Sunday, September 29, 2019

Whats Coming and What You Can Do

What is coming is pretty predictable. You can smell it in the air and you can see it in the media. It's always been there but more in your face at times. Russians and Europeans and many others have suffered from it by the multi-millions. Man has been plagued with it his whole existence on this earth.So what is the problem?

It's man's inability to get along and care for each other. It's greed for power and control by those than can and of course those who we let do that to us which is YOU and I.

Ya some times we get along but at best for very short intervals and there was probably an outbreak of security and plentiful the time. When things got bad, the care went out the door and it was back to the old plague again. It seems that what most don't understand is that community is a very useful thing in coping with things when things get really bad. But as I have said before, humans seem to be a rather stupid species of animals. Below is a graphic that will solve most any thing or crisis. It encompass what we need for a peaceful existence on this earth if adopted.

I am sure I will be reprimanded for not including religion, but that's for another blog by someone else. No place above will you see a need for atomic weapons, tanks, drones, armies, bombs, and oppressive governments or the UN or Democrats or Republicans or any other nonsense like that. The above is the only way that we will get by during the coming global cooling and SGSM.

The atomic weapons, tanks, drones, armies, bombs, and oppressive governments or the UN or Democrats or Republicans or any other nonsense like that will not save you from what is coming, and will only complicate and even destroy what is needed. You and I and all the people on this earth probably have only five (5) years to do anything. After that most of the almost eight (8) billion people on this earth may be lost.

In the next five years, the world needs to sort out what is coming and quit fighting and hating. Its time to develop technological solutions in protective growing of crops. Its time to develop housing and structures that don't care how cold it is outside. It's time and we have so little. I am going to show the following Ice Core data again:

Again I will say that the earth is an ice planet punctuated by very short periods of global warming which we are just leaving.

There is no CO2 emergency and people are not causing global warming.

What they are doing is polluting this world into oblivion with their / our "DICE and SLICE" selling of the earth. Your eating plastic now and drinking birth control pills and antibiotics. Take a look at that next time you drink a glass of water Sir!

So what happens if the next five (5) years are wasted? If they are ignored which I think they will be, then we will go from hopeless to helpless as we stare at the empty shelf's in our local grocery stores.

If the next five (5) years are wasted, you will need to have formed a community. We will need many thousands of them and there concerns should be the above first graphic I placed in this blog.

You, Family, Community, Food, Water, Shelter, Community and SECURITY.

I have posted a free book on Community. I am not sure how many have downloaded it or even read it. There doesn't seem to be much interest in community. I guess people are so plugged into their own little boxes, that they can't fight or think their way out of it.

Speaking of boxes, here is one of the songs that has driven me all my life. You can find it at this URL. And then there is Pete at this URL

Don't live in a box people. It's time to change,

Wishing you the best from Central Texas

Dennis - Grumpy Grampaw

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

The World Stupidity Zone

Above slide from this URL

Annotations by Blog Author

I think I have labeled this blog appropriately as we only have at most possibly 4 to 5 years to get our collective house in order. After that it will be all over except for the really nasty point as our world collapses into nothingness.

Actually I may have mislabeled the slide. The Too Late Point is probably around 2024. At that point much of our food growing zones will have failed and there will be huge food losses. It should have been labeled:


It won't really matter because there wont be too many people around to worry about it. If I am correct and I really hope I am just a crazy old man, we have just 10 years until it's all over with. If we do nothing in those 10 years which it looks like that will happen, there will be a lot fewer humans running around on the earth.

Here in the US, things are really getting crazy. People have been sidelined into thinking all this political garbage is important, while the SGSM creature slowly stalks them and the whole world.

Soon it won't matter what the Republicans or the Democrats or the President think or say. It's hog wash in my way of looking at it.

HOG WASH - really stinky nasty water that can kill you if you drink it!

Its" Much to say / do about nothing". If we can't eat we can't speak.
Much Ado About Nothing - a comedy by Shakespeare. Its really is a comedy, but a very dangerous one.

