Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Super Grand Solar Minimum Banker

For sure they would come for you, take you before a judge, fine you millions of dollars and probably put you away for twenty years if you opened a bank and issued your own currency. So don't even entertain that idea as it will not work.

But there is another option, and that is to start you own Super Grand Solar Minimum bank. This bank would be soil bound and encased in a greenhouse.

Entertain this thought and answer this question.

You are a smart fellow and you have ten thousand ounces of silver all laid out neatly on a large table along with 100 ounces of gold,  On another really large table you have laid out many hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables, some home made jelly and other caned things.

You are deep into the Super Grand Solar minimum. Our modern agriculture mono-culture of growing food is failing and prices for food have risen to the point of being almost unaffordable. People are starving in some countries and the US will soon get the opportunity to experience hunger first hand.

The question is which of the two tables has more value?

 Don't you think it's time to start your own SGSM bank? Soon you could be rich in life sustaining food while those who just ignored what is coming will get the wrong end of the stick. Your SGSM bank could be a place that hundreds of people would love to use.

Problems starting a SGSM bank

  • To start with you you must start - Ya actually start as in make a decision and actually get your hands dirty. Yep real work and an enduring stubborn mean ass attitude.  
  • No land? The solution is to use the land of others and share in your surplus.
  • Have a family? or brothers, sisters aunts and uncles? You will need them and many others.
  • Its called a community and you will need one. Just make sure those that claim to part of it you can trust. Kick out the lazy and the greedy.
  • If what I am blogging about is correct, then many will try to rob your SGSM bank and that's where the community comes in. In dangerous times a community will always do better than just being some macho rock headed type with a pickup and few brains. I like pickups though!
  • A SGSM bank will require members of the bank to be like minded or brothers or sisters of the bank. 

Greenhouse Part of a SGSM Bank

What I find really strange and depressing

I visit many types of blogs and websites that push survival or the Grand Solar minimum, It seems that they mostly push the prep and gloomy part of all this (actually I do too). They talk about gardens and doing this and that. Building this or caning that and on and on. Most of this is very good information and has real value. BUT...............

But very few (as in it almost never happens) talk about community. This is a huge flaw in the fabric of surviving what is coming. As in "like a fly in the pudding".  While you have been sleeping, I have written my own plans, developed handout information and in my head decided just who I would approach first and generally looked over those in my general area. Many make me afraid. 

Have you done even a bit of the above? If you believe anything in this blog what are you waiting for?

Here is why and what you are waiting for as you do nothing.

You are probably a spitting image of my wife (who I love dearly). It seems that the worst thing in this world is to be duped (deceived). After getting over finding out that there is no deception, then it is to wait to be REALLY REALLY SURE. I guess it's a conservatism of energy. Don't spend all that effort preparing until I actually see that it is needed.

Well enough of that, but if you are convinced about the darkness coming this way you are endangering yourself and you family for doing nothing. Please note that does not necessarily apply to everyone. I can assure you that starting a community (or just a small group) will not cost you anything to get started.

So you might point you finger at me and ask why have I not started my community?

While I have developed hand outs and a good explanation of the SGSM and written what a community would look like and how it would work, I am waiting for that magic time and moment when everyone mostly gets it. I am thinking it will be in the fall of 2021. That's when I will put out my sign(s) of a coming meeting that invites my neighbors. I will probably rent a building in town for the meeting. I will have a big screen TV and a laptop connected to it. My talk will be done in PowerPoint. I will have USB sticks with PDF documents available as well as paper products. Are you that prepared?

There is nothing in this world more precious than human life. It's time to stop being afraid and actually try to trust other people. To toss the fear and mistrust that keeps all of us walled off from each other.

A story

Years ago I taught electronics. It was the end of the class (final day) and all of us were talking about the future. As an old est (look it up - Erhard Seminars Training ) graduate, I asked all of my class to prove to them self's that people were afraid of each other. That most people walked around walled off from things around them. My class was on the second floor and all were interested in this experiment I was proposing. I told them all to go up and down the elevator during their break and when there were other people in the elevator to look them directly in their eyes and say hello and how are you doing? When it was all over to report their finding in the class.

The results

Most were amazed and said that what I had told them about people being afraid of each other was true. Most said except for a very few, they got no response, or a shrug and few if any looked back at them directly. It was a crazy day in that elevator in Houston Texas that day!

The SGSM will for sure cause food to become money. Yes you can grow your own, but what about others around you" I think you will be abundantly surprised what bringing in others in to your life will create, Just be careful as the world is full of people who disgrace the title of being a human.

Food may soon become a precious commodity. You at a bare minimum will need food and water. These have been the bedrock of society for many thousands of years. In my travels, I never saw a place where humans prospered if there was no way of growing food and water for the fields and for humans to drink. Wars have been fought over these two things, and it will be no different very soon.

Appreciate what is now available and plan for times when it will not be there. Inflation will soon cause your SGSM bank to be worth Trillions and also priceless. .

If enough people come together they can flip a car over easily. There is little strength in one, it always takes many.

Here in Central Texas, those crappy climate / weather gods are complaining. It seems that all the horse manure and hay is stinking up the place out in my Ruth Stout garden. Too bad weather gods, it's your fault I will soon need my garden.


Start or at least as a minimum think about a community - Start even at a small group level
Gets your seeds now - later they may be very expensive or not available
Start or plant your garden
Look after your family and friends
Take care of those who have less that you
Be not afraid of what is coming



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  1. Tribe by Sebastian Junger helped me understand community. As did the writings of Dmitri Orlov.