Sunday, September 1, 2019

New Free Book

Here is my new small mini-book .

Below is the TOC (table of contents) for the mini-book.

You can down load the PDF at this URL.

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Dennis in Central Texas.

Need Seeds?

These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL

Super Grand Solar Minimum Radio and Survival Equipment Store at this URL


All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

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  1. Just lucked into your website. Followed a link from Steve Quayle's site. Looks great! I am an architect and have been advising house client to yes add solar panels but also add greenhouse for vertical growing and also other upgrades. Most still thinking global warming. thanks for your efforts. I am 75 and built myself a passive solar home in 1978. Tiring to be always ahead of the crowd! Richard Fitts