Above graphic published under the  GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

It's all about clouds.

The SGSM is a really creepy slow killing creature. It's up in the clouds for all to see, but clouds are beautiful are they not? Well not so beautiful if they cool the planet and cause food crop failures or a new Ice Age. If you think about it, our growing seasons are JUST LONG ENOUGH to actually plant and then harvest. That just long enough time is getting shortened year after year. One day soon, those who say they represent us will be silenced and that yelling and screaming noise will be starving people demanding they do something. You probably won't like their solution as they run like crazy animals into their bunkers leaving you out literally in the cold.

I never ever thought I would write what I have written above, but over the last few years it's looking like the above will happen. The Smoking Guns are the ever increasing Cosmic Rays and increased cloud cover along with a decrease in the sun's and earth's magnetic fields. I have just about exhausted the subject in my many blogs. The scary point is not much is being said about the cooling and crop failures which make me loose sleep at night. The real killer is that the earth's magnetic field is wandering all over the place and may flip. Again this will increase Cosmic Radiation hitting the earth and even more cloud cover.

So where are we headed? It looks like we are headed for some dark places. It looks dark even more if you watch the news and the never ending political insanity. We are now in the endgame of  "Don't look here as there is nothing to see".

I am Hopeful a few who read this blog will at least take a second look and come to a decision one way or another. Is that old guy in Central Texas crazy or not?

It's been rather hot and humid here in Central Texas. Those crappy lazy rain gods have not passed this way at all. In a week it will be in the 80s here so get out the wool coats.

Don't live in the "World Stupidity Zone"
Note: If you are really a sane person and want to destroy that sanity, I have a tip.
Go to the DRUDGE REPORT 2019® and read it a couple times a day for a month. Soon they will wrap you up in a white suite and pack you away. You will be screaming "Trump Trump Trump what can we do with Trump". You will then be given a new address where your family can visit you on Sundays between three and four PM. Don't forget to bring the red gimme cap!

Wishing you all the best

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A New World Waits

“The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually doing it is as scary a thing as there is in the new world.” ―  Josh Malerman 

There is another world on the other side of the Super Grand Solar Minimum. What it looks like will be entirely up to you and those around you. I have talked about it in the 68 blogs that I have written in the past few months. We live in interesting times, and some of the things that will become our new reality we can not do much about. Global warming has made it possible for you to be part of the present reality, but that will soon all change.

The past 200 years have made it possible to create and invent things that we never thought about. In an instant, I can communicate with some one across the earth. Four years ago in an operating room, my heart was stopped, and technology allowed me to breathe while my stopped heart was worked on. At this very moment technology has made it possible to add a graphic and text to this blog. I can take my thoughts and place them so you at this very moment can read what I thought.

All this technology has created many wonderful things but has also made some very dark things possible. In my opinion, much of the technology we use today has dehumanized us. Also this technology has put our very existence in jeopardy. We are just one second from a technology shutdown if the sun decides to do its thing. Much of the social media, cell phones, and our little portable devices, have created brain dead people. I am amazed to watch people who are driving in really bad traffic have their cell phone rested on the steering wheel.

So what is this all about? Well it seems that we have arrived at the end of our global warming party. Personally I wish it would stay around for a few hundred more years. We are looking at the cooling of our planet. It could be a 400 or 3200 year cycle or even a new Ice Age. We will just have to wait it out, and we should have a good idea where we are going in the next 5 or so years.

One thing is for certain, In the next 30 to 50 years, this planet will not look the same as it does now. If you are young, you will have to live through all of this, and at the end it will not be a a new world order but a new world. If you really believe that global cooling is taking place, you can be the 1 out of 10 that will make it through all of this. The new world can then be your, your families and your communities world.

So its your choice. The choice you and many others make will one day create this new world. There will be many small remnant communities that will hopefully be composed of all the wonderful things that our human species possesses. Those who are lost will see you and seek you out.

