don't plan on pushing this any more. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and I hope you did as well. I saved loads of money this Black Friday and cyber bla bla, by not spending a cent! Besides, who wants a TV that can spy on you or a $400 cell phone. Save your money as you will need to spend it on food.

Cheers from Central Texas

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  1. I SAW bad economic times coming a long time ago and took action accordingly. I shut my business down and moved to a remote part of kentucky. Put up a greenhouse and started to learn to raise food. I tell those reading this that you do not take seed and throw it on the ground and eat food 60 days latter. Everything in the woods is interested in eating what you have planted if it even comes up! It is not hard to do but there are some basic steps like getting the Ph right just for openers.........plant is not growing fast enough? so what is causing that? just put more nitrogen on it? sooooooooooo how much? and where? and when?........
    Please start growing now where ever you are as there is a learning curve!!! Your life does depend on it!

  2. and by the way, I am nearly 70 years old.