Friday, October 11, 2019

Where Do YOU Live?

And what will you do if one of the graphics is correct or both?

The two graphics below are my opinion of what I think is coming. I may be completely wrong so I have two of them below. If we don't ease into a coming new Ice Age in the next ten years, we may be looking at what I have posted below in Graphic 1. These zones are not about freezing your posterior off although that could happen, it is about food production and availability. It is also about places you might want to live.  Which brings up the question, "Where will all those people in the off line zones live"?

The ???? zones are places that you might live, but it would be a game of dice as to growing seasons and cold temperatures. Looks like I may just live close to that line. So where do you live? Pick your place and then if you believe what I have posted below, make up your own mind what you might do. Graphic 1 is what I believe will play out if we are looking at a SGSM.

Graphic 1 above- SGSM zones

Graphic 2 Above - Ice Age Zones

Graphic 2 covers what new glaciation and a start into another Ice Age may look like. Again the graphic mostly is about the ability to grow food but the Off Line Zones will be very cold or even see the start of glaciers or ice sheets although this will take some time. Interesting things about Ice Ages is that they can take perhaps, millions, thousands, hundred, years or just one year to actually start. The important word here is START. It is not like we are covered in ice in an instant.

To me the above graphics are also about population migration. Every time we see climatic disruptions to societies, migration took place. It was freeze to death or starve, or just pickup and move south. Again as I have posted in previous blogs, I think that governments will try to prevent this migration. If we start seeing food shortages, then there could easily be unrest. Our governmental leaders are always creating or looking for reasons to put their thumbs down on us, and this would be a really prime,  juicy, wonderful, amazing, outstanding opportunity for this. This would absolutely be better than anything they could ever create and of course it would be your fault and they just want to help.

If I was contemplating migrating to the US at the present time, that may seem to be a good idea. Things are tough south of here and I can understand why some one would want a better life, but eventually this decision will be a bad one as the SGSM plays out. They just might meet me going the other way!

So do you just pack up your bags and bug out south? I would be very careful if you do that as it is not all that apparent where on this planet that would be a good place to live. As for me, I will probably just ride it out for the next few years and see what develops.

I may even modify the above graphics depending what plays out this winter and the next.

One thing is for sure we are living in interesting times, and we are going where modern man has never gone before.Where that is, is yet to be seen and must be lived through.

If all this is bugging you and you don't have a bug out bag (I don't), I would just suggest that you plan for the worst and enjoy the times if they are good.  My only suggestions are below:

Order or purchase your seeds
Start a garden and grow your own food
Care about your family and neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you do.

It went from the 90's to the low 40's here in Central Texas last night. Had to get up early to make deliveries, and there was steam coming off the roads as the very cold rain hit the pavement. What has just happened was a wake up call at least for me. I hate cold, and had to grab a coat. Winter is coming and its name is The SGSM.

Wishing you and yours the very best

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  1. Dennis ... interesting. I'm not so concerned about the long term affects For a couple of reasons ... but that aside ... I too, am at the edge of the northern ??? zone. Short term I see the possibility of cooler average temperatures which could mean more snow and nicer (less severe) summers. Thoughts?

  2. I am worried about crop failures more than anything else.

    1. Yes, about 30 years ago, I read an article that said if the level of deforestation continued especially in the rain forests, crop failures and record weather would be the result. I think the two of these things contribute to the current conditions. I agree that globally crop failures will continue ... and may get worse.

  3. For me personally… I would prefer to stay in the northern ??? zone. More people will head south leaving work opportunities open for people who love cooler temps. Food may be a concern...but as long as I can grow enough for myself and my family... we will survive. Anything extra grown will be a bonus. Less people should mean that the number of hunters and fishermen should decrease up here, leaving more wild food for us as well.