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Solar Man - The Super Grand Solar Minimum

Purely Fiction? - Part 4 of ? A continuing Story
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It had been four years ago that I had even though the thoughts that I would eventually think. I hate cold and had been blessed with warmth here in Texas most of my life except for the very cold years spent in the Canadian North exploring for oil. It had just been one of my many remakes as a way to do the things that I wanted to do. I can remember the clothing I had to have and the times that it was so cold that I would have died if I stayed out for more than an hour even with my Arctic clothing. I came to hate snow and what it did to sunlight. How you could be blinded when the harsh winds whipped up the snow and blocked and filtered the sun. I was glad to get out of the north. One day, my wife said, " I am heading back to the States, and you can follow me if you wish". Little did she know that I had been thinking the same thing, as both of us had been trapped by the snow. She had been trapped in our home in Southern Canada and me in a drilling and exploration compound in the middle of nowhere.  But it gets crazier, but again that's another story. Maybe later?

It was four years ago that my eyes had been opened about the coming cool period coming. Or as they say "Winter is Coming". What actually turned me into a global cooling freak were three things. One was the purchase of the book by Robert Felix called "Not by Fire but by Ice" This book got my attention and opened up my global warming mind to other possibilities. The second book was by John L. Casey called the "Cold Sun" The final thing was the report given by Dr. Valentina Zharkova and her warning of Global Cooling, Food Scarcity in the Grand Solar Minimum. What finally settled it all was the global media and governmental oppression of the idea of global cooling and the answer to everything bad which was human caused warming. Or as it has been said "They protest too much". As the years ticked by it was becoming apparent that they were wrong and it was cooling.

The winter of 2018 and 2019 started it all, as the winter was severe and crop losses mounted. Flooding was rampant and rivers overflowed like never before. Some states became almost lake like. Farms, animals and stored grain were destroyed. Losses were in the billions as whole towns were destroyed by the floods. Rural roads had become unusable.  Spring came late in 2019 and very little planting happened in some places. It snowed into may, and spring didn't look like spring. Things were starting to tip from good weather and abundant crops to failures caused not only by snow and cold but by storms and flooding. Some floods were hundred year floods and were becoming common. NASA even said that the summer or 2019 would be cooler than normal. People still fed by the global warming narrative stayed uneducated and blind to what was happening. All this destruction was not apparent to most people unless you lived in the destruction and flooding. Any news about it could only be obtained at the local news level.

The fall of 2019 came early. Many crops were destroyed all across the bread basket of the US. Crops that had been planted late were not ready to be harvested, and an early frost, rain and hail destroyed millions of acres of corn and wheat and other grains. The winter of 2019 and 2020 ushered in climatic changes that made new history that had been recently recorded just a year back. It looked that 2020 would be a year to remember as there would be harvests, but they would be reduced to the tune of sixty percent or more. Potatoes became scarce and prices in the supermarket doubled. Frozen French fries became a thing of the past and fast food places soon took it off their menus or reduced the size and quantity. Anything with wheat or other grains became very expensive. Even the indestructible soy bean products took a hard hit. Anything containing grains, or corn or corn products shot up in price.

I had watched this intensely as it happened just as I had hope it would not. Finally my family came around. No longer was I a crazy person storing food and purchasing solar equipment and water filters but into a sort of family visionary. I told them It was because I loved them that I put up with their sarcastic remarks and raised eyebrows. It finally had played out just as I thought it would. The new family word became "Prepare".

The end of 2020 would cause the world to take pause. Nothing seemed the same and our government talked about the warming causing all the snow, ice and rain. Everyone was encouraged to head for the city's where they could be taken care of and food could be shared. It was this final governmental recommendation that clinched it for me and my family. We were going to escape. Where to we were not sure at that moment but we were escaping.

At the end of 2020 and the start of 2021, We had made our plans, and purchased land that we would build on. Our old but still worthy RVs were put into the plan. We would live in them until our earth warmed home was ready and growing systems would be available to grow in. A year before, Bill my partner would prove out the concept in the same area we would be living. 2021 had an amazing spring or for better words, a lack of it. The world was waking up, and realizing that money would not provide any relief as food had become the new currency. Farmers need help just to survive, but while you can help with money, you can’t print food.

