Saturday, September 21, 2019

Do You Believe This?

Apparently the UN Chief Climate guy just threw all those crazy insane climate guys and gals and children under a bus, train or some other type of heavy vehicle. The new announcement is that global warming is not all that dangerous and will not kill us all. So all you crazies, we have heard from governments all over the world, and they don't want to put up with riots and other uncontrollable nut jobs breaking things and starting fires. So this from the UN, and you need to back off of the crazy crap for awhile. All this sounds very crazy as the IPCC actually started all the climate fanaticism with their false hockey stick crap, and now they are telling all of their crazy children to cool it. Ya listen to daddy, all is well.

There are even words out there like the IPCC will actually start looking at what the sun is doing and actually looking at galactic radiation, sunspots and even clouds. You know things like I have mentioned in my blog that actually control climate.

See this URL on YouTube about the announcement. From Suspicious observers
Or this URL at the bottom.

Do I believe it. Well at best it sounds rather strange don't you think? Has the elephant shortened it's trunk and ears and has the zebra changed its stripes? Personally I am an AGENDA guy, and some place deep in all this is an AGENDA, and it's to enslave and control you. Nothing out of the UN and I mean nothing would I ever trust. I suspect that even the toilet paper in UN bathrooms has an agenda.

So whats with all this? Perhaps you don't nose around like I do on all the lying main stream media outlets like I do, but I am hearing things a bit new. So back to my beloved bullet points with numbers we go:

  1. Geoengineering may be needed and it needs to look and work like volcanoes do.
  2. Harvard and Bill Gates and other friends of humanity say so.
  3. All this global heating is adding a lot of moisture into the air which may be causing much of the snow.
  4. If the all the glaciers and Greenland melt, it could cause global cooling or an ice age. Oh No! (actually this could be true)
  5. We need to cool down this snow causing warming with global upper atmospheric spraying to cool down the planet
  6. Heating equal snow
  7. Snow equal heating
  8. Meat equal heat
  9. Humans equal warmth
  10. So do cows
  11. Burning coal and natural gas is a real carbon based problem that needs to be eliminated.
Oh Gosh, this could go on and on, but would be even more ridiculous if I continued.

So what is the agenda?

There is always an agenda.
So what of the above 11 points will it be. Have I missed one? Do you have one I could add?

Here is my take on this:

TAKE 1 - I think that at the moment, countries are not ready for all the crazies to do their thing and have told the UN and IPCC to back off.
TAKE 2 - Bullet point 1 is the reason. They realize that the world is going to go into abrupt cooling. but want to get ahead of it so they can say they saved the world from burning up. But WOOPS we may have over done it.. Silly us.
TAKE 3 - It's all BS and they know what is coming and don't want to panic any one any more ABOUT ANYTHING so they can suck up all the resources before everyone does. Its all OK, be calm. go to sleep, mommy loves you dearest.

TAKE 4 - Its your take

Personally I think TAKE 3 is the real answer.

OK that's all from here in Central Texas on this fine warm moist Saturday. Its still warm here, and I am thinking I will have a front row seat for this coming fall and winter like I did the last one. The crappy weather gods can always spare a bunch of the Texas global warming moisture for all that snow and rain and ice and hail and other nasty thing that may happen soon. I hope not.

I have an answer for the person who didn't like all the gloom coming out of my Blog. The answer is what is coming is gloomy, but if you have a warm heart and go through this with those who you love it will always be a sunny day.

Cheers and best of everything
Winter is coming
Grow a garden

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