Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Coming to a Store Near You

Well not yet, but there are things coming your way that you may not like. If you have noticed, the UN is not doing very well when it comes to Climate Change and Global warming. Their program is just not working and people for the most part don't see where any of their agenda has anything to do with them.

On the other end of the cow, I personally don't see where Global Cooling has anything to do with them either. It's just business as usual, but that may change soon.

I suspect that the IPCC and The UN will soon be upping the rent so to speak and will come out with a new improved  reason to tax you and the things you eat.

This new "What Ever" Climate Crisis program will be more in your face and we are all going to die unless ......... sort of things happen. If there is one huge enemy of mankind, its the UN and the people behind them who are pushing them into your face everyday. Get ready for meatless meals, and perhaps a global tax on food.This money will go into oppressing you even more, and into peoples pockets who are actually the useless eaters.

So why empty shelf's? I know I harp on this all the time, but it does not look like many are taking global cooling seriously. I just noticed that the two Farmers Almanacs are forecasting a repeat of our last winter. I suspect that it will be just as bad or worse. Pray that it is not a repeat of what happened and is happening in the crop gowning zones of the US. These zones are still at risk as they were planted mostly later than normal. This late planting makes them at risk of being subjected to a frost or crop gutting freeze. We should know if this happens in two or three weeks as things begin to cool in states like South Dakota, Iowa etc. Its hot as blazes here in Central Texas. But the gods always smile on Texas, so the heat is a blessing!? right?

So what are most people doing about Global Cooling and the GSM? - NOTHING
So what are most people doing about Global Warming and Climate Change? - NOTHING
So are most people starting gardens - Probably Not
So are most people stocking up on food - Probably Not

ALERT ALERT and then there is this: Those taking bets say the new Term may be:

"Climate Emergency!!"  Bells going off - Clang Clang Clang. Emergency, Emergency the world is ending!  

They are correct, we are going into a climate emergency, but for all the wrong reasons. It is beyond me how anyone would think a climate emergency could be caused by people and those darn gassy cows.So will the new term work? Will people swallow it up and hand over what money they have left to those who are really and truly your Best Friend? I sure hope not.

Tip to those who want to control and suppress and oppress us: Global Cooling and crop loss would go a long way in getting support from all those Pizza Eaters and Beer Drinkers. Global Emergency and food shortages and crop failures would really get much more attention. Possible Ice Age - We are all gonna freeze. Boy that would work. Just think - They could say " We were wrong here at the IPCC". The earth is going to cool and freeze and we will all die unless..........and then dip deep into your pockets and then take a deep breath and ......... bend over or something like that.

OK enough of this. So is it coming to a store near you. The answer is soon and very soon. And its already there to some degree. Will you have to soon make a decision to heat and cool your home or eat? Its probably in the future. I live mostly on a fixed income, and if I am taxed more and prices keep going up, I will one day in the future have to make that decision and you will probably have to as well. If you want to repel and put off this decision, you really need to start growing your own food. As I have said many times:

We need to get our food from the land, not a big box store. 

It's what our grand parents and ancestors did and you can too.

Well I need to get up. Oh I already have! I can see the glow of the sun far in the horizon, and its a bit weaker than it was the last sun rise yesterday.

Winter is coming
Grow a garden

Its 5:06 AM here in Central Texas

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