Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time to Start Growing Indoors - 2

More other ideas to grow indoors during the SGSM.

No Energy Hydroponics

"No-energy hydroponics system are so simple that even the smallest child could operate one". The milk container system above is an example of such a system. The milk container and plastic pot were free and had been tossed out. The media and nutrient cost very little. This system will produce lettuce and herbs for many months if cared for. Think what 50 or 80 of these could do! 

The "No-energy hydroponics systems (see above) are also simple. The strawberries and herbs are both hand watered with nutrient when needed. Both of them use a perlite / coconut  fiber mixture. The strawberry bag has holes at the bottom to allow excess nutrient to drip out. This nutrient is collected and used again. Most small root plants can be grown in a tray. Scallions, radishes, lettuce and chives come to mind. Even small patio tomatoes would work.

Wick System

This hydroponic wick system below has also been around for years and has been used in schools all over the United States. While the operation of the system is simple, construction is a bit more work than the 1 gallon bubbler system I had in one of my blogs.

Parts List
2 - plastic containers with lids. Click here for graphic of finished system. Containers held sliced meat that my wife purchased at the grocery store. 
6 - Pieces wick material.  1 inch strips of white felt 12 inches long
6 - Pieces wick material.  Cotton 1/4" cording (piping) 12 inches long
(courtesy my wife)
Medium - perlite or other things like coconut fiber
1 - can spray paint (green) made for plastic.

Wick material suggestions
The felt and the cotton cording did not work the first time I tried to see if they would work as a wick. To get them to wick water, I had to hand wash them in the sink and then dry them out in the dryer. After that, they worked really well. I have no idea what is on the material but it repels water. Cut a hole on the top of the nutrient tank and feed this through a hole in the bottom of the media container. Keep the holes just large enough to pass the wick material through.

The 2 graphics below are of the completed system. Note that a piece of masking tape was put on the side of the nutrient tank before it was painted. After painting it was removed. This open strip becomes the nutrient tank level indicator. I also put some round circles on all 4 sides of the media container. This shows the media and will show condensation as the wicking process draws the nutrient up into the media container.

Add 1/2 of the required nutrient in the nutrient part of the system. Run the wick up into the media container and snake the wick while adding medium. Leave enough room to place the net pot into the medium. Take the remaining nutrient and completely wet the media and wick material. Add enough so that the nutrient container is almost full (90%). Place the top cover on the media container and insert the net pot into the opening and into the media. 

If the medium is wet, you can place seeds into the medium. Then place something over the seeds until they germinate. You can also place starts into the netpots if you have them. You can harvest for a long time if you only pull off leafs from time-to-time. If you used larger containers, you could use up to  3 or 4 netpots for even more lettuce or greens.  Note: While I have not shown it, I eventually added a hole on the nutrient container. To add more nutrient, I lightly lifted the upper container and pored nutrient on the top of the nutrient container. 

Completed system  and Happy Lettuce

So here are some other ideas in growing in the SGSM. All the above is easy and if you build enough of them, you can grow a lot of greens and herbs. While growing herbs and greens will not fill your belly completely, they are a good addition to other things you may be eating. Things like Kale are really good for you. There are many really good things you can grow that will add nutrients to your diet.

Now is a really good time to start growing your own food as the world seems to be going crazy. We all need to take our own health and security into our own hands. The government is not coming to your house to help you! It's up to you and your family and friends and community to make what is coming work out.

It's cooling off here slowly in Central Texas. I am in the process of expanding my Ruth Stout garden for in the spring. I am planning a 200 ft. potato bed. My greens are looking good in my greenhouse. Its your time too.

Get your seeds
Start a garden
Start or grow a garden
Winter is coming

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