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Solar Man - The Awakening

Purely Fiction? - Part 2 of ? A continuing Story
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The truth comes hard to some people, especially when it involves their well-being. While I have an open mind, it’s a bit overly open at times and I seem to get sucked into thing that are not actually true only to be disappointed that it had happened to me again.  What had finally convinced me that the coming cooling was indeed a fact, was the incessant pushing of CO2 and human caused global warming. The word that really clinched it for me was the word "tax". Being a lover of science, weather, geology and astronomy, I was always looking for new things to study even as a young child and later in high school. Global cooling caught my interest and because of my obsessive interest in things that - well just interest me, I found the science that was convincing at least to me.

I can bet people hate obsessive people, but it started a long time ago.  I absolutely hated school and was just passed on just to get rid of me as I finally made my way to graduation. I think I ranked 250 out of 262 students who graduated that year. I really feel bad about that student who was 262! Even as a small child I generally looked on people in their cars going here and there as ants. I know it must have frustrated my parents and teachers, but I never compromised in what interested me and what I wanted to do. Thanks Mom and Dad (who are now deceased) for supporting me. Generally that was electronics, radio and radio astronomy. I was easily at college level and beyond even in my teens. It was what I knew and what I wanted that was missing in school that made me hate it. As far back as I can remember I never did a homework assignment. The only A's I made in school were in math and the only other thing I liked was my Latin and Spanish classes. I guess I was just a jerk who wanted it my way. Now as I look back I am glad I was a jerk from the start, as it provided me with most of everything I ever wanted or needed. I was not a jerk about people or family as I was raised in the most loving one you could have found on the earth at that time.

Everyone told me I had to go to college at the time, so I gave it a try which became a disaster from the first day. I guess it’s the jerk part of me. I had signed up for all sorts of classes, spent my money and purchased my books. The first day was an English class. The teacher walked in and right out of his mouth declared that perhaps 50 percent or more would fail his class. Looking at this sorry scum bag excuse for a human and what he said really got to me. I thought that he was a teacher but I was wrong. This guy was no teacher and didn't care about education as it was all about himself. After the class was over, I returned my books and got my money back for the classes. Eventually I finished up at a technical school studying electronics that I already knew when I was nine. All those years just frustrated me except for one thing; little did I know that I would soon meet my future wife. I can thank my lucky stars for that as it would form me into things I never thought I could ever be. Finally I was having happy thoughts and soon I would be doing things I always wanted to do. My outlook on life was to always do what I wanted to do, and to get to do things I wanted, I would have to do some things I really didn’t want too.

 Freedom had at last come to me as I was finally the captain of my ship, and there were seas to travel. As I split from my girlfriend of four + years who wanted to get married, I was smiling as I had things to do and she did not want to go where I was going. As I look back, it would have been a caustic relationship being married to her. Perhaps both ways. The years that followed were wonderful as marriage and a family followed. All of that is still in my mind and is a story in its self. Perhaps one day.

There are probably many levels of being awake. It took me many years to go through them all and to get to where I was now. I wasn't sure that I was where I needed to be, but it seemed that even knowing what I knew, I still wasn't sure. Making all those delivery's over the years, I had come to one conclusion and that was this wasn't a life that I really wanted. Being in traffic and just sitting there at lights and traffic jams was not living. It seemed that I had been trapped in the swamp and could not get out. It’s amazing what happens when you get older. Things that were important years back had no meaning or worth anymore. A lot of It was excessive baggage and I wanted to travel light. There was one new thing in my life and that was the coming cooling and the survival of my family. It was a new opportunity that would drive me to places I had never thought I could be driven.

The Super Grand Solar Minimum was a new opportunity for the human race as well. Many were just now awakening to what was coming and it was almost too late for them. The world had been stripped and raped. Everything was a commodity, even humans. The world had become so polluted that there was no place on earth that didn't have a piece of plastic on it. More and more people had less and less and fewer and fewer people had more and more. Soon just a few would have everything. That is why I thought that the Super Grand Solar Minimum was a new opportunity. As I looked at what was coming, it looked more and more bleak, but the bleakness would be a positive thing as it would take down this well-oiled evil world we live in and create a new one. Gold, silver and a large bank account eventually would have no value. Only love and the human spirit plus a little food and water would eventually have extreme value. Security and food would become the new money. I hate to admit it, but when I go in public I often look at people and decide if they will be the one out of ten people who will survive. I see only one who will make it to the new world. The others will just sit there and be surprised that no one came to help or feed them. Their Cell Phones eventually will go dim and they will go crazy. It was the crazy and the crazy cold I was trying to get away from.