Being 76 years old, I am not sure how far down the the SGSM road I will go. You might go much further. What I am concerned about are my children and grandchildren. At the moment, the world is going crazy with and about things that absolutely are worthless and very destructive. None of this will really matter if there is no food. No Food - No Life

All the best from Central Texas

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time to Start Growing Indoors - 2

More other ideas to grow indoors during the SGSM.

No Energy Hydroponics

"No-energy hydroponics system are so simple that even the smallest child could operate one". The milk container system above is an example of such a system. The milk container and plastic pot were free and had been tossed out. The media and nutrient cost very little. This system will produce lettuce and herbs for many months if cared for. Think what 50 or 80 of these could do! 

The "No-energy hydroponics systems (see above) are also simple. The strawberries and herbs are both hand watered with nutrient when needed. Both of them use a perlite / coconut  fiber mixture. The strawberry bag has holes at the bottom to allow excess nutrient to drip out. This nutrient is collected and used again. Most small root plants can be grown in a tray. Scallions, radishes, lettuce and chives come to mind. Even small patio tomatoes would work.

Wick System

This hydroponic wick system below has also been around for years and has been used in schools all over the United States. While the operation of the system is simple, construction is a bit more work than the 1 gallon bubbler system I had in one of my blogs.

Parts List
2 - plastic containers with lids. Click here for graphic of finished system. Containers held sliced meat that my wife purchased at the grocery store. 
6 - Pieces wick material.  1 inch strips of white felt 12 inches long
6 - Pieces wick material.  Cotton 1/4" cording (piping) 12 inches long
(courtesy my wife)
Medium - perlite or other things like coconut fiber
1 - can spray paint (green) made for plastic.

Wick material suggestions
The felt and the cotton cording did not work the first time I tried to see if they would work as a wick. To get them to wick water, I had to hand wash them in the sink and then dry them out in the dryer. After that, they worked really well. I have no idea what is on the material but it repels water. Cut a hole on the top of the nutrient tank and feed this through a hole in the bottom of the media container. Keep the holes just large enough to pass the wick material through.

The 2 graphics below are of the completed system. Note that a piece of masking tape was put on the side of the nutrient tank before it was painted. After painting it was removed. This open strip becomes the nutrient tank level indicator. I also put some round circles on all 4 sides of the media container. This shows the media and will show condensation as the wicking process draws the nutrient up into the media container.

Add 1/2 of the required nutrient in the nutrient part of the system. Run the wick up into the media container and snake the wick while adding medium. Leave enough room to place the net pot into the medium. Take the remaining nutrient and completely wet the media and wick material. Add enough so that the nutrient container is almost full (90%). Place the top cover on the media container and insert the net pot into the opening and into the media. 

If the medium is wet, you can place seeds into the medium. Then place something over the seeds until they germinate. You can also place starts into the netpots if you have them. You can harvest for a long time if you only pull off leafs from time-to-time. If you used larger containers, you could use up to  3 or 4 netpots for even more lettuce or greens.  Note: While I have not shown it, I eventually added a hole on the nutrient container. To add more nutrient, I lightly lifted the upper container and pored nutrient on the top of the nutrient container. 

Completed system  and Happy Lettuce

So here are some other ideas in growing in the SGSM. All the above is easy and if you build enough of them, you can grow a lot of greens and herbs. While growing herbs and greens will not fill your belly completely, they are a good addition to other things you may be eating. Things like Kale are really good for you. There are many really good things you can grow that will add nutrients to your diet.

Now is a really good time to start growing your own food as the world seems to be going crazy. We all need to take our own health and security into our own hands. The government is not coming to your house to help you! It's up to you and your family and friends and community to make what is coming work out.

It's cooling off here slowly in Central Texas. I am in the process of expanding my Ruth Stout garden for in the spring. I am planning a 200 ft. potato bed. My greens are looking good in my greenhouse. Its your time too.

Get your seeds
Start a garden
Start or grow a garden
Winter is coming


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Cosmic Rays and the BIG WHAMMY!

