Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SGSM Smoking Guns

Welcome to the smoking gun blog. There are so many things that point to the fact that we are slipping into a new Ice Age. If you have read any of my blogs and look at some of the ice core data, you will notice that the earth is generally an ice planet. Between these really cold time where glaciers covered large portions of the earth, there were periods of warmth much like we have just experienced. These periods don't last very long and then the earth dips back into very long periods of cold. The earth's climate is mostly a very icy and cold one for almost 85 to 90% of the time.

So what are some of the things we can look at and come to a conclusion that we are headed back into a million year long cold period?

I am sure that if I printed out this particular blog and handed it out to 100 people, probably 90% or more will laugh and toss it away. Another 5% would read it and just go on their way as nothing in the blog even causes an increase in brain activity. It just does not fit their present reality. Speaking of reality, please look at my last blog: This is Your Future.

So what about the remaining 5%. Perhaps and just perhaps they might read it and then do their own research. Of course, none of the research will point to cooling as it is kept mostly hidden by most news outlets. 

So below are some of the smoking guns that I see that just about clinch what is coming our way. And if you have read any of my blogs, it is starting now and will increasingly get worse for the next five rears, alter which it will almost be too late for humanity to do much about it.

The SGSM and the coming ice age or glaciation period is something that will not end in anyone's life time unless you can live for millions of years. Knowing this would it might be a good idea to actually plan for this?

So lets take a look at what what is happening. It's right in your face if you only look and read about it. Most of what is in my blogs don't belong to me but was something I read or studied. I am certainly not a solar physicist or scientist or anything like that. I just hate to be lied to, and is one of the reasons for this blog among many other reasons.

Smoking Guns and my beloved bullet points:

  • Collapse of the Sun's Solar Wind
  • Large reduction in sun spots (soon probably almost to zero)
  • Reduction of the sun's magnetic field (going in and out of phase)
  • Increase in Coronal Holes. (the sun turns dark)
  • Huge increase in Cosmic Ray Flux
  • Earth's Magnetosphere is weakening
  • Weakening and wondering of the earth's magnetic field (perhaps ending in a pole flip)
  • Wandering Jet Streams and huge atmospheric compression
  • More and larger hale storms
  • Huge flooding events
  • Uptick of earthquakes and volcanic activity
  • Droughts that are destroying crops and animals
  • Shortening of growing seasons
  • Record cold records and snow volumes
  • Excessive heat in places
  • Large price increases in food
And Finally

  • Stupid and insane activity by our ?representatives? here in the US and in Europe (and down south)
  • Football, Pizza and Beer on the back of a pickup!
  • Pushing of the human caused climate ----   --- Fill in the blanks
  • Huge amount of atomic weapons that if used would destroy you and the world (no need for anythings else)
  • Completely ignoring anything that has to do with the real climate and the cooling of the planet. (makes you wonder I hope)
You would have to be crazy, blind (or perhaps stupid) not to see any of the above. So click your heels and you will be back in Kansas Dorthy!

Or take the red or blue pill - its your choice. The Biggest 'Matrix' Question of All: Red Pill or Blue Pill Mr. Anderson?

As winter really starts to settle in across the US and Europe, what will you be doing or thinking about? Is all this silliness or is there some truth in it all? Only you can do that for yourself. I have made up my mind and will not back off until I can't go any further or I am absolutely wrong about all this. Don't take too much more time as there is little left. In the coming year or so it will all play out before your eyes to see and ears to hear.

Cheers and best of everything from here in Central Texas where people make it one of the best places to live you will ever find.

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  1. Hi Dennis, I'm from northern Italy, and I'm one of the few that are learning the truth about this SGSM or GSM, and very few understand what is going on, they've been brainwashed by the mainstream and the media etcetera, this one is incredible, one day I talked with a woman about this and she didn't even let me tell my reasons why I believe what you say and it's not going to be warm in the future, she blindly and absolutely believes NASA scientists about global warming...but what I want to tell you is that I praise and appreciate a lot your blog through which I'm lerning a lot, together with many YouTube channels that are telling the true facts, like Oppenheimer Ranch Project, Tony Heller, Adapt 2030 just to mention some of them, and your smoking guns are absolutely spot-on, I have noticed many of them, I just thank you for what you are doing and keep on doing this, it's just unbelievable how many people are unaware of this, I wish yout the best dude, take care.