Monday, October 7, 2019

This is Your Future

I have been asking myself this questions (is this our future) for the past two years and even more intensely lately. Driving through traffic, I often wonder what possessed us to create such a world. I often tell my self that I really don't want to live like I am living. I feel trapped by what we have created. I may get my wish soon and perhaps regret what I have wished for. After thinking about what I just wrote, I can understand why people seem to live in their own little worlds. It's sort of like the movie the "Matrix". The world seems to be on automatic, and we go out into it every day, hoping that we get back home soon. There is very little creativity in that sort of life and it suppresses any options that we have available to choose from. The problem is that the Matrix is not really our creation. We think it is real, but it was created and is run by others. We don't even know who is running it and they like it that way as it was created to be that way.

The world we are now living in must end soon and a new one created quickly or none of us will get out of it alive for much longer. Even if there were no SGSM or a coming Ice Age, the results would be just as devastating.

In my world, life is all about choices. It should be that way for you as well. You and I don't have to be daily robots driving to work every day. Like the Matrix, we are trapped into what we think is reality and don't understand that it's not ours, That is where the choices come in. You and I actually have millions of choices available to us. We just have to understand and live that way.

Soon the whole world will have to make one big choice. Will we have to put up with all the insanity we have pushed at us each day? Or will we say enough? Personally I had enough of it when I was a small kid. I often thought that people looked like all those ant beds I messed with. Ants only purpose is to serve the Matrix and don't seem to even know it. Please understand that I am not saying you are ant like, I am just saying we are trapped in the ant bed.

My choice is life, love, happiness and community.

Very soon there may be a sign placed in my neighborhood. Things will be pretty bad then as people will have woke up about what is happening with our food production. The sign may look like the one below. The only thing that worries me is that the sign may make me a target so placing it in front of my farm would probably be a bad idea.

You might think about what your sign may look like as well. I can understand that you may be apprehensive about doing some thing like this, but there will come a time.

Perhaps even the telephone number may be too much to start. I would suggest that you rent some local facility or use a local church for your meeting.

If a sign is too out there, perhaps it would be much better to personally contact those around you and hand out a pamphlet.

OK, you think you are actually reading what I just wrote above. Perhaps you think that what you are reading will never have to happen right? I can understand that, as I hope I never have to go through anything like the above.

If this bothers you just click the big X at the top of your laptop, PC, or what ever and don't come back. But you will remember what you just read.

If what I am writing about actually happens, then the above is a good start. I think you will find that starting a community will be a life changing thing.

Today was an amazing day for me anyway. It really cooled off and the North Wind pushed down all the way to the Texas Coast. The AC never came on. The climate gods here in Central Texas are a lazy sort, but their cousins elsewhere are just getting started.

A new world is headed this way and it's your choice what it looks like. The only problem is that it will take many millions to make it one you would like to live in.

Purchase your seeds
Start a garden
Join or start a community

Cheers and best of everything

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