Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Tide is Rolling In

The 2019 harvest season will be a very interesting one. Here in the states, some crops were planted in their normal time frame, but a large amount of planting was done later than normal. Some crops were not even planted at all. Those crops that were planted at their normal time frame will probably be harvested at a volume you could call normal. As for the rest, we will have to wait, but the unusual lateness, cold, snow, and wetness will probably take a large toll on the final harvest totals when they are made. This has been a really tough year for farmers financially and I would imagine mentally!

What is happening here in the US is actually happening in many other places in the north part of our planet. While the results are not out yet, it is looking like many countries will be keeping what harvest they are getting for their own use.

China which had a huge corn worm problem and pig flu problem is looking and purchasing grain and meat any place they can get it. Much of the problems we had this last winter and spring were happening there as well, especially floods.  What is happening in China and the US is nothing unusual when you are looking at a Super Grand Solar Minimum.

Our good friends in Australia are suffering from an extended drought and will be important grain this year. Both Australia and New Zealand have suffered from some very strange weather this spring.  See Australian drought Map. Where the drought is the worse is where grain is grown. Australia is a tough place climate-wise to start with and this drought is making it even worse.

Russia may be keeping its grain for their local consumption. Places in Russia this year have broken many low-temperature records. I remember my time in Moscow during the winter. Red Square was a really cold place to walk around in. My friend and I both spoke English, and all the kids with their parents there followed us around. They were looking at Americans for the first time. I felt like I was on display!

While I am not a fan of Communism, the people of Russia are a wonderful hardy sort. They bleed red blood just like most people on this earth.

Their veterans have the same problems as ours here in the US. No one seems to care. In the underground metro that circles Moscow, there are many disabled ones who needed and were asking for help. My heart went out to them and how scared they were from war. It's amazing what humans do to other humans.

In most of all my global travels, I seldom felt that anyone I talked with was an enemy. Most just wanted to get by and only a few really had a burning desire to kill me. It seems that our LEADERS just want to demonize peoples so that they can have a really large military budget. It's really about evil, greed, and control. It's the worst a human can be and it's out there on display.

Physicist: CO2 Retains Heat For Only 0.0001 Seconds, Warming “Not Possible”

Yep, we have been told that CO2 is like a big furry blanket that absorbs heat and wraps up the earth keeping it warmer and warmer. This report by a scientist states that CO2 cannot absorb heat and because of that cannot cause global warming. 
Apparently, Ireland is having really bad problems with their potato harvest caused by heavy rains that cause the fields to be wet and muddy. Potatoes in this condition tend to rot in the fields.

"The chairperson of the potato committee of the I F A  said there was a concern that all of the national crops would not be harvested this year as a result of the wet weather."

Another problem caused by the wetness is that only 10-15% of winter crops have so far been planted.

From the report, wet conditions are causing significant problems, with the ground being too wet to prepare for seeding. Also, winter crops, such as barley, are a valuable and profitable enterprise on many farms and any delay in planting them could impact farmers' incomes in 2020. So things are not looking well in Ireland this fall and going into the winter.

So yes, the tide is rolling in, and things are looking brutal weather-wise especially for Europe and here in the US.

The above is just a small sampling of what has happened and what is coming. If the fact that colder times will soon destroy many of the world's crops continues to be covered up, nothing will be done about it. There are some really good technologies and techniques out there that could be implemented, but that will only happen if there is "An Awakening" which has happened but is being covered up. So hopefully the readers of this blog will have or have had an awakening and will start preparing.

I can tell you for a fact that is quite possible to grow enough of your own food to take care of yourself or a large family. You just have to approach it in the correct way. Eat what you grow and store the excess. Don't dip into your canned food or long term storage foods unless you absolutely have to. Many types of vegetables and plants can be stored when you cannot grow fresh food. Grow in many places and in as many diverse ways as possible. Grow stealth foods. Grow in your neighbor's yard and share the results. Get together as a community of growers and trade back and forth. It's really easy if you do it as a community. What is coming will require that we all start thinking a little differently than we have in the past. Soon the Just in time food system will start failing. Food will become the new currency as it will sustain our lives.

It will get in the low 40's here in Central Texas this week. I had a wreck today and my van will probably be a write-off. I ran into a poor lady that ran in front of me. I am a bit scared up and sore, but OK. I am thinking of replacing the van with a truck. Those stupid lazy weather gods are laughing at me, but Ill get back at them soon. I am just glad to be alive as I continue to write this.

It's time to:
Get your seeds
Start or grow a garden.
Look after your family and neighbor
Care for others who have less than you do.

Cheers and best from Central Texas

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