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A Window to The Super Grand Solar Minimum

Things are getting crazy here on this pretty blue marble of a planet. Seems that few are looking at the beauty and wonder of it. Few even care. Even fewer care about the planet's climate. Few if any ever think we even live on a planet. Ya you live on earth dude, and it could be a most wonderful place but us humans in our astounding stupidity have managed to mess it up.

I suspect that many of our young people could not even name three planets and know that our sun is a plasma star. That we live in a solar system that resides on one of the arms of a galaxy we call the Milky Way.

If you have never visited my blog then you will quickly realize that I march to a different drummer and think thoughts that only a few people have thought or are thinking about. My blog consumes me and so do my thoughts. Those thoughts are about a world where there is less food and eventually less people. I am consumed about why this is so and how it will play out.

My interest in this is not some morbid curiosity, 
but a true concern to wake people up and their security.  

So how does one track what the Super Grand Solar Minimum will bring? Well in a bit, you could read how I plan to track what is happening in the next piece of my fictional book "Solar Man" but I will not make you wait.

Methods to my Madness:

  • Track Food prices
  • Track fuel prices
  • Track electrical prices
    Track fuel oil (our friends up north)
  • Track Radio and TV stations
  • Track websites like Steve Quayle and Zero Hedge and others
  • Check out my blog from time-to-time.
  • Visit and follow on YouTube 
    • The Ice Age Farmer
    •  David DuByne's Adapt 2030 and others
    • The Wales Grand Solar Minimum channel
  • Get your Ham Radio Licence and some equipment
  • Get a Skype account and make some friends
  • Watch our insane political system here in the states and around the world through the talking heads in the main stream media
  • Listen to your friends and neighbors and what people are talking about.
There could be more, but that's your job.

Track Food price

This is an easy one. Get a piece of paper. On the top of the paper put the following.

Item, Date, price and comments. Just like the picture on the left. Make out three pieces of paper at a minimum. One for say corn, peas, green beans, black beans and canned meat. Also a loaf of bread
and a box of your favorite cereal. Corn meal and flour also come to mind. you could add multiple things on each page, but you get the idea. You don't even have to purchase these thing, just record the information. Do this every two weeks or so. What you have created is an inflation monitor except the inflation will reflect the growing and harvest conditions by monitoring price. Do this for the next two years. What are your observations? What are some of your comments and observations? Strike up a conversation with some one purchasing the items, how full were the shelf's, and so on. If you have friends in other states have them do the same. This is an easy one unless you are really lazy, then you are probably not reading this and if you are, click the big X at the top right of the browser page.

Track fuel prices

Another one for the lazy types. Just keep your receipt every time you get gas for your car or truck. This one is perhaps not as reflective of crop failures (perhaps corn), as the price can reflects political turmoil and the need for greedy people to jack up prices.

Track electrical prices and Track fuel oil (our friends up north)

Easy again, just keep all the tons of paper that come with your bills on these items

Track Radio and TV stations - I like this one but requires Internet Service

Get a map of the US and Canada or the World and pick out cities that will reflect what is taking place locally. Then search for TV or Radio Stations that stream their content or have a website that reports local news and weather. With just a few visits, you can monitor what is happening locally and globally across the world. This will be useful until you loose the internet, but there are solutions to this as well which will be covered as the last item.

Track websites like Steve Quayle and Zero Hedge and others that actually have news about things that are ACTUALLY happening. Forget Drudge as it had become a political hate the president site.

A quick visit to these two site in the morning and in the evening is all that will be required for updates on the political madness and everything else that really matters.

 Check out my blog from time-to-time.

Visit often. From time-to-time I will combine all my blogs into one large (as in pages) of all my blogs. In another year that PDF will probably contain 600 pages or more and will be still be growing. There are great to put on your computer or hand out to friends and enemies. Please don't sell them as they are freely given!!

Visit and follow on YouTube:  The Ice Age Farmer, David DuByne's Adapt 2030 and The Wales Grand Solar Minimum channel.

These three and there are more are very useful for following what is happening and you wont have to listen to some garbage about the world burning up and gas exiting cows rear parts. One thing that I like about the Wales Grand Solar Minimum is that they have daily videos which cover the day before. Oops before I forget, you can get email alerts from Electroverse. They are also highly recommended.

Using all the above there is no reason to not be informed.

Get your Ham Radio Licence and some equipment
I have a blog on this. Here is a piece from my book "Solar Man" which I am publishing from time-to-time on this blog.

" Our location was in an elevated area, so with the small tower for our VHF / UHF antenna and base station radio, communications had been checked out to thirty miles using the same equipment I will have in my van. Having all the radio equipment gave me a warm feeling and we would be as connected as possible. No needs for the internet or cell phones.

In the future I was sure that the radio equipment I had purchased and stored up would add greatly to our and the community I hoped to create security. I was thinking about getting a digital system, but didn’t have the time. Once I got to my new home, I could put up my low frequency equipment. Using that, I could monitor Ham Radio communications all over the state and surrounding states. If conditions were good at night, I could monitor traffic and communications as far north as Main and Canada. If I used higher frequencies, I could monitor global communications. My wind up AM / FM radio could be used for really local conditions. It’s fun to be a radio head I thought.

From my new home I would have a picture window of the Super Grand Solar Minimum."

While the above is fiction It is completely true in the reality of it all.

Get a Skype account and make some friends

Skype is a wonderful way to stay connected globally. Just make some friends and then all of you can keep up with what is happening locally. Its real personal and right out of the mouth that you are communicating with. No main stream garbage.

Watch our insane political system here in the states and around the world through the talking heads in the main stream media

Listen to your friends and neighbors and what people are talking about.

Well that's all. I bet you can come up with some tracking SGSM methods as well.

Things are crazy all over the globe climate wise. There are snow and low temperatures records being broken globally. Those lazy crappy Central Texas weather gods are keeping Texas cool. They don't like the sun and they are blocking that out as well, They tried to kill all my microgreens but I was wise to what they were up to.

Here are my really good recommendations:
Prepare (cheaper now than later)
Get 7 years of seeds (and some for others)
Start your own or a community garden (grow thousands of pounds of food)
Join, start or contemplate being part of a community (you could be a leader)
Take care of your family and neighbors (especially the older ones like me LOL)
Look after those that have less than you. (they are all over the place)

Cheers and best of every thing to all my readers.


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