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Where and Where Not to Live

The world has always been a dangerous place to live, and some places more dangerous than others. With the coming SGSM and global cooling and other geomagnetic happenings, it will become even more dangerous. The most dangerous things are of course the cooling and the planet becoming a very cold place to live along with the coming magnetic field reduction of the earth. This reduction is rapidly accelerating and we will probably see a magnetic pole flip eventually.

The problem is what happens when this happens. For modern man, it's the technology we rely on. The problem is it's all electronic. For those who don't know a semiconductor from a semi truck, let me explain. All transistors and semiconductors, integrated circuits and the memory in your computer are all made up of very fragile devices.

 These are mostly made up of very very thin gates that operate from perhaps 3 to 5 volts at most. They draw very little power. The gates that make up these devices are easily damaged by a high voltage spike that can puncture through the gate. At that point the gate or device draws a lot of power and can essentially burn up. At that point the semiconductors in the device no longer work properly, A huge voltage spike can cause fires and other problems. Many of these IC semiconductor devices have up to millions of transistors and gates as part of say a computer CPU (Central Processor Unit). All of our modern computers, hand held devices etc. contain at least 1 CPU.

So why am I speaking about the SGSM, a magnetic pole flip of the earths magnetic field and a Microprocessor, CPU, transistors and semiconductors in the same breath?

 The reason, is that this period we are living now is experiencing a weakening of the earth's magnetic field. It has been reduced by 20% already and is weakening by the day.
The earth's magnetic fields are our shield's up (like in Star Trek) and protect the earth from Galactic Cosmic Rays, and any large and powerful geomagnetic storms like the Carrington Event. The  Carrington Even was a large geomagnetic storm that hit the earth and would have destroyed any electronics if they had existed at the time (1859). So what does that have to do with now.

In the last few years there have been many examples of much smaller geomagnetic storms and events having caused problem here on earth and in our electrical grid. These events have come from minor plasma / magnetic events and even from Coronal Hole events that have damaged parts of our electrical grids like transformers and equipment connected to the grid.

So as the earth magnetic field slowly decreases toward a pole flip, and the sun slowly cools and its primer field magnetic fields cancel each other out, the earth becomes even more exposed. Eventually just some small minor event could eventually take down the world's electrical system.

It is suggested that if we lost our electrical grid here in the US, that the population of the US would be reduced by 90% in a year. 

It will happen and sooner than later. We have been very lucky the past few years for this not to  have happened.

So what are we looking at in the coming years?

Just for starters, we are looking at a cooling and cold planet

This cooling is something we cannot do anything about or stop. It is not people caused and has nothing to do about people. Along with this cooling earth are all the things that go with it. These are things that people are not doing anything about.

In the top picture I think I have place one of the best of the suggestions besides preparing for what is coming. Things like food, water, security, warm clothing, growing your own food and so on. This blog and my book is full of things and ways to prepare. That suggestion is:

Live in areas that will become green and
have long enough summers to grow crops during the SGSM.

I have a lot of blogs on this, so go and consider what I have written. In this coming colder icy times, some places on this earth that were very dry and desert like will become green oasis like. Here food will grow and once again be good places to live and grow food. That is why my suggestion of living below Latitude 35 degrees. The growing zones because of this will shift south in the US.

Back in Roman Times, North Africa, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia had a mild climate within a few miles of the Mediterranean and was the bread basket of Rome. This area runs from about 30 to 35 degree latitude. This area will once again become important as most of Europe goes off line food wise. There is speculation that the EU wants an army so they can control this growing zone.

Worst Cases:

  • Weakened magnetic field of the earth allows a minor CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) to take down the global power grid. 
  • The sun slowly weakens and goes into a low glow mode and we go into and icy cold part of our present Ice Age.
  • The present Super Grand Solar Minimum lasts for the next 35 years.
  • The present Super Grand Solar Minimum lasts for the next 35 years made worse by stupid geoengineering and an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays and a huge increase in clouds.
  • All the above three bullet points made worse by a global financial meltdown.

Global nuclear war which kicks us into an icy cold ice age and nothing will matter and the above bullet points are meaningless. 

So what can you do about any of this? It really deals with survival. If you don't think that I am mad and a bit off center for writing this, then you will probably do something but what?

Here is what I would do, but that just me. This is not political, legal or medical advice, so go to another blog if there is one for that.

  • Move to below latitude 35 degrees.
  • Have a migration plan
  • Have a Bug Out plan
  • Purchase a truck and a large Toy RV and keep your survival food and other thing in the back.
  • Choose a place where you might live 
  • Develop a like minded community
  • Move your family south and stay north where you have a job and income.
  • Purchase while you can some good warm clothing, shoes and other types of clothing
  • Purchase and store long term food
  • Educate yourself and monitor closely what is happening politically, financially and climate wise.
  • Associate with like minded people
Well so much for this blog. I have won the battle with those crappy, lazy Central Texas climate / weather gods for now, but they are always trying to trip me up. Below are some microgreens I am getting ready to harvest. I can remotely turn off and on lights and heating if I want.  This works really well, and I also get natural sunlight through the plastic. 

So if you are reading my blog, get ready and eat loads of turkey, ham or any other things as next Thanksgiving things may be  considerable more expensive. Hug all those who you love, and at your Thanksgiving table give everyone a chance to say what they are thankful for.

Here are my really good recommendations:
Prepare (cheaper now than later)
Get 7 years of seeds (and some for others)
Start your own or a community garden (grow thousands of pounds of food)
Join, start or contemplate being part of a community (you could be a leader)
Take care of your family and neighbors (especially the older ones like me LOL)
Look after those that have less than you. (they are all over the place)

Cheers and best of every thing to all my readers.

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