Monday, November 18, 2019

Solar Man - The Start of the Trip

Purely Fiction? - Part 8 of ? A continuing Story
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I would start driving in the evening and would drive all night. I did not like driving at night, but felt safer than making the trip during the day. One of the things I had spent a large amount of money on was night vision equipment. Not that I would drive with no lights, but I could see what was happening if I had to pull off the road. It is amazing what an advantage night vision offers if you are hiding or must move around at night.

The trip would use many back roads and I would not be using interstate or state highways except for a couple of places. The reason for that was that there was starting to be a lot of military and state police traffic on the major roads lately.

One of the things I had noticed was a large amount of those large road construction concrete blocks being strategically placed around Austin and on Interstate 10. It certainly looked like they were setting up so they could block off roads quickly. I certainly didn’t want to be prevented from getting to my family. I just hoped that my plans were in the end not necessary and my trip would be flawless.

I suspect that in the coming months as things got crazy, movement would not be allowed here in the states. Only infrastructure items like food, fuel, medical and emergency vehicles would be moving. The roads would be owned by the military and local law enforcement as it would all go back to the shutting down of migration. You would probably need a permit to use the State and Interstate roads. I thought about that for a minute and concluded that yes, I was migrating. That thought created a funny feeling as I had never thought of myself as someone who would be labeled as such.

Just thinking about vehicle movement started a thought chain that would not stop. The thought was that we had better get everything that was important now before movement was restricted. Eventually when everything finally broke down, it would all start over. There would be no way to stop people in their search for food and a safer place to live. It would be a chaos cake with chaos icing. Being in law enforcement during these times would not be something I would choose to do.

It was Friday and my family now knew that I would be leaving the farm at 7:00 PM Sunday. I had all day Friday to get everything all buttoned up and the van and the trailer parked in front or the house.  Our gate had an auto close function, so I would lock up the back of the house, open the gate with the gate opener, and toss the opener into the paper box I had put an extra set of keys and other things in. Then go out the front and lock the door, get in my van and exit the farm before the gate automatically closed. Sounds kind of weird I thought but it will work. Saturday was reserved for sleeping and most of Sunday morning was reserved for thinking.

Friday turned into Saturday and Saturday turned into Sunday evening. I had been walking the floor and just when I thought things were going too smoothly, I got a text alert. From the text message I was sure that anyone who had a cell phone got the same message. The text was from FEMA and read that the President would be making an important announcement early Monday morning around 11:30 AM EST. The message would be for the whole country. That finally did it for me and I decided that another hour would not make much different, so I pulled the trigger. Finally I thought I am making my escape.

My little plan worked as I stopped on the road outside the gate and watched it slowly close to the farm. At that moment a deep depression swept and over whelmed me and I broke down and cried as hard as I have ever cried. All the good and wonderful things that I experienced there were being swept away by the cool icy winds of the Super Grand Solar Minimum and things would never be the same.

Wiping my wet red eyes with my shirt sleeve, I turned on the van lights, put the transmission in drive and slowly drove off not wanting to look back. Some place in my mind where all my past life memories are stored a door closed. The key to that door would have to wait to be used in better times as I had new things to do and I was going to do them well.

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