Thursday, October 3, 2019

From Millions to Billions

People that is!

Yes it has only taken about 300 years to reach our present almost 8 billion people on this earth that like to eat and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hello and if you are a CO2 head you are alive because of this period. If it had stayed as in the Little Ice Age, you would probably not exist along with billions of other people including me the blog author. The sun then went through its last gasp so to speak, and we climbed out of The Little Ice age. We are enjoying the tail-end of that now, but things are rapidly starting to cool.

Above graphic from Rolf A. F. Witzsche's site at this URL Annotation by Blog Author.

Just think, we went from burning witches to advanced medical equipment and techniques. We grew more food than we ever did before and in places that were impossible in the Little Ice Age. And sadly we created a bunch of horrible weapons.

My wife and I are alive today because of the availability of the drug Penicillin when we were small children.

So don't think or blame me for the past 300 years. It was not CO2, and it was certainty not people. It was the sun!

It took 300 years, but we are at a time that we actually have technology that could get all of us through the coming cooling. It's my opinion that cooling is coming, but we are also looking face-to-face with an Ice Age.  As I have talked about in previous blogs, we are looking at a reduction of the solar wind pressure. This reduction is gradual (as in years), and eventually will complete erase the increased solar activity of the past 300 years in the next 10 or so. We can't wait ten years nor do we have that luxury, and in the next five years we will see our planet wide growing systems start to fail badly. Then it may be too late to actually use all that cool (pun by accident) technology we have created. 

In the next 10 years we are going to see our wandering jet streams bring more and more frigid Arctic air and temperatures south. This is what will completely destroy much of our now modern food growing areas. If you are in the US, the North American grain growing regions will be hit the worst.

Unless you had your head some place, surely you noticed this destruction which started in the 2018 and 2019 planting seasons, It is my opinion that the intensity of these failures and problems will double each coming year.  If you look it up, it normally takes 100 to 130 days to plant and harvest wheat and  60 to around 100 days for corn. It is these periods that are shrinking and will get shorter and shorter as the SGSM makes it's headway.

Our friends in Europe will have much the same problems. Note that the SGSM does not just mean snow, ice and cold. It can also bring with it torrential rains, intense heat and drought like our good friends in Australia are experiencing right now.

To repeat, it all about a weakening sun,  Galactic Cosmic Rays, clouds and the Abedo Effect.

Yes clouds, wonderful clouds and that amazing reflecting snow and ice.

At present, we are headed back in the direction of the Maunder Minimum, but will not stop there as an Ice Planet Earth is in our future. If mankind does nothing but just look at what is happening, the population loss will eventually become astronomical.

The SGSM and the eventual fallback into a million year Ice age is something we can not do anything about as it is a built in reality, and nothing can stop reality. We do have the technology to do something about this reality if we would only use it. We could build a new world, but then that's a choice and that choice is not being made at the present time. 

The count down has started. Tick Tick Tick!

So while the SGSM is proving out to be a fact, it may be even worse than that as it looks like we are going into a grand collapse of the sun (GCS). This 300 years or so of warmth I write of above has really allowed us to create some wonderful things. Will we let it all fade into insignificance? 

This coming short period we have left will essentially determine the very existence of the human race. While I keep repeating how - well you know how humans are? We really do have some absolutely wonderful qualities that are worth saving. How many other creatures on this earth can think and love and create? How many other creatures have survived some really environmentally catastrophic happenings and survived? We really have earned our place on this planet even if it is an icy one, for now we have the ability if we only use it to create a new world. Hopefully we wont fail our long line of ancestors.  

Well its finally cooling down a bit here in Central Texas. This summer while not brutal, it felt that way when you are my age. Jeepers those pesky climate gods will be bringing temperatures in the mid 50s,

After talking to one of those worthless climate gods, he told me that they have plenty of  moisturize, heat and wind all stored up for the northern part of the country this winter, so look out.

Wishing you the very best of everything. It's your choice, so choose a nice day.

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