Sunday, October 20, 2019

Global Collective Suicide

There are huge climate changes happening, but it's not talked about except for very few of the alternate media who are looked on as nut jobs or tin foil hat types. The really sad part of this is that we have the technology if we only develop it to actually survive what is coming. When you combine that with the fact that most humans are completely brain dead and seem to evade anything that does not fit their black box reality they live in; then the consequences will be a Global Collective Suicide. Even worse their suicide will be a complete surprise.

This fact is effectively hidden from most people. If you mentioned the fact that we are looking at a cooler earth and food shortages, you will mostly just get a blank look. Personally I have quit even trying to educate those around me as it just labels me in their mind as a negative or gloom and doom thinking person. Ya, it's just that crazy old man.

Hopefully you are not having the same problems as I am. Please keep it up as soon you will have a really good entry door into the subject of global cooling. Soon and very soon, no one on this planet will not be aware of food cost rises and the fact that things are short at the grocery store or not even available. At that point you will probably get their attention. Just hope it's not too late.

Where it's going

What we are starting to see is the weakening of the greenhouse effect (cold at night and hot during the day)  The weakening can be seen in the fact that we can see ice outflow from places like Antarctica. The press will jump all over this is being caused by global warming. The ice is melting and plunging off the ice shelf!! The world is heating up and on and on. In reality, the reason for the outflow of the ice is that it is making room for even more ice.


Because of the weakening of the sun and the earths magnetic fields and a cooling sun, we are seeing really substantial increases in the Cosmic Ray Flux. This increase causes an increase in clouds. This increase in clouds stores even more water in our upper atmosphere. Without the greenhouse gas which the major amount is water vapor, this earth would be a very hot and cold place. We would freeze at night and boil during the day. The water vapor moderates the greenhouse effect.

Albedo Effect

Albedo - Percentage of reflected sun light in relation to the various surface conditions of the earth. Vector version of original by Hannes Grobe, who released it under the Creative Commons BY-SA licence.

So as we see an increase in Cosmic Ray Flux, we will also see an increase in high level clouds. From the chart on the left, you can see that snow and Cumulus Clouds reflect the most energy (heat) back into space and away from the earth.

People Training (Have you been trained?)

The general public has been trained over the past fifteen years or more that they should be alarmed by ice separating off Greenland and Antarctica. This leads to all types of main stream press on the rising levels of the oceans (they have not) and cities along the coast being flooded and underwater. Its all part of the Global Collective Suicide and the Global Agenda of Man Made Warming.

The interglacial ending

The fast weakening and collapse of that big plasma ball we call the sun should cause all sorts of concern but it isn't. This collapse of solar activity should tell us that the interglacial party which we have enjoyed is abruptly ending. The party is over and it may be the last one for millions of years.

We are at the boundary between Maximum Global Warming and the next Ice Age

We have crossed over this climate boundary and almost no one is even aware of it except for the perceived crazies which I am a member of! We have large amounts of papers, measurements and things that we can actually see and perceive that points to this huge boundary change.

Recognizing this will then present the fact that we have an existential problem and challenge coming our way. Sorrowfully collectively we seem to have closed off our minds to this killing machine and dance like there is no tomorrow.

Actually for many in the coming future there will be no tomorrow. 

So place your self sitting there looking at the setting sun. It's cool outside but you can just feel the sun but you know it will soon no longer warm you. You can feel the approaching coolness on the back of your neck and back. Soon your whole body will be cool and if it were not for your coat you would start to shiver.  The earth is slowly cooling as well and things that like and need heat will suffer the most.

It's almost too late to decide what you want to do. Soon because of food scarcity and cost, many businesses will fail because of reduced sales. It's happening right now. Huge large company's are feeling the reduced economic input from their previous customers. Who needs a lawn mower when you can't eat the grass! Who needs a $800 cell phone when you can just barely afford your weekly food purchases? You may be one of those that no longer has a job. Its time to bring together your family and eventually a community. There is safety there and there is no way you can do it on your own.

We have another front moving this way in Central Texas. Those crappy Central Texas climate gods are laughing about all the snow out west and the crop failures. Seems they have put away enough for their needs. My son just dumped loads of horse manure on all that cardboard paper I placed out on my Ruth Stout garden. Because of the coolness I feel like working out there again.

Wishing you the best things I can wish
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