Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Puzzle

The Global Cooling Puzzle below is just a small part of a collections of parts to the puzzle. The main parts of the puzzle cannot be deleted or changed, but you can add additional pieces that will help you compensate for what is coming. The big problem is that most people do not even know that there is a puzzle. It is your job to insure that everyone else knows what you know. Then you can help others put the puzzle together that will fit their circumstances.

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As in the graphic below, humans throughout their life have many millions of choices that they can make. Some of them can be good and some really bad.

Soon all the 8 billion people on this earth will have to make some really hard decisions.

The main problem is that the Climate Clock is winding down, as there is less and less time on the clock, there are fewer and fewer choices available. Things like preparing, and starting a garden and seeds for planting are just a few of them.

As food may get seven to ten time more expensive then it is now or not even available, there will be less of the things that you will have money for because of the cost of food. Now is the time for those things.

Climate Clock

The 2019 climate clock is rolling out another year. This year will probably be the first year of many years that the worlds food supplies will dwindle. If this Super Grand Solar Minimum is an epic cooling period, subsequent years of crop failures will get worse and worse as the years go by.

Now is the time to use up some of those millions of choices you have before they are no longer available.

Now is the time to add more of your pieces to the Global Cooling Puzzle. If you don't add any then it will be "what you see is what you get". You will be no better off than those who have no idea what is coming.

So what are some of the pieces that can be added. None of the added pieces are part of the original puzzle and it can be your customized one.

  • Food storage
  • Migration if needed
  • Multiple ways to grow food
  • Seeds
  • Electrical Power
  • Lighting
  • Family, neighbors and community
  • Communications
  • Water Sources
  • Health 
  • Security
  • Keeping warm ( ya no global warming)

There are many things you can add, so get adding. Also below are some good reason to start.

Above GFS model of Temperature Anomalies for Sunday, October 20, 2019

Above GFS model of Total Snowfall in inches from October 17 through  October 20, 2019

Huge number of Low Temperature Records from last week.

We are just in October and things are getting really intense so make your plans now.

Here in Central Texas, I am watching things play out as our Northern and Canadian friends cool off. Things are shaping up for the winter of 2019 and 2020 and its starting a bit early. We are seeing large crop failures (20% ??) with all the late spring planting and a cornucopia of really bad fall weather.

The Central Texas crappy lazy weather gods have purchased their popcorn and set up their seats to watch the coming SGSM weather show.

Purchase your seeds
Start a garden
Look after your family and neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you do

Cheers and best of everything

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