A group of high school science enthusiasts from Bishop, CA launching balloons into the stratosphere in hope of deepening knowledge of the upper atmosphere. Thanks! Guys

In winter 2011, Earth to Sky Calculus was just a name, a simple idea.  Today, Earth to Sky has meaning, history, perhaps even a touch of fame.

Below is a chart that ends in January 2108

Below is a chart that ends in July 2018

See the difference? So whats happening? Why the increase? My answer:

  • The earth's magnetic fields are moving and will possibly flip. This is causing a reduction in the earth's magnetic field.
  • The Sun's four magnetic fields are going out of phase.
  • The sun is becoming weaker because of reduced Birkeland Current which drive our plasma sun.  
  • More Cosmic Rays are being allowed to hit the earth because of the above bullet points
  • Magnetic fields are the primary cause of climate variations. So our earths climate is controlled by the total earths electrical circuit. You must have an electrical circuit to have a magnetic field.

The earth's magnetic field is certainly doing strange things as we see below. We may see a magnetic pole flip in the next 10 or so years. As this happens, the earths magnetic fields are reduced and at the flip point they becomes very weak. At this point we become even more exposed to the sun and galactic radiation. All this causes more clouds and a cooler earth.

The sun's four magnetic fields are going out of phase and cancelling each other out. We can see the results of this in reduced sun output and very low sun spot counts. This is just another cycle of the sun.

In addition to the above, Birkeland currents which drive our plasma sun are becoming weaker. The Solar Irradiance (SI) is then reduced and we cool even more.

The Whammy!

Its all about cycles within cycles within cycles. The problem is that we are going through a bunch of them at the same time.

Its a double, triple or worse Whammy

We are definitely ready for a coming ice age which can easily be seen in ice core data. Our orbit around the sun is going to be at a point where we will receive less heat from the sun. As we travel around our galaxy, we are going through an area that has weaker Birkeland currents. AND the earth's magnetic fields are getting weaker and may flip. Any of the above things could have really bad consequences, but when you are combing all of them at the same time. Well a big WHAMMY!.

So what are the above two charts have to do with anything. Well everything I have mentioned above would cause the increase in the charts which you can see happening.

If you are new to this blog, everything discussed above has been covered individually in my older blogs. Take a look at them.

It's really a good time to prepare. As you may have seen at the UN lately, our young people are really dumber than rocks. (well not all of them), The have really sucked up the human caused warming propaganda.

As the Super Grand Solar Minimum and global cooling cause more and more destruction of our food producing areas we will see more and more how it is our fault. It's bad enough that our food supply is being destroyed, but you will not like the destruction of the human spirit that will come out of the UN.

Its time to grow your own food
Its time to join or start a community

And More from the Moon and a great URL

It's a bit cooler here in Central Texas. Here is wishing that you _________ (fill in some good things!).

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Canada - Northern USA and Europe - No More

Will it be possible to live in the above places in the next coming years? If you and the above countries and areas take no action at all, then you will probably have to move. Perhaps very far south.

I hear a lot about growing in greenhouses and other places. As a owner of a greenhouse or two and a lot of experience in very large greenhouses, feeding 380 million or more of Americans from greenhouses is really impossible. It's just one big dream. The problem also exists in Europe and also our deep Southern American friends as well.

At the rate the earth is cooling, none of the above areas will exist because of food growing failures. Agriculture will ultimately collapse. I know that just the idea is hard to fathom, but it's on its way.

You can come up with all kinds of scenarios, but none of them will work if large amounts of food cannot be produced.

The problem is not just you and I, its about millions (billions).  If you don't have a global solution, then nothing will work.

So what is coming our way? At the minimum, I think that we are looking at a 400 year cycle. Below is my safe zone map. You can make your own if you want too, so don't criticize mine. Looks like where I live is a bit below Lat 35. The North Texas Panhandle is right on the line

So what about food? As in the graphic above, you cant live on lettuce. While you can grow high nutrient dense foods in a greenhouse, it would take millions of small or many thousands of very large greenhouses to grow large amounts of food. If the greenhouses are not in the safe zone, they would take large amounts of electrical power just to keep there environments safe enough to actually grow food.

