Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A New World Waits

“The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually doing it is as scary a thing as there is in the new world.” ―  Josh Malerman 

There is another world on the other side of the Super Grand Solar Minimum. What it looks like will be entirely up to you and those around you. I have talked about it in the 68 blogs that I have written in the past few months. We live in interesting times, and some of the things that will become our new reality we can not do much about. Global warming has made it possible for you to be part of the present reality, but that will soon all change.

The past 200 years have made it possible to create and invent things that we never thought about. In an instant, I can communicate with some one across the earth. Four years ago in an operating room, my heart was stopped, and technology allowed me to breathe while my stopped heart was worked on. At this very moment technology has made it possible to add a graphic and text to this blog. I can take my thoughts and place them so you at this very moment can read what I thought.

All this technology has created many wonderful things but has also made some very dark things possible. In my opinion, much of the technology we use today has dehumanized us. Also this technology has put our very existence in jeopardy. We are just one second from a technology shutdown if the sun decides to do its thing. Much of the social media, cell phones, and our little portable devices, have created brain dead people. I am amazed to watch people who are driving in really bad traffic have their cell phone rested on the steering wheel.

So what is this all about? Well it seems that we have arrived at the end of our global warming party. Personally I wish it would stay around for a few hundred more years. We are looking at the cooling of our planet. It could be a 400 or 3200 year cycle or even a new Ice Age. We will just have to wait it out, and we should have a good idea where we are going in the next 5 or so years.

One thing is for certain, In the next 30 to 50 years, this planet will not look the same as it does now. If you are young, you will have to live through all of this, and at the end it will not be a a new world order but a new world. If you really believe that global cooling is taking place, you can be the 1 out of 10 that will make it through all of this. The new world can then be your, your families and your communities world.

So its your choice. The choice you and many others make will one day create this new world. There will be many small remnant communities that will hopefully be composed of all the wonderful things that our human species possesses. Those who are lost will see you and seek you out.

Being 76 years old, I am not sure how far down the the SGSM road I will go. You might go much further. What I am concerned about are my children and grandchildren. At the moment, the world is going crazy with and about things that absolutely are worthless and very destructive. None of this will really matter if there is no food. No Food - No Life

All the best from Central Texas

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  1. Thinking of the future is one of the reasons I built up our family library. 15,000 plus books, over a hundred feet of DVDs, over a thousand dvd-rom and cd-roms, and over 160,000 ebooks. Knowledge is priceless when the public libraries are no longer accessible to us mere citizens...