Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Cooling Sun

As the US and the world seems to have lost it's moral compass, and is tearing it's self apart with insanity and social media nonsense, there is something creeping this way. It's not talked about much, and that is the cooling sun. If we look at ice core data, you will soon realize that the earth is an ice planet with a few short periods that don't last very long of global warming.

As we play our little deadly games of greed, hate and political madness, something more final and more deadly is on it's way..

I have written over and over and gave evidence of this but not a peep or burp of any thinking in this direction by anyone.

In fact the opposite is happening and the global warming agenda that is being pushed is the cause of much of the insanity. As I travel about, I have observed that people seem to be more on edge. Its almost a zombie atmosphere out there

As a believer in the electrical and plasma universe, what our earth has gone through in an almost digital fashion becomes very easy to understand. Sorrowfully, there are scientists out there who are still searching for dark matter as the gravitational universe model is still part of their religion. This won't really matter much longer.

As the sun cools, it may revert back to its normal state. That state which has been around 85 percent of the earth's climate history is a cool and low glow state. If that happens our climate will revert back into an ice age and continue that way for millions of years. Its all in the Ice core data. Its a cycle as shown below.

The interglacial warm period which you and I now live in has made it possible to have a population of almost 8 billion people. This warm period which is shown in the graphic is a digital certainty, but this climate anomaly is coming to an end.

Mankind will soon and very soon have to face this.

The now defunct Ulysses space craft first measured this collapse in the solar wind. Looking at the graphic, we only have about eleven (11) more years until the sun starts its diminishing (low glow mode) phase. After that a new ice age will resume. So the clock is ticking and as we humans keep tearing our self's apart with insanity and social media nonsense we are ignoring the elephant in the room.
We can see many of the consequences caused by a reduced solar wind, especially in increased cosmic rays and in an increase in clouds.

So what would happen if the sun went into a low glow? This 70% drop in SI would mean that only parts of the earth's tropical regions would support life.

So what can we do as a society if this is coming our way? You can see the lights coming down the track. I fear that if we continue on our ways of self destruction, greed, hate and moral destruction of society that we will almost all be gone before we see what a low glow sun even looks like.

It looks like man is actually a very stupid creature.

Perhaps I am just old school, but what is important to me seems to be lost on our present generation. What is that you may ask? Well its love, family, caring and taking care of the only earth we will ever have. What is important to me is my wife, kids and grandchildren and my neighbors. Health, happiness and peace are some place in there too. Security, and a roof over my head and enough food to get by could be tossed in there as well.

All the above things come at a cost. They are not a given, and must be earned. They can be taken out of your reach if you don't protect them which is happening at this very moment.

So the question is this in bullet points:

  • Will we let the present craziness, and political madness kill us first?
  • Will the coming cooling and a likely Ice Age do it for us?

I guess it all depends how quickly things play out. None of this must be this way. Again its a choice. If we were not so embedded in our back sides, we could prepare for the cooling and make a place for those 8 billion people who depend on a little food to survive each day.

The weaker Sun is coming. How do you think it will play out? I am not taking any bets.

Good grief, its 3:51 AM here in Central Texas. I need to get back to bed!

Wishing all of you the best.
Start a garden and hug some one in the morning.


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  1. it is now called climate change, not global warming. allows them to control both sides of the narrative. just sayin....

    1. That was yesterday. Now it's "climate crisis".

  2. so where does Noah's flood fit in and mammoths in the arctic with green grass in their mouths?

    1. This e-book should answer your question.

    2. Its Earth Changes my friend....the NWO does not like that term.

  3. Yes, "they" know. They have known this for years. But how do you deal with billions of people who are walking the 'green mile'? How do you explain the known results and coming climate changes without spooking them or alerting them of their certain doom which they will have little to no control of? Tell them it is caused by their activity which can be changed. Give them hope for a future all the while taking more control of their lives and fortunes which the population will gladly hand over. With this fortune, "they" will build huge underground cities and hidden shelters for a select few. Trillions of dollars skimmed away for massive projects of this type have created huge debt bubbles that would ordinarily not be allowed if things were 'normal'. But they are not. On a sinking ship, who cares if the silver goes missing or the safe is broken into? Tell the ignorant passengers that floating can cause sinking (warming can cause cooling)and they will believe it as they watch the boat list. Sad. But the truth is, the majority of humanity today is not going to make it much longer. In this case, the truth is too dangerous to tell. So, censor the internet is the mantra for those who know what is coming. Demonize truth tellers. Keep em distracted, encourage the idea of eating human flesh, deviant behavior, self destructive selfishness and twisted moral compass ideas. Like a magician, have them look over here, not over there. All the while "they" are stock piling their food in deep vaults, quietly building their shelters and planning the real future. Sleep well Mr. Texas, sleep well....

  4. Puts a whole new spin on retirement planning. My wife and I just completed our 2019 canning chores and put another 283 jars of preserves on the shelf. :-) When prepping, just remember all the good things start with "G".

    1. Thanks you just fed a gang of mauraders, the umpteenth gang that figured out your stash and booby trap's. Hope your heart is right, because it will stop beating too! Hope, the word hope I can use now, but I don't think it will mean much then.

    2. Lucille, typical defeatist attitude. Doing something is better than sitting on your laurels doing nothing. It's not a certainty his stuff will be stolen so why don't you crawl back in your "troll hole".

  5. Thankyou for taking the time to care and share the info. here is
    Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018.

  6. Oh, another 2030 11-year# warning.Let me guess, the UN could rescue us with Agenda 2030, if we would only comply.

    Surprise me, please. What do you propose?

  7. Not so much glum please. Freeze or not food will be abundant for the wise. You can grow food in door grow farms. Look at Canada. Also indoor hydroponic vertical units are becoming ever more lucrative and cost effective. The stupid will die the strong will survive. The stupid are like people on drugs i.e crack.They are asleep having taken the blue pill (i.e the Matrix movie) I have always used the expression, "smoke crack and die"

  8. Absolutely Brilliant. Believe it or not there are some very odd verses both in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch that talk about Extreme cold and snow and ice as a great judgement upon mankind. Something that most are unaware of. I think that as you have said correctly, with all of the DISTRACTIONS foisted over all of mankind during the past 20 years or so most people simply cannot see the trees for the forest. There is already evidence of a Coming Ice-age: ICE-AGE: ICE-AGE II:

    Keep up the good work and let's hope that someone is listening and passing it on!

    Best Wishes - Steve

  9. Revelation 9 and Isiah both tell of Not yet Future moment by Gods Direction of the Sun going black not shedding its light for yourself if you don't believe me

  10. Keep up the good work, sir, and the book is excellent.

  11. If there's an ass, they will eat it.