Monday, October 21, 2019

The Gate to a Grand Future

Humanity seem to have come to a branch in the road. We have come to a point where it is possible to completely destroy everything we have created the last 300 years. We have also come to a point where we can create a wonderful world. We have the tools, mind and spirit to create a Grand Future if we only choose it. The only problem with creating a grand future is that the gate that opens to this future is closed. There are those who don't want the gate to be opened, and will do anything to keep it closed. I don't know if you have noticed lately, but you are hearing and seeing things all over the world where people are fed up with their supposedly leaders. They are being oppressed and taxed into destitution. It seems that globalism is good and being nationalistic is really evil.

Those that are part of the global cabal will stop at nothing to suppress all the nationalistic leanings of the global population.

One of the really wonderful things about my travels in my prior life was all the enjoyable things that nationalism brings to a country. Who wants to be a homogenized lump of global goo? I can almost guarantee that the globalist will crash the system if this gets any worse.         

While we are not rioting in the streets here in the US, it is happening all over the planet. If our sleazy representatives keep going in the direction they are going we could see that happen here. I sure don't want that to happen, but like any person if you push me enough, I will push back.

The problem of The Gate to a Grand Future not being opened is caused by what I see as the US and the world being a "You Get What You Deserve Country". So what do you get when you do nothing? You don't get to decide what you get. You get what someone else wants you to get. At this moment that is exactly what you are getting, and you are getting less and less of the things you need as a free human. So where is this going?

First let us look at the future when the gate is finally opened. More than likely there will be many fewer people alive to make the trip. One wonderful thing will be that it will be a new world, and certainly not a New World Order. The global cabal will be gone, dead, buried and in pain for their evil deeds.

The new world will be populated by people who appreciate and see the wonderful qualities of the human race. There is no war, hate or greed. There is a bountiful abundance of love. Not perfect love but love chosen using our freewill. In this wonderful new world there is peace and prosperity and a blessed existence. It is a place where everyone can see each other as a brother or sister. There is no hunger and the earth is a beautiful bountiful place and is nourished and appreciated as a blessing. It is a place where children safely run and play. It is a place where we take care of each other. It is not a perfect place, but because of our past, we can make it as perfect as possible in the future. In the new world there is an abundance of free energy. Visiting planets will be as easy as going to a grocery store. Things that we thought were impossible will be. Disease will not exist.

So one day The Gate to a Grand Future will open and out of it will come a new world. There will be a small remnant community and they will be peaceful and loving. Those who are lost will see this and seek them out. The world will be at peace hopefully for a thousand years.

What lies between now and The Gate to a Grand Future.

Well I have talked about this in other blogs. This is something we all will have to go through. The global cabal will make us go through what is listed in the graphic on the left. There is no way around it.

While I have not listed it, there will probably be war caused by a collapse of our global food system. What others have others will want.

This period is just now starting. Depending on how fast the SGSM or Ice Age starts, will determine how fast and extensive it will be.  I am hoping that it will play out fast, and all our nationalistic friends will get together and stop all this craziness of a global world. While that would be wonderful, it would take billions of people to stop then. This is probably not a reality as we all seem to be those useless eaters the globalist talk about.

No matter how bad it gets, there is a Gate to a Grand Future out there and is a part of humanity's future.

Well it cooled of a bit more here in Central Texas. There was some beautiful lightning last night.
Thanks for reading my blog. Think about The Gate to a Grand Future. Its there, we just have to open it.

Cheers and best of everything

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