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Solar Man - The Escape

Purely Fiction? - Part 5 of ? A continuing Story
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I never thought I would ever get to this point. I had dreams about it but I never thought that it would happen. What can an old guy approaching the last few years of his life actually accomplish if there was no support. It was crazy, but there were very few that even wanted to hear about the Grand Solar Minimum, much less a super one. I mostly got blanks looks and little attention. Most people thought what I was talking about was gloom and doom. It seems that most people can’t fit any thing into their boxed off world that causes problems. The SGSM in my mind was a bit more than a problem. The problem was global, and most people never think at a global level much less at a local one. For a few years I had no one to talk to. No one to bounce ideas off of and no one to make plans with. I was shunned when I brought up the subject. People’s eyes glazed over and I could tell that this was something that was wasting my time even bringing up.

To make matters worse, no one in the main stream media was talking cooling. If it was really cold, icy, huge amounts of snow and 100 years rains and it was all caused by global warming and CO2.  We were eating too much meat, and our cars were warming the planet. All that heat was causing huge amounts of water vapor which of course turned into snow. We only had twelve more years before the world would end if we didn't do something about it.

There solution was to destroy all our coal powered power plants. From the news that really worked in Australia. Outlaw gas driven cars and go total electric from wind and solar power. Even natural gas was being demonized which was just crazy. Make people move to the city where they would live in smaller carbon foot print houses and eat meat only once a year on their birthday. 

Energy use could be controlled in the city and if you used too much they could shut your power off thorough your smart meter. Using smart meters, appliances and 5G, most people could be tracked. Even what you ate, and purchased would all be recorded into a global database. Cows were evil and oil companies were the enemy. The general public had been fed this trash for so many years that they believed it. It was taught in schools and colleges. Our brain dead youth swallowed it up. No one knew that CO2 was plant food and had nothing to do with warming the planet. No one knew that CO2 was a trace gas, and that ice core data had shown that CO2 levels had been much much higher than now, even in really cool periods.

For years I had to suffer and witness all the above knowing that it was all a scam. But what was the scam? The scam as I saw it was control, power and in the end greed. Governments all over the world knew what was coming and they were planning. What they were planning in my estimation wasn't nice and probably very evil. 

During this period I had a few friends around Asia, the EU and Australia who I communicated with via Skype. We didn't talk much but shared news, pictures, text and URLs about what we were seeing locally. The reports were all the same. Things were not looking good and food was become expensive and scarce. The populations were waking up and were asking questions. One thing was certain, all of us were preparing for what was coming. Europe, Australia, Asia and the US all had the same problems which was crop failures, but for different reasons. Heavy rains, drought, hail, cold and heat were all enemies of food production. It looked like the Grand Solar Minimum was becoming a Super one. 

So how does one escape?

 I had spent many sleepless nights thinking just that thought. Because of this I thought I had some good ideas. I studied all I could about the little ice age and what people did. What past cooling periods were like and what ice core data was telling us. In the end it was all about cycles of the earth and sun. Yes the earth, but mostly about the sun. It looked like there were cycles both small and very intense. This one looked like one of the more intense one. As I looked back, I could see things rolling out and the climate getting cooler and cooler over the years. Rain totals were starting to increase in some places like the Central US. 100 year floods were becoming the normal. Fields in the US were so flooded and in the spring snowed over that crops could not be planted and if they finally were, were destroyed by rain, hail and frost. Millions of farmers were quitting. Australia had it all, except all came at the wrong times. The wheat crops were decimated by cold and dry conditions. Australia which at one time supplied wheat to the world started importing it. South Africa which once provided North Africa with its grain had completely failed because of the political atmosphere and the killing of farmers. The South African people suddenly started to face starvation because of political madness. The EU received so much snow that millions of people were trapped in their homes which eventually collapsed because of the heavy snow. Some countries were shut down for many weeks and nothing could be delivered. People were dying in their homes and cars from the cold and lack of food. Russia which is a large country was experiencing many of the same problems. Russia had cut off exporting much of its grain crops and had more food than most. Russia knew what was coming and had prepared better than most. China prepared as well, but it was too much for their large population. China had tried to export food from places around the world, but wars and unrest had prevented much of it.

I don't like the word escape.

 It sounds like a prison or jail. I guess in reality that was what was going on. The prison was our present way of living that would quit working soon. If I stayed in the prison I would eventually die. So for the past few years, the great prison escaped was planned. It was really easy to come up with a plan, the real problem was executing it. It’s so easy. If you don't eat you will die, If you get sick you can die. If you don't have any water you will die, and if you get too cold or hot you will also die. 

To top it all off, if you are in the middle of a war, and there are people with weapons you could be into some really serious dying. So it all comes down to these simple things, food, water, health, security and a place to live. Taking all those trips in my van over the past four years, I ran all of these things through my mind.

So finally I had developed a plan. It was all stored in my head, but would eventually be put on paper. The plan was constructed around what I thought was going to be a 400 year cycle. It would be worse than the Little Ice Age. The framework was that there would be no crops grown above 35 degree latitude north and it would be too cold during the winter. That left South Texas, New Orleans and parts of Florida to live in. Looking at temperatures during the little Ice age, West Texas looked good. If I was wrong I would have to go south. I just hoped that I would never have to do that. The area around Alpine Texas looked good and I had made a few trips to the area and liked what I saw. There wasn't much there and would be a good area to hide out. The big problem would be water and a remote piece of land to build up our infrastructure. The winters would be cold there but we didn't have enough money to move further south and I liked the small population of the area. 

Thinking about that latitude 35 degree zone gave me the shivers and all the people north of there would soon have to move. In 2019 we had arctic conditions in Chicago and these conditions would slowly march south as it got cooler. Year after year arctic conditions were becoming a part of our winters.Yes there would be summers but short and if you lived in places like Iowa, you would have to live underground to survive the winter. Yes you could live through all that, but even now the winters had taxed the power infrastructure. Deep into the SGSM, power might not even be available. Besides, cold and no work and money or even a place to spend it would soon drive people out of the far north of the US. 

I had many times sent a text to my longtime friend who lived in the Boston area. I offered to take in his family if the need arose. This had been a standard offer for the past four years, but he had only laughed. So with that I left him information on where he might find me. My escape location was then known by perhaps two non-family people.  

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  1. I read the story, as more factual than not. More realistic than false. And for me and mine, staying up in a valley, in the mountains around 60 miles west of Las Vegas, brings it own possible challenges. But here I be and making a last ditch effort to do things to the house etc, that will provide some additional warmth and growing conditions, but we shall see.