Monday, September 16, 2019

Living a Big Lie

 Yes Global Warming did happen and it was caused by the Sun but it ended in 1990 and the Grand Solar Minimum started in 2008. It's all down hill from here on.

At the moment Atmospheric CO2 is at a million year low, and our planet is now starving for CO2. 

CO2 is plant food, and you had better wish that we don't reduce it any more.

You are being told that the earth is sick, and the sickness is man. I must be really sick as in my past part of my life I have spread CO2 all over the world. Nasty me. If you drive a car Nasty You.

Our current climate science is mostly fake and false. This falseness is very dangerous at best. It is leading people down paths that will end in a dead end. At the dead end there will be a realization that they have been lied to and it is too late to backtrack to a safer place. If that is not dangerous, I don't know what would be. Just how evil is it to know one thing but push something else.

Not all people pushing man made climate change are evil. Many are just drinking the cool-aide. If you hear a lie enough times then the lie will sound like the truth. If the controlled news pushes this lie and agenda then that is all that most will hear. Most live their life's deep in their little boxes, and when confronted on the climate question only regurgitate what they have heard. Most have never taken the time to look into what actually is happening.

Living the big lie hides what is shown in the graphic below. I don't think you will ever see anything like it in the news.

I noticed that even the ?pope? is pushing Global Governance. I can hear it coming and you probably do to. With all the food shortages, crop failures and the SGSM, we will need a global system of making sure food is parsed out in a fair and reasonable manner. Of course we need to make sure there is no cheating so all the food will have to be collected and warehoused in central locations and controlled by a centralized database and system. I bet they have a bunch of friends that will be glad to run the system. If you have extra food, you must turn it in so that there is no hording which will become a global crime.

The new global food distribution system will require that everyone has a global ID card and even better a global RFID chip.

While no such system actually exists at the moment, you can bet when you do hear about it, you will remember my little blog.

In the next two years things are going to get dicey out there at the grocery store. Food is going to get scarce and it's going to be expensive. As I have written before. People will have to decide if they want to eat or do a lot less of  other things. The increased food prices will eventually crash the US and Global economy. Its happening here, in Europe and in China. Just wait until the billions of Chinese realize what is happening. Food inflation is increasing every day. Twenty dollar drinks and popcorn at the movies will be a thing of the past. New cars, probably not. Eating out - you must be kidding - have you checked the price of a drink, a burger and fries lately. New shoes, well the old ones will do. As food prices increase over the next two years, the economy and unemployment will get worse and worse. When was the last time you received a raise? Almost never?

You can hedge all of this and have some popcorn at the same time if you plan now and start a garden. You will be amazed how much food you can grow in a small garden. If left up to my own devices, and had a little water, even at 76 I could grow enough food to feed my self. Might get a bit skinny, but I need that now anyway.

Its slowly getting cooler in Central Texas. Gee those crappy weather and rain gods will bless Texas soon with temps in the eighties and maybe a bit of rain. I have all my popcorn ready for the ice and snow season up north this winter.

Its almost 9:00 PM here and I was up at 5:00 AM, so its time to think about some sleep. I have been dreaming about the SGSM lately, so what sleep I get isn't all that good.

Prepare and start your garden.

Wishing you the best of everything

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