Why the Crazy? I am not sure when it started, but it must have been forty years ago. It started with people not allowing their children to fail. If you could wipe your rear you were given a "good job". At about that time, personal computers were becoming available. Being a technical head sort of person I purchased many of the first ones and supplied my sons with them. While I enjoyed the technology, the PC became a huge waste of time. Sitting at the monitor playing games removed our children from the real world. As technology grew and became a part of our daily life's, we became more and more addicted and removed from reality. I must admit that I was wrapped up in this. I should have listened to my wife who could see it coming. Now we are at the point that our cell phones are part of our life. People actually run into things while there eyes are glued to their screens. About a year ago, I could see that it had actually peaked. I was in  a restaurant when a family came in for lunch. All of the family had a cell phone and there were no conversations taking place between the family members. While looking at what was going on, the only words I could think of was "Failure to Communicate".

Technology while interesting and useful will soon destroyed the world because of the reliance we put in its hands. I loved technology all my life. Some very wonderful things happened especially in the medical field. I lived and breathed it. I am alive now because of it. Now that I look back I see all the bad things that arrived along with it. Around 2020, we had placed our actual survival in the hands of technology. Our just in time food delivery system and banking systems could not operate without it. Physical stores were being destroyed by online ordering and delivery. I have mixed feeling about technology, as I would not be writing this story if it were not available.

Now in 2021, things were getting worse as food inflation was destroying everything. People who worked had to decide to eat or get a new pair of shoes or a pair of pants. Anything not absolutely necessary no longer was in a budget. As this financial decision was made over and over in homes. big box stores began to fail and lay off people. Unemployment increased exponentially. Things were looking and getting grim not just for the US but for the world. Even I who had planned was looking seriously at the amount of cash I had to get through the next three weeks before I made my final big move. Thinking ahead, I wondered if the world would hold together for three more weeks?

There is one really bad thing about our modern technological system. Not all that removed, my great grandparents  and grandparents grew most of their own food. I can remember my grandparents had a large back yard garden and chickens. They smoked their own hams and sausage and washed in a large black pot heated by wood. They had a cistern for water. Now we are fed out of a box by large mono-culture farming company's and GMO laced foods. Weed killer has been found in almost all our raw and processed foods even mothers milk. Our clean water systems are now contaminated with all kinds of chemicals.

Even worse as I noticed from conversations with people I knew and from comments made at the grocery store, people had no idea where their food came from. In my travels delivering greens from my greenhouse, I seldom saw anyone actually growing food in a little garden as that may have been illegal and you could get a visit and a citation from the home owners association. Insanity were the words that formed in my thoughts. As prices escalated and grocery shelf's became empty, much of the world was now seeing what was coming and had no idea how to feed them self's and no idea what to do. As I told my children multiple times, it was a concoction of ignorance fed by a supply of apathy.

The global plan to keep silent about this until it was too late was working really well as it was now too late and a visit to my local grocery store pointed that out. Eight dollar bread and a nine dollar small box of cereal were just staring me in the face, How would we fed our children I thought?

As things plunged into darkness, I now carried a gun in my van as I made my rounds. There was a KA-BAR on my belt and a mini-KA-BAR around my neck. Even with all this hardware I didn’t feel safe. I made sure my van was locked when I stopped to make a delivery. I always parked out in the open, and I never talked with anyone except for my customers. Carjacking and break-ins were becoming a serious problem, as many homeless and destitute people hit the streets.

It was no longer safe on the streets of Austin and I was glad that would soon stop for me. There was no joy in the faces I saw on the streets. They all had a hollow burned out  look and no life in their eyes. I felt like a ripe tomato that needed harvesting when they looked at me.

The state of all the homeless in Austin was formed politically long ago and seemed to mimic places like San Francisco and other cities that had become rat infected and had the stench of human waste. It just took a bit longer in Austin. California and soon parts of Texas started to look worse than many third world cities in-habituated by the poor, destitute and malnourished that I had visited in my global travels.

There was one big race happening in the world. It was a race between the deep state who wanted to control everything and the Super Grand Solar Minimum. I was counting on the snow and Ice, but the swamp monsters were winning too. They had made their plans years before and it did not seem that I was a part of their plans. In the past two years most of humanity had been taxed to death. It looked like they would own it all just at the point when the poor masses had nothing and the food would run out. Good timing I thought. In a way that was what I was running from. Evil and ice and snow. Who would win? I didn't like the odds so I bet on both.

In the back of my mind in a very persistent way was another thing that bothered me. That bother was that perhaps I had overlooked things and not planned well. it was quite possible that we were not just getting cooler which was bad enough but that we were actually approaching an ice age. As I drove around making deliveries, these thoughts never left me. If there was going to be an ice age, my plans for the future of my family would eventually fail. At my advanced age, I might just see the tip of it. In my mind’s eye I could see my family packing up and leaving our new home for parts very south of where we were. I would be too old for the trip. Man are you a gloomy old man I thought. As I pushed the ice age thought out of my mind, I realized that it could very well be the end for humans, as we were not planning for such an event. As usual, people were the same. Greedy, self-centered and extremely dumb. Yes people were awakening, but to what? They had no idea what they needed to do, and the fall back default of nothing was deadly.

Only love would have been an option, but humanity had lost what true love was all about.

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