So what is coming this way? With the coming crop failures, food will become very expensive. As I have said in previous blogs, we at some time will have to decide if we will eat or we will spend our money on unnecessary things. This will actually bring down the global economy. So even if there is food available, you and I wont be able to afford it. That is why we need to grow our own food.

We will soon live through times that we never even thought about. We are looking at the next 3 to 5 years for all this to play out. Just watch the weather and the prices at your local grocery store.

It's my opinion that every thing above Lat 35 will go off line for food production. So pick where you live and see if you are in my safe zone. Above Map  Creative Commons 3.0.

But- Yes But

Because we are going to live through the Super Grand Solar Minimum, The safe zone is not really safe. Because of the wandering jet streams, there will be areas in the safe zone that will have some of the below bullet points:

  • Bitter Cold
  • Extremely Hot
  • Biblical 1000 Year Floods
  • Huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
  • Droughts
  • High Winds
  • Very Large Hail
  • Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
  • Starvation
  • Disease
  • Loss of life
  • Social Upheaval
  • Human Migrations
  • Fall of Governments
  • War
  • Electromagnetic Displays
  • Hot Dangerous Lightning
  • Increased Large Earthquakes
  • VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
  • Atmospheric Compression
  • High Cosmic Ray Environment

But - Yes Again

If what is coming is an Ice Age. then things would be a bit worse. See the map below:

The other problem with an Ice Age is that the sun would be in a low glow mode. Lets hope that we will not see an Ice Age.

It's still warm here in Central Texas. My greenhouse is still warm, but it's getting cooler by the day. I am hopping (and hoping) I can grow in it until next May. Ill say it again:

Start a garden
Join or start a community (you wont make it without one)

Cheers and best of everything

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Do You Believe This?

Apparently the UN Chief Climate guy just threw all those crazy insane climate guys and gals and children under a bus, train or some other type of heavy vehicle. The new announcement is that global warming is not all that dangerous and will not kill us all. So all you crazies, we have heard from governments all over the world, and they don't want to put up with riots and other uncontrollable nut jobs breaking things and starting fires. So this from the UN, and you need to back off of the crazy crap for awhile. All this sounds very crazy as the IPCC actually started all the climate fanaticism with their false hockey stick crap, and now they are telling all of their crazy children to cool it. Ya listen to daddy, all is well.

There are even words out there like the IPCC will actually start looking at what the sun is doing and actually looking at galactic radiation, sunspots and even clouds. You know things like I have mentioned in my blog that actually control climate.

See this URL on YouTube about the announcement. From Suspicious observers
Or this URL at the bottom.

Do I believe it. Well at best it sounds rather strange don't you think? Has the elephant shortened it's trunk and ears and has the zebra changed its stripes? Personally I am an AGENDA guy, and some place deep in all this is an AGENDA, and it's to enslave and control you. Nothing out of the UN and I mean nothing would I ever trust. I suspect that even the toilet paper in UN bathrooms has an agenda.

So whats with all this? Perhaps you don't nose around like I do on all the lying main stream media outlets like I do, but I am hearing things a bit new. So back to my beloved bullet points with numbers we go:

  1. Geoengineering may be needed and it needs to look and work like volcanoes do.
  2. Harvard and Bill Gates and other friends of humanity say so.
  3. All this global heating is adding a lot of moisture into the air which may be causing much of the snow.
  4. If the all the glaciers and Greenland melt, it could cause global cooling or an ice age. Oh No! (actually this could be true)
  5. We need to cool down this snow causing warming with global upper atmospheric spraying to cool down the planet
  6. Heating equal snow
  7. Snow equal heating
  8. Meat equal heat
  9. Humans equal warmth
  10. So do cows
  11. Burning coal and natural gas is a real carbon based problem that needs to be eliminated.
Oh Gosh, this could go on and on, but would be even more ridiculous if I continued.

So what is the agenda?

There is always an agenda.
So what of the above 11 points will it be. Have I missed one? Do you have one I could add?

