Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Can a leopard change it's spots?

The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it's impossible for one to change their character. I have heard rumblings that the new IPCC release in 2022 on climate change will actually take into account some new things like Galactic Cosmic Rays.

Speaking of spots, the sun is getting quiet for the past few years as shown in the graphic below. Note that 2019 is not finished, and may even be lower than 2018.

Hmmm is the graph telling you something? There seems to be a trend of some sort for sure.

Back to the IPCC coming report in 2022, I think that they will not change their spots, as the IPCC and the UN are run by a bunch of globalist. Sort of like the European Union which is a really bad use of the term Union.

From what I am hearing and reading, I understand that they will not really use all the things that actually control the earths climate.

It really does not matter what the IPCC comes up with by 2022 if there is a huge failure of our food growing areas.

Here is a soon  be faced problem. The US has not put away any reserves of grain. It was all sold. Smart right? You and I are now eating last years harvest and the coming 2019 harvest is looking very poor. This can only cause anything made with grain to increase in price. I am not sure what is going on in Europe. Australia is importing grain. Here in the US I suspect we will not import grain, and will just jack up the prices on things to cut consumption.

If the US 2020 planting and harvest season is as bad or worse than 2019, then we are in for a world of hurt. Not only is this years harvest really bad, but some of it was not even planted. What was planted was planted mostly late, and now we are looking at really bad harvesting conditions, as it is damp and wet and we are looking at really cold conditions in the coming weeks.

None of this is really something new, as every previous Grand Solar Minimum had the same conditions. We just have almost 8 billion people to feed now.

It's really easy to understand. With the earths magnetosphere weakening, we will continue to see huge excursions by our jet streams that will bring down arctic conditions to the worlds growing areas. This will continue to happen over and over. On the other end of the scale, the jet streams will just do the opposite. Hot / Cold and massive atmospheric compression's that cause rain, snow and ice conditions will continue to break records year after year.

I suspect by 2022, it will not matter what the IPCC report has in it. An empty grocery store or one that has products too expensive to purchase will make the IPCC report look rather feeble. We can argue and argue about semantics, but reality will over ride most everything. Science can finally come up with what the truth is, but will it be too late? I am thinking it will be too late.

With all the crazy things going on it doesn't look all that good for the 8 billion inhabitants of this world. What is coming is what is happening in China. They are in the process of subjugating all their citizens. It will take 5G to really make it work. After it is tested there, I am sure that our lovely ?representatives? will certainly bring it here to the US. Face recognition and social credit scores will just be part of our controlled life. That is for those who are alive anyway.

So yes, the government is not coming to your home to help you. If we slide into colder times or a new ice age where glaciers eventually cover large portions of the earth WE ARE ON OUR OWN.

I suspect that in the next 5 years the SWHTF to use a term I don't use often. To use a graphic that I used in a previous blog, look below:

The only way out of all this is to go through it.

Personally I am thinking when its all over that at most there will be about 500 million people left on the earth.

There could be many more, but it's the item B that will crap up the works big time. If we could only eliminate Item B!

When its all over I am not sure there will be much to work with, so the community graphic below may not even be something that would even be possible. I sure wish we could get along and actually prepare for what is coming our way instead of the political and social suicide we are cultivating.  Are not you sick of it? I sure am.

If you believe in a God, then you better pray that He stops all that is happening in this world.

It's nicer this week here in Central Texas. I am thinking about a small solar system to put in my office RV and Ham Radio shack. The Ruth Stout garden for the spring is slowly taking shape. I can taste those tomatoes, squash, potatoes and eggplant already- that is if those crappy dumb ass weather gods permit it.

Wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours.

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  1. China definitely knows something the rest of us don't. Probably recorded in their rather difficult and ageless writings, Longest running civilisation, Western Civilisation is short in comparison. Probably also why the have built numerous empty cities everywhere, some as large as Sydney! 5G and their Police and military Massively Quick ramp up, tells me they know exactly what we can only guess at, and are not mucking around! 5 Chinese or so for every American, Yep and they have been going to fail for the past 30 plus years! Not if they are planning to survive something terrible! All their electronics are HARDENED! Massive solar flare ready due to weakening Magnetosphere! Why they told their population to trash American computer systems recently! Yep, we in the west are mostly not ready! God damned the western worlds, dark ages! So much missed! Surviving a magnetosphere weakening, and a grand solar minimum, and all these both entail, and at the same time, is going to be like having a dance with the devil, and his daughter at the same time! All the Best for all of us! MBAT.