Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Distant Storm

We have all experience it. Far off in the distance, we can hear it. It is a very weak rumbling rolling sound that shakes your home ever so lightly. You ask your wife "what was that"?

"The Distant or Coming Storm". Sounds like a good title for a book does it not? The distant storm is not so far off, as we are starting to feel its sound and fury in many places.

Some storms have covered whole countries. We had two last winter here in the US and it left our farmers frantically planting what crops they could.  Note look at the GFS temperature model for today (10/10/2019), Looks like our winter (fall) is off to a bang. Also looks like I will cool off for a bit as well.

The GFS model is a good example of what a wandering jet stream can do. The SGSM is all about climate and atmospheric storms. When it is all filtered down to only one single important thing, it's all about food. 8 billion people eat a lot of food every day. The GFS model below is the snow model. Looks like snow even down to the one other state I really love which is New Mexico.

Amazing for October 10, 2019.

While you can argue about semantics (which I will never do) and this or that almost endlessly until you fall into an insane stupor, no food is no food. While we argue or point out little child like things, people starve. It's like "Feed your SUV corn" not people which is one of my pet peeves. We as a people have become really hugely disconnected from the rest of the world here in the US. It's worse than shameful, it borders on evil.

This coming winter seems to be shaping up as another epic one. One person recently ask me if I am enjoying my blog and that I seem to be a gloom and doomer. I had to think about that, and must admit that I enjoy writing, but the subjects I write about are pretty gloomy.  Actually what drives my blog is my Family, Children and Grandchildren and my concern for them. I am just placing that concern out here on this blog in the hopes you to have the same concerns that I have.

There is no joy watching people starve and going out and looking for food for their children. Much of this is happening in Africa and in other places at this very moment. Soon much of the world will be having the same problems. Hopefully this blog will help a few get through it. Also remember that what I am writing are my ideas and may be wrong or not even apply to your situation. If I was right about everything I would be drinking a Diet Coke which I am addicted to in my mountain home in New Mexico.

So lets talk about storms again. The SGSM storm coming our way is very deadly, but there is also one just as bad and perhaps even more dangerous for the human spirit.

That storm is the one I often blog about. It's the coming domination of humanity by governments around the world. As I wrote in my last blog, it is happening in China, and our politicians are pushing for the same things here in the US and in Europe. The EU wants an army, and the politicians here in the US are pushing for socialism and eventually Communism much like in china. If you like what is happening in China, just sit on your rear end and it will happen soon to you.

I would like to end this blog with a graphic I developed. Enjoy.

It was really warm in my greenhouse today, but my many trays of radish actually like the heat so I leave it to them mostly with short intervals of visiting and watering by me.

Best of everything - Get ready for the two storms they will all happen at the same time!


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  4. 18,600 years ago the ice sheet in North America was hit by an asteroid. This threw tons of ice into space causing
    the Younger Dryus extinction event. Our whether has been the most stable since then. As long as we have the seasonal earth wobble we will be fine.