Friday, November 8, 2019

Why Ice Ages?

If you have followed my blog you have see this graphic below.

The graphic depicts ice core data that show how cyclic and digital like ice age transitions occur. To repeat and I have talked about in multiple blogs, almost 85% or more of the time this planet has been a cold and icy one. This is a fact and an absolute fact that is impossible to discredit. But the question may remain why this occurs? Note that there are periods of short warming which we are now in and and are descending back into a cold and icy climate. This back and forth has remained a question for many years. Some think (and still do) that it is the orbit of the earth and its cyclic wobble around the sun. While this may cause climate variations, it does not cause ice ages.

It was not until we started looking at plasma that things made much more sense than a gravity atomic power plant type of sun. The sun is actually a great ball of plasma. Strangely enough for the gravity, atomic power plant model, something was wrong. The suns surface was cooler on the surface than in it's corona. This is not possible in a gravity model. The suns internal temperature would be hugely more hot and cool off the further away you were from the sun. Only a plasma sun will cause what we are seeing with an intensely hot corona.

So what is happening and why?

Below is a graphic that I think explains what is causing what is happening on the sun and the coming Ice Age.

The whole universe is made up of magnetic fields and plasma. Our universe is intensely magnetic and the current streams that cause and power plasma streams and these magnetic fields are caused by Birkeland currents. These currents flow along a twisted magnet field and cause ionization of gases that the current flows through. As you can see from the graphic above, Galaxies and everything in a galaxy is powered by these Plasma streams. This includes our sun.

So why do we go in and out of warm and very icy and cold periods? It really comes down to the intensity of the plasma streams that power our sun. Intensive plasma streams cause the sun to warm and so does the earth. Weaker plasma streams cause the sun to go into a low glow mode and cools and so does the earth. So where does the cyclic nature come from?

The answer lies in the fact that our spiral galaxy has a circular movement. Our sun is captured up in this movement as well as our planet and as it moves it goes through weaker and stronger plasma streams causing the sun and the earth to warm or get really cold. At the moment our sun is moving rapidly into one of these reduced plasma streams. Your silly little carbon or CO2 foot print is nothing against the movement of our galaxy unless you are some super CO2 head or something like that.

Well that's my explanation, and is the reason I am very worried about what I see coming. Read many of my blogs about this and the presented evidence. Not only is there a super grand solar minimum coming but an ice age is just around the corner. Good timing Right?

Cheers and keep warm


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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Something tells me you are a fan of the Suspicious Observers website. I was watching their video series last night describing our solar system's move through the galaxy to an area of lesser magnetic energy. When you combine that with the concurrent declining magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun, it does not paint a very comforting picture for our future.

  2. You are right Richard. Also follow Rolf A. F. Witzsche which I think is the real answer. He has influenced me the most. All kind of things are happening that are worrying me.
    Thank for your post.

  3. Hi Dennis,
    It would be lovely for you to expound on these theories and "worrisome things" in another blog.... I look forward to it...

  4. Alamo Girl
    I plan to unless my maker calls for me or a beer trucks runs me over.