Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Is there a plan B?

What Plan B?

It's the plan B that details what we do when there becomes crops losses so large that they cannot be ignored anymore.

 That PLAN B.

 If you think about it, modern agriculture is very fragile. It's a mono culture beast just sitting out there at risk of being destroyed from the whims of mother nature. The arrival of the Super Grand Solar Minimum has made mono cropping even more exposed. Mono culture while it has fed millions for years is approaching the end of a failed method of growing food. While I wont go in to that with things like GMO, week killer, insect killer, salt based fertilizers and land that has so few micro nutrients that it has almost become hydroponic. The land is used to support the crop and hold the nutrients that are sprayed and dumped onto the soil. They then pray for rain or deplete the aquifers to water huge areas of crops.

Perhaps the above is not a fully accurate portrait of ?modern? scientific growing but close.

This type of growing will in the end collapse along with the collapsing of our climate which is slowly narrowing our growing seasons making it harder and harder to actually grow crops to completion.

We are already seeing crop losses, and as we proceed into the SGSM it will worsen. Eventually whole countries and regions will go off line. We can measure these losses easily (If we are not lied too) and year after year we will see reduced success in food output. The US is at the moment very close to having no grain reserves. You and I are at this moment eating last years reserves and the future is looking rather beak. It's even worse for things like canned vegetables. Corn, Soy and eventually Wheat are on the list. Our friends in Australia are seeing much of this as food prices rise there. So can our food future be projected into the future? The answer is we only have to look at the sun and what it is doing.

Clearly, Solar Cycle 24 is the lowest activity since the Dalton Minimum (SC 5,6,7) around 1810 when using the entire cycle and not only the maximum activity in short peaks. (See Below)
I could repeat what Wikipedia has on the Dalton, and you can go there and take a look. Obviously it was a period of low sun spots and cold weather. The SGSM will be much worse as we have just entered into some really bad crop producing times.

We only have too look at at the graph below to project future crop problems. While we are looking at the Dalton Minimum, we are probably looking at a Maunder Minimum type of cooling or even worse as the SGSM progresses.

OK, so its getting cooler and colder. We are experiencing crop failures as I write this.

So what is Plan B?

Do the governments of the world have a Plan B? You can bet they do in spades!
Do you have a Plan B? Perhaps, but I would bet that most who visit my blog do not.

So what is the Plan B for global governments? Well have you heard of any lately? Has your Senator or Representative in your local or national government contacted you or made any statements about Plan B? Is it in the news? Crickets for sure. In fact all you will hear is Climate Emergency and its your fault.

All you can probably hear in the other direction  is that cranky grumpy 76 year old guy in Central Texas carrying on about crop losses, cold weather and a possible Ice Age. Obviously I am not the only guy thinking about this as I have placed below.

There was one comment made by a visitor to this blog and I would like to repeat it. He is speaking about Plan B and Global Governments:


Indeed! on
In response to Yes, they know. They have known this for years. But how do you deal with billions of people who are walking the green mile? How do you explain the known results and coming climate changes without spooking them or alerting them of their certain doom which they will have little to no control of? Tell them it is caused by their activity which can be changed. Give them hope for a future all the while taking more control of their lives and fortunes which the population will gladly hand over. With this fortune, will build huge underground cities and hidden shelters for a select few. Trillions of dollars skimmed away for massive projects of this type have created huge debt bubbles that would ordinarily not be allowed if things were normal. But they are not. On a sinking ship, who cares if the silver goes missing or the safe is broken into? Tell the ignorant passengers that floating can cause sinking (warming can cause cooling) and they will believe it as they watch the boat list.


OK, we know what their Plan B is, but what is yours? In your wildest dreams do you think you are part of their plan? Do you think about this much? Do you just sit back and hope I am a crazy person and what is coming wont? Do you think that your hope is so powerful that it will prevent the SGSM from coming to a store near you? Will you just sit there and let this all play out? For your sake and your family if you have one,  I hope not.

If you don't let this consume every waking moment of every second of every hour for the next two or so years, it will be too late.

But, But as I have said, there is always a But

Its your choice.

It's 10:45 PM here in Central Texas. Those minor worthless gods smiled on us today and gave us a little rain. A pillow and some sleep where I will dream about Plan B is looking good at this point and tomorrow is another day.

Work on your Plan B


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