It was with that background that I sat there eating my cooling oatmeal and that five dollar banana, day dreaming of the good times that were behind me and wondering about the future.  I looked at my seldom used watch as I had just started using it. It was an old spring run one from my past. I had to be at closing today, and I had much to do before that meeting. The people that were purchasing the farm were from the Boston area. Deep in my heart I wanted to tell them that they were not moving far enough south, but decided not to mentioned it. One thing was for sure, it would be better here than in Boston. The property was partially mine and my sons, and I had been given the power of attorney to make the transactions. We needed the money because part of it would be used to make a really large purchase of freeze dried food and more solar panels and batteries.

All of this I would take south west in a trailer connected to my old van. I suspected the van might whine a bit but it would get me there. As I surfed the internet on my cell phone, the world was getting ready to go crazy as it looked like finally the earths 7 billion plus people were waking up. There were food riots all over the earth, and threats made by governments that needed food but couldn't get it. The US was into it's last stocks as there had been some but fewer and fewer crops successfully grown above latitude 35 for the past year and a half. Well actually it was a hit or miss, but was brutal on the farming community from a financial stand point. Warm Texas was looking good to many as businesses failed, and there were dwindling supplies in grocery stores that anyone could afford. People were moving south and Texas was getting crowded. Austin, Dallas and Houston was filling up with the homeless. China was in a turmoil as its billion or more people were starting to starve. China was threatening everyone especially the US who most thought still had some food supplies. Surprisingly the supplies were actually not in storage but were on paper promises of delivery. Accounting and commodity trick for sure.

It had started, and what I was looking at was everything I had always prayed would not happen. It was not a solar minimum or a grand solar minimum but was looking like a super one. The problem with that is that there was no history to go back on and look how a super one played out. Only ice core records could be looked at, and the data was scary. It was looking more and more that Dr. Valentina Zharkova and her warning of Global Cooling and food scarcity in the Grand Solar Minimum was correct. But there were other things that frightened me about what was coming, and made me wonder if we were moving to the correct place to ride it all out. If we were wrong we would have to move again. Something I didn't want to even think about at the present.

During this period of low solar output from the sun, something was happening deep in our earth. It had been happening for a thousand years but suddenly in the past 50 years had increased. That increase was that the magnetic fields of the earth were moving, and that they might flip in the coming years. Where the South Pole had been would become the North pole and the other way around with the North Pole. Perhaps not exactly the same place but very near. It looked like if this progressed, it would happen in the deepest part of the Super Grand Solar Minimum. Not a good thing as our magnetosphere controls the earths jet streams, and they were going crazy already. If the earth's magnetic fields flip, there are all sorts of things that go wrong. If the poles took their time, radiation from the sun and galactic space could strip our planets ozone layer. This would cause damaging UV to make its way to the surface of the earth. UVC ( Ultraviolet C) is dangerous and our ozone layer protects us from it. Perhaps that was why I get a sun burn so quickly now. UVC would destroy plants and cause DNA damage and cancer. It’s no wonder my children at one time may have questioned my sanity. I was already a harden veteran to all of this. I had to be or I would go crazy knowing what I knew and that the whole population of the earth would soon have to face. I was as ready as I could be, but what about the nine out of ten who were not? I tried to purge the thought from my mind as I would experience that soon enough.

What really made me wonder was it was looking like the global warming narrative was going to be pushed to the bitter end. I guess I can understand why this is so, but it was all a lie. Soon many on this earth would one day wake up to the real fact and it would be too late. The world would be stripped of food and starvation, migration and war would ensue. Some of this could have been mitigated if our governments had started preparing 10 years ago but we were so wrapped up in our stupid politics that no one heard the few that were shouting "Winter is Coming". I heard those voices .

Finally that bowl of oatmeal was gone and the banana was a fond memory. It was time to check email and get to work. My rear still didn't want to move from that chair. Perhaps it was all the time my wife had sat there that made me want to stay. I missed her which only drove me harder in preparing to leave. Then I would again enjoy a feeling of being home and not just living in a house.

Trisha I thought, if you only knew how much I miss you.

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