Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Brain Dead

While a bit of radiation is not all that harmful, what we are beginning to and about to be exposed to will have short and long term health problems. In-fact it may have civilization ending consequences.
5G is probably the most insane thing being pushed out on humanity ever except for atomic weapons. As you will read below there are two very dangerous things about 5G. Health and Control.

Man has been exposed to natural radiation like Cosmic Rays all of his existence. It has been more intense at times and may have caused his DNA to be changed.

As an young teenager, I worked weekends for a research company that did weather research. At the time we had one of the most powerful radar system in the world. We also had small radar systems in the lab that I heated my lunch (Microwaves did not exist at the time) on. When it was cold stupid me would warm my hands up on small aircraft and boat radar systems. Thinking back, while it did not harm me as far as I know, I was worried about my eyes and made sure that I never got in front of the dish focal plane. Of course these were microwave systems. Working with microwaves at that early age (I started when I was 15) reinforced the knowledge that they could be dangerous to the human body.

Humanity is literally now being surrounded in a fog of electromagnetic radiation and it will get much worse if we put thousands of satellites spewing out RF radiation onto the earth. It will also get much worse if we put out this huge 5G infrastructure we are planning Where does it stop?

There will be no place to escape all this RF and the consequences of being exposed to it. I certainly don't want to live in such a world.

This blog while citing all the problems with the roll out of 5G will not cover that in any great detail, as there is an enormous body of work and sites that cover this. Here is one URL that you can start with.

Another good YouTube site is at this URL 

What I will be covering is why governments think 5G is needed. The fact that fiber cable is a much safer option to provide fast internet speeds that some think are needed.

What I would like to address is that the Internet of everything is what industries and governments  are drooling over and for and about. It's all about control and greed. It's about smart this and that. It's about smart cities, cars, roads, homes and just about anything you can connect to the internet. How about a smart toilet?


5G is about total  control and subjugation of humanity.


To connect everyone to everything will take many many millions of local in your face 5G cell towers. These towers will be large and small.

They will be literally on every street in the city and in every neighborhood. This is necessary because of the frequencies being used. 5G is about line of sight and can be blocked by such wonderful things like a tree.

We have been told how earth saving 5G technology will be, but the fact is that at the frequencies and data rates being used, 5G transmitters use huge amounts of energy and require cooling of the RF generating circuits. This is a fact and each 5G box will probably need a cooling box along with it. Does this sound earth friendly? Not really.

One last thing. 

While company's are going crazy about all the money to be made with this technology, what they don't realize that it will eventually kill any future customers as 4G and 5G technology is leading to population reduction as men develop low sperm counts and eventually become sterile. 

So why is all this needed? You will be told it is about efficiency, convenience and all that video you can access almost instantly. You can talk to your car and refrigerator and it can talk back, but there is a darkness being hidden in all of this, and it is about control. It will eventually come to what is happening in China, and being pushed big time in the UK and especially for our Brit friends, Its crickets here in the US and was planned to be that way.

It's all about who you are and what you are doing. With this sort of system (internet of everything) that will be complete. This could be taken down to even what you eat and when you flush your toilet. It's about video monitoring and facial recognition. It is about social credit scores and if you are a good or bad citizen. It will control what you can buy or sell and what it cost and what you made. All of this will take 5G technology as the bandwidth of this will be enormous. All of this will require that you live in a very small smart home in the city. That way they can control all the sheep easily as you are not strung out all over the place.

Oh what a lovely world that will be. but it will eventually kill us.

So what does this have to do with my SGSM Blog? It is my thinking that the coming global food shortages will facilitate the introduction to all his.

People will go crazy if there is a shortage of food, and they will need to be controlled. It will be a race between 5G control and the whole world gone crazy from the lack of food.

My bets are on the Climate Cop which is the sun which will in the end determine the final results.

It's been hot and cool and on and off here in Central Texas. Those crappy weather gods are playing cards somewhere and are not paying attention. It seems to be getting crazy on the streets here especially as those ME ME type of people drive cars (especially trucks). Not just quite yet, but soon I may give it all to them and let them kill each other. There is a sense of unevenness out there and people really don't seem to know exactly why. I guess it's just a ripple in our universe.

Now is a good time to:

Get your seeds
Start a garden and grow your own food
Start or join a community
Take care of your family and neighbor
Look after those who have less than you do

Wishing you and yours all the best

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