Thursday, October 31, 2019

What Does a Super Grand Solar Minimum Look Like?

The SGSM is nothing like modern man has ever seen

    “We live in interesting times”
"The Eddy Grand Solar Minimum"

The following is a list of possible environmental and social problems:

  • Bitter Cold
  • Extremely Hot
  • Biblical 1000 Year Floods
  • Huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
  • Droughts
  • High Winds
  • Very Large Hail
  • Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
  • Starvation
  • Disease
  • Loss of life
  • Social Upheaval
  • Human Migrations
  • Fall of Governments
  • War
  • Electromagnetic Displays
  • Hot Dangerous Lightning
  • Increased Large Earthquakes
  • VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
  • Atmospheric Compression
  • High Cosmic Ray Environment

The above are some pretty nasty things. Many of the above are happening right now, and will happen in the future. So is the above gloom and doom?  If you want to look at it that way, yes indeed it is. Another way to look at it is that it is reality. How many times have you heard "Don't tell me anything unless it's good news"? I think it was the Romans who killed the person who brought bad news. That's a great solution isn't it?

At the moment people are waking up to the fact that things are not normal what ever normal is. I would think that normal for most people is that which is happening fits in that little black box they live in and I talk about from time-to-time.

Starting in 2018 and continuing until now, things are really starting to ramp up. All along I never dreamed about the speed at which our climate is changing.

John Casey thought it would be a 200 year cycle and an increase in earthquakes and volcano eruptions. John nailed it on the head by picking the start of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Then there was Valentina Zharkova who is looking at the sun's magnetic fields going out of phase and eventually causing global food shortages and starvation if we don't get our collective heads together which we have not.

Then there is Rolf A. F. Witzsche who is looking at another Ice Age (as in the complete end of our age of warming). I follow Rolf intensely, and I think he has the real answer. Rolf like Valentina Zharkova is stating that what is coming will require a global effort to survive.

As usual humans are worried about some other things like social media and politics. Our rulers are preparing our final demise and we just sit there in an electromagnetic fog of 4G and 5G radiation blissfully unaware of our coming death. Yes it's that bad, but you know better right?

Personally in about 20 years more or less I think we will be living in the New World I blogged about, but sorrowfully it will take a lot of pain to get there.

 Soon you and I may wish that global warming would continue. Hear that CO2 heads, I wish that global warming (caused by the sun) would continue. I have enjoyed the warmth, the gentle rain and the sunny days and my prolific garden through out the past and I am thinking I will yearn for those days once gone.

So what is this blog about? Its a:

It's a heads up
It's a future weather and climate forecast
It's about your and my future
It's a get out of Dodge ticket
It's a warning
It's a news broadcast

If I am wrong, my last and final blog post will have the following title


I am not writing it just yet though.

To end this blog, here are some headlines I found over at the Strange Sounds website and Electroverse:

Widespread Flooding Hits UK – A Week of Rain in Just an Hour  URL

More Than 100 Dead in New India Flood Chaos URL

Flooding along the Missouri River will endure through the winter, leaving some Upper Midwest farmland and possibly some homes encased in ice URL

Lightning kills 150 people in India, 60 cows in Nicaragua and 44 in Nigeria  URL

Unusually Strong Positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) Weather Phenomenon Triggers Severe Droughts in Australia and Indian Summer in Europe URL

From Electroverse

Colorado: Heavy Snow Breaks a 102-year-old Record in Pueblo — Cancels/Delays 800+ Flights at Denver International Airport  URL

More Record Low Temperatures Fall in B.C., including one from 1935 (solar min of cycle 16 URL

The Continental U.S. just set it’s Coldest-Ever October Temperature, Breaking the Previous Record from 1917  URL

Looks like winter is coming. We had a nasty wet cool front blow through here in Central Texas.
The outside cats and those lazy weather gods were carrying on about how nasty it was. Me, I had to finally flip the switch from cool to heat to get all the cool humidity out of the house.

If what is happening in Canada and the US in the waning days of October 2019 is any indication of what the winter of 2019 / 2020 will be like, it sure looks like it will be an epic one.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Get your seeds
Start or plant a garden
Look after your family and neighbors
Take care of those that have less than you do,


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  1. thank you for your time and insight. record low last night.

  2. I just cashed in my get out of Dodge ticket! My wife and I left Kalifornica for the American Redoubt. For us, it's Idaho.

  3. 30 in Dallas this morning. 29 is the record low. It's way too early for this. God bless you.

  4. Thanks you are right on target. I just finalized an agreement for a bugout retreat on top of a mountain in the Philippines. We will all do well to get into food producing.

  5. "Super Grand Solar Minimum"
    The oxymoron that just keeps giving.

  6. Very good article. I wish to God that you were wrong - but all the signs in the weather prove that in fact you are probably spot-on right! Here in Scotland all of October has been much colder than normal, and yet the Main Media channel of the BBC does not want to admit it, but is always spewing out the FAKE NEWS that the UK just had the hottest year on record and the same around the Globe. When will these globalists stop lying to the peoples of the world. It would seem that the elite know that an ICE-AGE is coming, and as it will be much harder to deal with than Global Warming, they simply keep up the big lie of Global Warming, and rob the nations blind with their CO2 NONSENSE. On the other side of the coin, it does not matter if the powers that be have HAARP, and weather Machines around the world, as they will be no match for the Grande Solar Minimum and an ICE-AGE. It will not be fun and games at all. I think that those who control the narrative dont want the nations to panic at the realization that where they currently live could soon be buried under miles of ice and snow. Ice-Ages can happen in a very short time. The average temp in Scotland in October is supposed to be around 13 C We have had many days where the tmeperature was below 10C in the daytime and minus at night time. I will point out that I live at sea-level and not high up!Recently, it was only 6C all day long. I have never ever seen such low October temps in all my life which is almost 70 years now. Keep up the good work. Best wishes - Steve. See my website where i will post a LINK to your BLOG: LATEST NEWS:

  7. Get ready folks the stuff is really about to hit the fan! Greg Hunter interviewed James H. Kunstler yesterday on his weekly news; man! it sure doesn't look good for we the sheeple.
    Pray and PREPARE.

  8. Here is one angle. You know how Catholic church has my Graham observatory looking with infrared dual scopes for an approaching planet? This planet is surrounded with iron dust which hides its visible presence. I wonder if its approach to Earth and gravitational pull may be pulling out earth and plates a d oceans, etc

  9. It's 38 here in MS in October!!

  10. Spokane Washington. Brrrr Cold. past few days low was around 15 degrees.

  11. The scenario of "The Day After Tomorrow" isn't that far-fetched. Push Mother Nature up against a wall and she might react by snapping the Earth back into an Ice-Age. Joe Richardson

  12. In Northern Maine it was 59 degrees today, last winter we broke all snow records in Caribou Maine..the snow was piled up to the the street lights! Was insane!

  13. We read in the Bible in the book of Genesis about calamity where God gave a special gift to Joseph to be able to interpret dreams. When Pharoah started to have bad dreams Joseph was able to interpret them and avoid mass starvation. 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. Not only was Egypt saved but also those round about. Joseph was put in charge and stocked up during those "years of plenty" which carried them through the years of famine. Americans don't think like this anymore. Its almost like the powers that be want us to die.