Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Food Security Problems

Have you ever noticed when the topic of food security is brought up, there is usually a picture of some poor person in a third world country? Soon you may be the one in that picture if you don't soon start preparing and start growing your own food. We are rapidly descending into a prolong period of cooling and eventual huge crop failures. At some point there won't be enough food to go around or it will be so costly that no one can afford it. Could you afford food that is eight (8) times more expensive than now. My wife just purchased a loaf of wheat bread and the cost was $2.88, so eight times that would be  around $24 dollars. She laughed at me when I brought up the fact I could remember when a loaf was 25 cents! Hmm lets see a head of Ice Berg Lettuce was $1.46. or eventually $11.68.  While that $2.88 bread was actually OK tasting, you can get a loaf of bakery bread for about $1.00. Unless you freeze it it will last 2 days. Well I don't do the shopping thanks to my wonderful wife. All the above is about shopping at a local grocery store. What will you do when there isn't one? or there is not much on the shelves's?

I have repeated over and over,  it is quite possible to feed your self and your family by growing your own food. The problem is that most have no idea how to. Most are so stuck into the JIT food delivery system that they think there will always be food available at their local grocery store. I can understand that as there has never until recently been food shortages in the US for the most part except for some weather caused shortages like storms etc.. I like the system as well, but you can't beat the taste of my home grown fresh vegetables.

So how would you face the situation where there is little of no food available or it's so expensive you cannot afford it? This may be an occurring fact in a couple more years of the decent into the SGSM.

Here are some suggestions on what you will need:

Items 1 through 6

  1. Long Term Food - 20 year shelf life or more
  2. Short Term storage - 1 to 15 year shelf life or less
  3. Immediate use Foods - useful for a year or so
  4. Fresh Foods - good for about a week
  5. Storage Fresh Foods - store up to 9 month or more
  6. Food in the Field - Stealth Food

(1) Long Term Food

This type of food can be expensive especially if you are purchasing it from some of the better freeze dried company's. Personally I love this type of food and when I was a Scout Master our troop ate a lot of it on our week long hikes. I don't have the money for this now, but there is another option, and it's a do-it-yourself thing. You can personally put together and store things that will have a 20 + year shelf life by doing your own packaging. Things like corn, rice, pasta and wheat are examples. Jeepers, just go to YouTube to get more examples. You will need Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers though.

(2) Short Term Storage

This is the easiest food to obtain and store (at least for now). This would include canned foods, dry packed foods and if you are a canning type a whole bunch of really good things. While it is my choice, I regularly eat caned food that is seven years past the best by date. That's your choice if you decide to do that and not my recommendation. I like dry vacuum packing foods myself.  Also you can dehydrate your own food and store them dry. My dehydrator works wonders on some vegetables and fruits.

(3) Immediate Use Foods

There are opened and non sealed foods like oatmeal, flour, grits and other things that come usually in a paper container that cannot be resealed. To extend them, put them into a container you can at least seal when not using. These types of non storage food are usually OK for a Year, although wet items must be used right away.

(4) Fresh Foods

These are things that you may have picked like fruit or vegetables from you garden. The assumption is that you have no refrigeration, so you will need to pick and eat almost immediately. For some things. Onions, beets, garlic and potatoes and sweet potatoes not so much.

(5) Storage Fresh Foods

These are my favorite as they can be stored after being picked. Things like some squash, potatoes, garlic, onions, sweet potatoes and others, will store for 6 months or until the next crop. Just be sure to store in as cool and dry a place as possible. My favorite is Waltham Squash. Pick tomatoes green as they can last up to 3 months or more as they become red or eat green which is my favorite.

(6) Food in the field - Stealth Food

Yes eat from your garden from the spring, through the summer and into late fall or longer if in a greenhouse. It's possible to grow greens in the deepest part of the winter in Canada if you have the techniques down. This is your primary food source. Work very hard on doing this or learning how.

Yes there is more, but this is a blog not a book!!

HOW TO THINK ABOUT FOOD when there is none.

First off, even in the deep pits of the SGSM, there will probably be times when food can be grown, especially in the summer. Summer will not go away unless you live in an Ice Age and even then there were summers. 

Rule 1 - Never eat Item 1 unless you are starving. This is your food of last resort. Things will be really serious (or really really good) if you are eating them.

Rule 2 - Only eat from item 2 as needed. 

Rule 3 - Eat as much as possible from item 6 and for as long as possible and only supplement with Item 2 if needed.

Rule 4 - Store and put up as much as possible from item 4 and 6. Grow storage foods all summer if possible. Eat these in the winter.

Yes you can eat from item 2 a bit to supplement  item 6 but try to only eat item 6 as much as possible.

Rule 5 - Be careful with opened foods. Try to store as safely as possible. Never store opened wet foods unless you can freeze them.

Rule 6 - Get some chickens or rabbits. They are easy to feed and a good source of eggs or meat.

Rule 7 - Remember your animals as they are important to your security and gentle companionship.

Oh Boy, there is plenty I could add and I am sure that there are those of you who have all kinds of ideas. If you do just leave your comments.

It will probably freeze in some corners of Central Texas this week. Look out for frost. It's time to start getting ready to take care of your future food needs. If you are new to growing or preparing food, it is very important that you start today - not tomorrow as time will soon be limited.

I push this as much as possible - start or join a community. There is a lot of security and generally more opportunities there. Yes I know there probably are few of them, but they must start being some quickly.

Thanks for reading my Blog

Get your seeds (7 years worth - that's not that many seeds)
Start or prepare a garden
Look after your family, community or neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you do



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