Friday, September 6, 2019

The SGSM Road Map

Put the map below in your car as you drive down the Super Grand Solar Minimum Highway. It will be a bumpy ride and if you will not prepare for what is coming you will end up in the ditch on the side of the road.

On the road, it will get more and more dangerous as it become an "every one for them self" ride and horror show. Many will crash and burn and run out of gas, especial all those CO2 heads who are being used by the global warming community and their agenda. This is really sad as it is the youth that are really at risk. They are our loved children who have been blinded by an endless push for control of all of us and our food supply.

There is an endless supply of information that the world is not warming and that it is diving into a cooling period that will change the world. We will soon yearn for the days of global warming.

Don't believe me? Then view these YouTube Channels:

Ice Age Farmer at this URL Food and crop failures

Adapt 2030 at this URL  The all time best on global cooling, crops and the food supply

Wales Grand Solar Minimum Channel at this URL  Global daily briefings.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project at this URL  Magnetic drift and shift and weather etc.

Rolf Witzsche at this URL Global cooling and the ice age

John Casey Video at this URL - His interviews. Books on Amazon

Robert Felix URL here. News and his books

There are many voices out there being Paul Reveres (electronic horses) sounding the alarm mostly to deaf people with their cell phones wedged in dark places.  To repeat and enforce at least my thinking and the thinking of others. We are going soon to be hit right up side of our heads by some very dangerous things, and they will happen almost at the same time. These are:

  • The Super Grand Solar Minimum caused by the cyclic weakening of the sun's four magnetic fields.
  • Reduced plasma currents that drive the sun and solar irradiance (SI)
  • Magnetic field wandering and possible pole flip
  • Increased cloud cover caused by increased Cosmic Rays 
  • Wandering of the earths jet streams
  • Increase in UVB and possibly UVC
  • Insane Geoengineering
  • Global Governance caused by the whole world going crazy at the same time
  • Failure of mono culture growing of food
There are many more.


If you look back in history there was always human migration during periods of famine, war and other nasty things. This is a historical fact.

BUT BUT - Ya there is ALWAYS a BUT

This time you will be prevented from going to where the food is. You may be forced to starve which is really the ultimate agenda. It you are thinking about moving, you had better do it now. The worlds governments don't really care about you, and are only looking out for them self's. You don't have an invitation and ticket and never will. 

I really hate writing this particular blog. Its pretty gloomy even at best. People really need to look at what is coming. Eight (8) billion people need to read the above and start growing a garden and start looking out for them self's. Will this happen? Not even in a bad dream, but you my friend have read it, and you will be the 1 out of 10, 10, out of 100 and 100 out of a 1000 who will survive and thrive during the SGSM.

The mornings here in hot Central Texas are getting cooler. I had a whiff of the cooling that is coming this morning. The leafs are starting to fall and a new more intense cycle is just getting started.

Time to start that garden and prepare.

And there is this:

Can you tell from the above photo that you ( and cows) are causing global warming and that the climate here on earth has nothing to do with the sun? Hmmm I thought not.


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