Here is my take on this:

TAKE 1 - I think that at the moment, countries are not ready for all the crazies to do their thing and have told the UN and IPCC to back off.
TAKE 2 - Bullet point 1 is the reason. They realize that the world is going to go into abrupt cooling. but want to get ahead of it so they can say they saved the world from burning up. But WOOPS we may have over done it.. Silly us.
TAKE 3 - It's all BS and they know what is coming and don't want to panic any one any more ABOUT ANYTHING so they can suck up all the resources before everyone does. Its all OK, be calm. go to sleep, mommy loves you dearest.

TAKE 4 - Its your take

Personally I think TAKE 3 is the real answer.

OK that's all from here in Central Texas on this fine warm moist Saturday. Its still warm here, and I am thinking I will have a front row seat for this coming fall and winter like I did the last one. The crappy weather gods can always spare a bunch of the Texas global warming moisture for all that snow and rain and ice and hail and other nasty thing that may happen soon. I hope not.

I have an answer for the person who didn't like all the gloom coming out of my Blog. The answer is what is coming is gloomy, but if you have a warm heart and go through this with those who you love it will always be a sunny day.

Cheers and best of everything
Winter is coming
Grow a garden

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

The War on Meat - Global Control of food

Yes there is a war going on and it's trying to kill our consumption of that horrible disgusting meat.

 As you probably believe (wink wink) that eating meat is warming the planet, and if we don't stop will burn up the planet and we will all die!

From the Urban Dictionary:

If you have never heard the term “useful idiot” it was the attitude held by Vladimir Lenin towards communist sympathizers in the West (America). While Lenin and the Soviets held them in utter contempt they also viewed them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries, thus infecting foreign cultures with their totalitarian tripe. After their mission was complete, they were no longer “useful.”

Perhaps most were sent to reeducation camps.

It's a term the refers to brainwashed American Marxists who blindly support any ideology that gets themselves out of real work and causes others to pay their way.

Jeepers,  I hope I don't offend anyone with the above. But surely anyone who believes that destroying the consumption of meat and eliminating animal agriculture to save the planet must be a "Useful Idiot". But that's my opinion and I am a flawed human. I have constructed a few graphics below for you to enjoy.

Yes meat products thanks to chemistry. My taste buds are on overdrive right now!

Coming to a school and restaurant near you. Yes veggy burgers are the real thing. I tried one as a test. Disgusting at best. Created gastric anomalies and was not sure what I was eating.

OK so whats this war all about? So what is the agenda. There is always an agenda and it's not always obvious but this one sure is obvious. Its called global CONTROL of food.

It's not very easy to understand if you are a  "Useful Idiot", so here goes and listen intensely.

The end result of all this is for corporations to supply all your food. Modern agriculture is frowned upon, and will ultimately reduce their bottom line if you eat good healthy nutrient dense foods you grew or others provided. It is the agenda of globalists that want to put humanity in a box where the will be forced fed (pun intended) anything they like. It's the complete subjugation of humanity on a massive global arena.

Just think. At this moment if you are lucky, you are a FREE RANGE SLAVE. Yes you can move from place to place, but the company owns you and the store ( and your house if you actually purchased one) and this will get much much worse.

While I watch all this play out, I am amazed what people are not doing to save themselves from all this madness.

What they are not doing in my favorite bullet points:

  • Drinking the cool-aide
  • Be happy don't worry as they drive down the road with their cell phone in front of them.
  • Not preparing for the above agenda
  • Not preparing for the Super Grand Solar Minimum
  • Sitting on their posteriors doing useless things like looking at their big screen TV
  • Eating the incredible bad for you GMO and processed foods
  • Not preparing for most anything
  • Not growing their own food
  • Not starting local communities
  • Having at best two weeks of food in their homes
  • When things get bad thinking they can call or write their representatives (too funny)
So soon if you ignore the above bullet points, you will be enjoying living in a corporate built and financed box where as I said above feed their processed food boxes.

