Sunday, September 1, 2019

Seeds of Life

Years ago (many years ago) I sold garden seeds. I now wish I has continued, as there is a large demand for seeds especially for home gardens. The picture on the left is my hand about 15 years ago. I also sold radio gear and electronic courses. So Seeds, Radio (Ham Radio) and Electronics were my main interest. At that same time I started growing hydroponic greens in my back yard. I had no one to talk to at that time and only got funny looks when I mentioned hydroponics. . I eventually wrote a book on Home Hydroponics.

Some of my advertising is shown below. Those were fun days, and many of my customers would email me with their results.

The seed part was the most fun, as I was shipping seed all over the US and Canada. I learned a lot about different seeds during that period. I had a website and also sold on eBay.

Hydroponic was fun as well, as I developed many different types of cheap easy to build equipment.

The radio part was selling used commercial (Like Motorola) radio gear which was how new ham radio operators got their first radio gear from me at a very reasonable price. Essentially I refurbished and programmed the radios so they could be used by Hams.

Finally the last thing I did was creating electronic courses. These courses ran on a browser and all had quizzes. I still sell the courses.

Which brings me to what I am doing at the moment. I grow outside in a Ruth Stout garden. Because my grandchildren are home schooled, the outside garden is also part of their schooling. They are being taught Organic, Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture. As for me, I run a Microgreens business which consumes all my time as it is a 7 day a week job as microgreens wait for no one.

Below are some of my commercial growing Systems:

The system on the left is a Crop King Microgreen system. I have two of them. The two systems are in my greenhouse.

This systems on the left are called low tide systems. They are used to grow and water the microgreens. We have 16 of these systems. They are in an air conditioned and heated environment.

Next week we are also starting to grow in a house. The floors have been stripped of carpet, and we will grow in the two bedrooms and the front room. Also thinking about growing mushrooms. With all this going on, I will soon need to clone me and my partner! We have also starting up an eatable flowers garden.

Buzz Button or Tooth Ache flower

If you are thinking about growing microgreens which is a good idea, then you probably need to grow in 10 x 20 trays. Most of the microgreens shown in the picture are radish which I sell.

All our indoor growing use LED lights. Note, if you want to grow large radish indoors, you will need some high intensity LED lights (around 300 watts). Other than that, we use cheap daylight LED lights. As for the greenhouse growing, the sun provides enough light. Microgreens do not like direct sun light, so my greenhouse also has shade cloth and greenhouse paint. As you can imagine, we use many hundreds of pounds of seed in the business monthly. We order seeds in fifty pound sacks.

As for my outside Ruth Stout garden, I order the same seeds from my favorite company which is True Leaf Market Seeds. They sell in bulk (for my microgreens) and also in smaller sizes for a home garden. I have used them for the past two or more years and have never had a problem with any of their seeds;. As the SGSM heads this way, you need to think about getting your seeds. For garden seeds, I would suggest about 7 years of seed which really is not that much. If you plan to grow microgreens, you will need to order in the pound size. I would suggest peas, radish, mustard's, Broccoli, cabbage and other microgreens. Radish is better for you than  full grown Broccoli (about 40 times better) actually.

Tomato plants 7 days after planting two seeds.

Seeds are wonderful things. It's amazing that something as small as a tomato seed can produce a large bush that produces many pounds of fruit.

Just a teaspoon of these seeds could produce many hundreds of pounds of tomatoes and feed many people.

As the Super Grand Solar Minimum reduces global food production, so will it reduce seed output, so now is a good time to get your seeds.  The great thing about seeds is that you can harvest your own seeds after the first year, and from then on, you can become your own seed producer.

I recommend the following book on the left. "Seed to Seed" which I have had for many years. Its also a paper book so no digital equipment needed.

Another thing that I think happens when you harvest your own seeds over the years, is that your seed will get acclimatized to your area. If you only harvest from the best fruits, your results will get better and better over time.  I am no expert on this but I have experienced this with some of the vegetables I have grown and the seeds that I have harvested (saved).

So whats up with blog? It's some fun on my part at looking back at some of the things I did. But the real reason is that I would like to encourage you to start growing a garden. If its cold and icy where you live, get out your seed catalog and start collecting some organic material for your beds. Here in the states, it's time for a fall garden. It' almost too late to start your starts. It is my feeling that the coming fall and winter here in the states will be a repeat of last winter and possibly worse. All around the earth, there will soon be food shortages and an increase in prices. Food will soon become money so start your garden bank account now. It just turned Sunday here in Central Texas, and it's time to get back to my bed. I got up for a drink and you see what that got me?

Start a garden and grow your own food.
Best of everything

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