Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Coming Destruction of our Global Food Growing Systems

It looks like winter started about a month or more earlier that normal. Not only are records for the month (end of October start of November) being broke, but some records are being broken that have never been recorded even into the deepest parts of winter. In Canada and the US, some crops are still laid out in the field and covered by snow. Some crops will never be harvested in places in Europe and in the US. Some vegetables like potatoes will just rot in wet muddy conditions.

What has been happening is not something that I would have thought would happen. It's the ramp up speed of the SGSM that is startling. What is happening now is something I thought would happen perhaps one or two years in the future. Perhaps all the many records being broken are just a fluke or a one off? I think in the coming months we will see if that is the case. Obviously if things get worse as in more ice, cold, snow, rain, hail and broken records, them we may be seeing something worse than a 400 year cooling cycle. 

What may be happening is what I have been blogging about. It's the coming destruction of our Global food growing systems.  It's a perfect storm of many things that that can add up and cause severe climate explosions. I listed them in my last blog. They were:

  • Reduction in the Solar Wind and an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays.
  • Professor Valentina Zharkova's 400 year cycle.
  • Magnetic pole flip of the earth's magnetic field.
One other item that is not discussed much and that is the effect of coronal holes and the terrestrial atmospheric temperature (cooling).

What is a Coronal Hole. Look here at this URL for a detailed explanation.

Things cool off when there are more corona holes. There still is much research going on about these holes. When we have large corona holes facing the earth, the solar wind increases.

This (solar wind) in combination with Cosmic Rays may cause even more cloud creation which add to the Albedo effect.

During Grand Solar Minimums, sunspots decrease and we have an increase of coronal holes. Perhaps this is why we are starting to see and is causing all the unprecedented cooling and records being broken. Additionally we are seeing the earths magnetic field become weaker and our magnetic poles move culminating in a possible pole flip. As I have said, we are living in interesting times, and living through conditions that modern man has need seen or experienced.

Fun and Games? Probably Not!

Climate Crisis - Not CO2 caused

Yes finally I see that we are using the term Climate Crisis. It was just a matter of time.
Below are some headlines I found at places like Electroverse, and Zero Hedge and other places around the web. They are all out there, but don't show up in your day-to-day browsing. 

  • Millions of acres canola buried in Canada: New drought hits California: Fears of more flooding in England: More Australian bush fires and snow in the Arabian Gulf
  • Wisconsin Losing Two Farms A Day The Latest Sign Of Hard Times On The Horizon As 'Global Crop Loss Map' Keeps Growing
  • Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter? Here's What The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You...
  • As Winter Storm Arrives, Chaos Unfolds At Chicago O'Hare As Passenger Jet Slides Off Runway
  • Heavy early season snowfall paralyzes Southeast France - 330,000+ homes left with no power. 
  • More record gains for Greenland's Ice Sheet
  • Extreme cold weather alert issued in Toronto as multiple all-time low temperature records fall
  • Century-old record cold ravages Indianapolis
  • Sweden suffers it's biggest November snowstorms in at least 40 years
  • Arctic conditions grip the United States which rewrite the record books
  • Multiple key roads blocked in Algeria following heavy snow fall
  • Severe -30C (-22F) snow storm to strike part of Europe
  • UK Snow update - Heavy snowfall bury's parts of Wales, Central England and Scotland
Before I end this blog I would like to again bring up what may be coming. Over and over I have brought up community.

NO NOT SOME 60's HIPPIE COMPOUND or COMMUNE. Nothing like Jones Town or some religious cult. Anything like this would last in the microseconds area when things enter into cold and bad times.

A community should be more like a tribe or a brotherhood. Everyone watches each others back. Everyone shares resources. That is why I am writing my perhaps cheesy book "Solar Man".

The world is on the brink of some really bad times. Things are just holding on by a short thin thread. The coming cooling and the SGSM will eventually break that thread and then all the other threads like finance, and the almost demonic hate going on in our political system will come crashing down. I would not like to be a politician now when things come crashing down. Even if this political madness stopped today, the SGSM will eventually crash the system. Hungry, starving, homeless and screwed over people are unhappy people. It may take a while for our brainless society to realize that they never have been in control but controlled and they have been robbed of everything that should be dear to them.

And the reality of this is that only the community (tribe) will be capable of surviving all this. Even in a well connected and managed community it will be tough. It's always been that way. Even those in a community can be your enemy. The really sorrowful part of all this is that the pure, weak, old, and meek will be the first to not survive.

OK enough from Boomer Doomer Dennis

Here in Central Texas the weather forecasts are calling for sunny days, but the high altitude clouds are saying something else. It's probably those Central Texas weather / climate gods messing up things.

My wife is turning into the cookie monster. This happens every year as there will be stacks of cookies in cookie tins. Hmm lets see, the mailman (woman!!), trash collection people, the hair dresser, all the restaurant manager that I sell microgreens to and then there is our family and friends.

There is enough sugar, chocolate, nuts and other things in the kitchen to kill 300 diabetic people like me.
The weather gods wont get any though. and if Elijah shows up there will be a large container for him.

Thank You for reading my blog

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Get 7 years of seeds (and some for others)
Start your own or a community garden (grow thousands of pounds of food)
Join, start or contemplate being part of a community (you could be a leader)
Take care of your family and neighbors (especially the older ones like me LOL)
Look after those that have less than you. (they are all over the place)

Cheers and best of every thing to all my readers.


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