It is my belief that we are quickly approaching a fracture of the global growing systems. Crop failures continue to add up, and you only have to look at the grocery store prices to realize this. In two years your life that you may have enjoyed the past years back will cease to exist and complete disappear.    

Food will = $$ and if you want to create value and food money in the coming years just start a garden. While food is not the ultimate solution, there are no other solutions unless there is food available.

Darn, again I could not sleep, and this is the result of that. Its 5:00 AM here in Central Texas, and I can hear that darn rooster crowing outside. It's time to think about what is coming our way. Its not just you and that grumpy guy in Texas, but its the whole world.

It's time to prepare.
It's time to grow a garden
It's time to join or start a community
Winter is coming and also those global corporations who are coming for you

See you next blog and here is wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time to Start Growing Indoors

Do something important for you and your family. You need to really start growing food in your home. Where? Well every room in your house is the answer. Why? It will soon be really hard to grow food outside at times. If the sun's sunspot record is any indication of what is coming, and all the early cold temperatures and snow are any indication, its time to do some planning. Its September the 17th. 2019 and things are starting to cool off quickly. We are seeing huge flooding in Europe and some really cold weather is headed their way. The North West is seeing snow at higher elevations and all those snow bunnies are digging in. Parts of Russia are seeing record cold, and there is an uptick in volcanic eruptions.

 With global cooling, food production should become the most primary thought in your mind every day.  Am I talking about something fancy like in the picture below? Actually NO unless you have a lot of extra cash. What I am talking about is something more simple that most of us can work with and the cost is much much less.


OK, before I go in that direction - GET YOUR SEEDS NOW.

While this is about growing indoors, here are some places you can think about growing. Always have options and multiple places you can grow food. Some may fail and if you follow those mono culture farmers you may be SOL as they say.

  • Indoors
  • Ruth Stout outside garden
  • Cold Frames
  • Greenhouses
  • Protected Areas
  • Grow Bags

I am writing a new book called "Growing Food in the Super Grand Solar Minimum". Below is is a little piece from the book on cheap hydroponic systems that you can use to grow greens and herbs which you will need to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins with your food. I have a lot of experience doing this as I grow microgreens and other types of food in an indoor type of environment and have been doing it for the past 15 years.

The Bubble Machine

The Bubble Machine is a very simple but productive hydroponics system. The system consists of a plastic storage container with a lid. Holes are cut in the lid to receive plastic pots. An inexpensive air pump and bubble rock make up the rest of the system. A small plastic reducer is inserted in the side of the container and a piece of clear aquarium air pump tubing is used to gage the nutrient level. The number and size of the holes that are drilled in the lid depends on the plant and pot size. A large  plant might just have one hole in the middle of the lid. The author's system has 5 holes and uses  4 inch pots. I drilled holes in the pots so the roots could grow through then and into the nutrient. This is a very trouble free system. This is the first hydroponics system I built and has remained my favorite.

The nice thing about this system is that I can grow a spring crop of lettuce in the system before I dump the nutrient, and start over. This may not be possible with slower growing plants, or later in the warmer days of spring, as the plants will use more water. All you need to do is to add pH adjusted water until you have replaced the same volume of nutrient you started with. In my system, I started out with seeds placed in perlite and watered. After the seeds sprouted, I fed the plants a 50% nutrient solution. I then waited until the plants had true leaves, and were about 1-1/2 inch tall before moving them into the 4" pots that had been whetted with nutrient. I filled the nutrient tank until it over lapped the pots by about 1/2 ". I did this because the new plants did not have long roots and I wanted to be sure that the perlite in the pots came in contact with the nutrient. Remember that if you are starting this system a little late, you can go to your local nursery or home center and get your plants. If the plants you purchase are in a peat / soil mixture make sure to wash the roots before putting them in the media. I used perlite as a system medium, but "Grow Rocks" would work just as well. What can you grow in this type of system? Things like lettuce and herbs do quite well. You could grow other plants like green beans, squash and peppers. One squash plant would probably cover the entire system because of its large leaves. Make sure you think about how large a mature plant will be before adding a bunch of plants that later will compete for their place in the sun. If you want a trouble free system and want to enjoy successful hydroponics growing the first time out, then the Bubble Machine is it.

