Sunday, November 10, 2019

Solar Man - Almost at the End of a Lifetime

Purely Fiction? - Part 3 of ? A continuing Story
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As I write these words, over fifty five or more years of my life flow through my thoughts. All the really good things like marriage, children, travel and all the really wonderful people I had met and had seen over all those years made me smile. I was a bit sore having slept all night in my wife's easy chair. It was tough getting back on my feet as 76 years of living was catching up with me. I had three weeks to make it out of my house and hand the keys over to the new owners. There wasn't much left in the house. Most of everything that would be useful had been taken months before by my family.

All the food that I had prepared and stored was gone. Our solar power system had been stripped down and repackaged for the trip. Water filters, all our medical and trauma equipment had been packaged by the two nurses in our family. It had been a group effort, sons, wife, grandchildren and the rest of the family had efficiently packaged it all and the back two bedrooms where it had all been stored was empty. The only weapons that remained were my side arm and my beloved knifes. The place just didn’t look natural any more. Natural was that it was crammed with preps and even things I had boxed up and forgotten about. Some were packaged long before my family came to the conclusion that I was not the crazy one in the family.

My cell phone beeped its familiar tone that announces the arrival of a text message. How was your final delivery old man? was the text from Bill who was my partner in my baby greens crime. Not very well I replied, it was a bummer if nothing else. How are you doing I asked? We are finally settled in replied Bill. I just finished the solar greenhouse. Well done I replied and Ill keep in touch as I will update you on my travels as long as possible. Keep safe. You too he replied.

Bill had been a blessing as business had become almost too much to handle. He was younger and had the energy I lacked. The business really flourished with his input. Bill had left almost a year ago for his hide out in the deep south west. It was his secret location and only I knew where he had located. He moved there in an old RV with the intention of building an earth sheltered home and a solar greenhouse which he had just finished. I helped with his solar growing system using solar power and everything I had ever learned about permaculture and sustainable growing. What we both came up with would be the model of what I would do later and was happening at the moment by my distant family who I really missed. Bill had to travel 50 miles to get me that text message as cell towers and of course tracking all your movements where he now resided was void of any of that. Bill had traveled that far for needed supplies. When it was all over, all of our cell phones would become pieces of electronic trash.

With that I proceeded to the kitchen to microwave the thousandth bowl of oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. I had gone sort of vegan four years ago and it had given me the energy to think. I had never felt better after that decision.

Somewhere in my mind I thought about a strip of bacon. No I thought only in your dreams. Besides, pigs were a scarce thing as disease had almost totally wiped them off the face of the earth because of what started in China and had spread globally. Only the super-rich could afford pork if they could get it. Governments all over the world had made eating meat evil as it was warming the planet they said.

Things in the states were getting pretty toxic. The harvest of 2020 had been a disaster. It make the fall 2019 harvest look like a good one which it wasn’t. 2021 crop failures were coming in with losses of 80 to 90 percent. Very few crops were actually planted because of the wet and cold temperatures and the biblical flooding that had occurred for the past three years. Fewer and fewer farmers could even afford to stay on the farm and pay their bills. Most were going on food stamps and the suicide rate was skyrocketing. The president was telling everyone to stay calm, that experts were saying this would all turn around in 2022. Fingers were being pointed every where and it was the same old dribble about CO2. Even this late in the game it was still humans that were causing all the misery. We just needed fewer people and that would solve all our problems. I noted that they were soon to get their wish but it would not be CO2.

Things here in Texas were not as bad, but were desperate in a sense that food prices were almost out of reach of the average person. Farmers here did a bit better because of our more southern location. It was a crap shoot though as those who planted early were blessed with a very hard frost that took out a bunch of freshly sprouted corn. Those planting a bit later were greeted with some nice rain and a good crop. Those who waited even later planted into a typical hot summer Texas drought. 

As I stood there thinking about food, I can still hear it in my mind “Eat our factory produced meat”. I must confess the idea of a factory produced piece of meat sickened me at the thought of what they were doing. I was not eating meat which was a choice. Soon there would not be enough grains or forage to even feed animals as the Super Grand Solar Minimum took effect, increasing in intensity year after year.

The Super Grand Solar Minimum was exactly why I was standing in the middle of a mostly vacant home with a hot bowl of oatmeal and a five dollar banana cut up in small pieces to give it some sweetness.  Then as I sat down in that large easy chair with my bowl, my mind wondered again.

How would I get this wonderful chair I was sitting in back to my wife?


  1. Some great pointers given in the story and lots for thought. Thank you

  2. Dennis thank you for the posts you do. I either happened upon your site or it was divine appointment. My name is Shawn 48 yrs old living in Belton Texas close to Fort Hood. I came across Zharkova's youtube video about the grand solar minimum and somewhere in the mix I found you. I am very greatful for your posts. The trainwreck in slow motion is speeding up. I am lonely in so many ways because the people are zombie-fied. thank you so