Saturday, October 5, 2019

Global Warming - Bad Fiction

What can you do when you are writing a fictional story? Well you can say and do just about anything. It's fiction so you have a really large scope of things you can say and do.

Things like the earth is burning up and the polar ice is melting like crazy. Soon New York will be under water and the Boston airport will be no more. We only have 10. 12, 15, 20, 30 years left. CO2 is killing us all and we need to reduce it to much lower levels. Animals are warming up the planet and we need to quit eating meat. That darn gas powered car and truck you are using is killing the planet. Also those oil and gas powered power plants are the worst and need to be shut down. Solar and wind is the answer. We all need to live in a smart city so our carbon foot print is much smaller. Geoengineering is now a good idea, and we need to block out the sun so things cool off. We need to reduce the population as all those worthless eaters are destroying the planet. All the above needs to implemented quickly, and to encourage people to adapt, we need to tax everything that increases carbon output.

I don's know about you, but I could write a real science fiction novel just using the above. 

Most pieces of fiction have a beginning, a middle and an end. In fiction, the story always has a plot and you have to read the whole book before the plot is given away. The global warming fiction is not like that at all. The story is the plot and it's pushed right in your face from the start. The plot is that humans are causing global warming and destroying the planet. The Global warming fiction has a surprise ending though. Just when you think you understand the plot, you find out that the real ending is that its about the subjugation of the human race. Its about control and greed.

The Surprise Global Warming Plot

Well there is another book to write, but it is not fiction. Just like the global warming fiction novel, I will give the plot away at the very first. The plot is that it's not you, it's not CO2, it's the sun. The book / novel is my blog, and the novel will never be finished as it is an open book and it is written by the sun, climate and the universe. This non fiction book also has a surprise ending.

True Climate Plot - A decent into a new Ice Age

In the first global warming fiction, it's all about you and that huge ball of plasma is completely ignored. Its crazy as our little blue ball of a planet is amazingly taken out of our universe and all our warm climate is blamed on human activity. Amazing is it not. WELL ITS FICTION and fiction can be amazing. If you have a brain at all, its almost comical to think about.

Something interesting about both books / novels. Both books have the same final endings. If we believe that the world is warming when it really isn't, then we will believe this and it will be too late when our food growing areas go off line and food becomes really scarce.

If we believe the true novel / book, and don't do anything about it, then it will be too late when our food growing areas go off line and food becomes very scarce.
Hmmm - please notice that the fiction book does not even mention food being scarce

That is enough for now here in Central Texas. I was dumpster diving today for cardboard boxes for my new Ruth Stout garden. I even had a policeman ask me what I was doing!! Wow, the US is going to cool off this coming week. The weather gods are holding back and allowing a bit of cool weather to make it down here.

Don't believe the fiction book.
It's Time to:
Start your garden
Get your seeds
Start preparing
Join or start a community

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas

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  1. Try contacting pallet companies for larger amounts of cardboard. I work for one. We receive hundreds of pounds of large 40 inch by 48 inch sheets of cardboard in the junk pallets we bring back from our customers.

    Also pallet companies are good for wood scraps for burning, making charcoal (terra prita) and for building small projects.

  2. "True Climate Plot - A decent into a new Ice Age"
    -For Crying Out Loud, we are not about to descend into a "new Ice Age" at all. How can you descend into one, when you have been in a major ice age for 2.58 million years already? What we are really descending into, is yet one more "GLACIATION" phase, of many since this ice age began, way back in the past. What is wrong with you guys?

  3. Ok John We get your point! Actually there is nothing wrong with us guys.