The results on the left. This was taken in late December in my new hobby greenhouse. I have already enjoyed a good salad from this system. The bubbler system is 5 years old and going strong. Once a year you will need to clean up the unit because of all the nutrient salt buildup.

The 1 Gallon Bubbler System

This bubbler system is a good example of making a hydroponics system from most anything. This system is constructed from 1 gallon plastic jugs. Two of them are milk jugs and the other one is from a distilled water jug that my wife used. Because you can see through the jugs, I painted them green with spray paint that is especially manufactured to paint plastic.  When cutting off the tops, go slow, as the plastic is rather thin and easy to cut. If you are not careful, you will quickly cut the hole too big for the 2 inch net pots. Also, be careful not to wrinkle the plastic as you will create a crack. Because the plastic is so thin, they will probably only last one season. This system is a good project for school or for just having fun. Note that the end of the air tubing is connected to a small bubbler rock.

The graphic below is the completed 1 gallon bubbler. The air rock (stone) is placed at the bottom of the jug. Also note that when I painted the jug, I put some tape on the side of the jug so that when I removed it, I would have a small window (nutrient level window) on its side. Using this window, I can monitor the nutrient level of the jug. For this system, I made three of them and ran the bubblers from one air pump. If you have a lot of jugs and a lot of air pumps, there is probably no limit to how many of these could be made and put into operation.

Just as I had finished building the 1 gallon bubblers, my wife asked me if I could grow parsley for her as we were expecting a freeze and when that happens all her parsley is destroyed. The graphic below shows the parsley we pulled from her garden and placed in the system. Note in the graphic that I have used LECA rock to hold the parsley plants she pulled out of her garden.  I am thinking that if I had about 10 or 15 of these systems that I could grow almost all the herbs I would ever need. 

On coming blogs, I will talk about LED lighting and what I use. Also a bit on hydroponic nutrients that you will want to use in your bubbler systems.

Its almost time for dinner here in Central Texas. Those crappy cruddy weather gods have run a low pressure into Houston at the moment. Wonder if it will make it this way? Oh my Dinner is Eggs Benedict and fresh Asparagus. Sorry your not here, but I have to eat all the crap food my wife cooks every day- Ya its tough!

Winter is on its way
Purchase your 7 years of seeds
Grow a garden
Start a bubbler system

Cheers and best of everything

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

Need Seeds?

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Living a Big Lie

 Yes Global Warming did happen and it was caused by the Sun but it ended in 1990 and the Grand Solar Minimum started in 2008. It's all down hill from here on.

At the moment Atmospheric CO2 is at a million year low, and our planet is now starving for CO2. 

CO2 is plant food, and you had better wish that we don't reduce it any more.

You are being told that the earth is sick, and the sickness is man. I must be really sick as in my past part of my life I have spread CO2 all over the world. Nasty me. If you drive a car Nasty You.

Our current climate science is mostly fake and false. This falseness is very dangerous at best. It is leading people down paths that will end in a dead end. At the dead end there will be a realization that they have been lied to and it is too late to backtrack to a safer place. If that is not dangerous, I don't know what would be. Just how evil is it to know one thing but push something else.

Not all people pushing man made climate change are evil. Many are just drinking the cool-aide. If you hear a lie enough times then the lie will sound like the truth. If the controlled news pushes this lie and agenda then that is all that most will hear. Most live their life's deep in their little boxes, and when confronted on the climate question only regurgitate what they have heard. Most have never taken the time to look into what actually is happening.

Living the big lie hides what is shown in the graphic below. I don't think you will ever see anything like it in the news.

I noticed that even the ?pope? is pushing Global Governance. I can hear it coming and you probably do to. With all the food shortages, crop failures and the SGSM, we will need a global system of making sure food is parsed out in a fair and reasonable manner. Of course we need to make sure there is no cheating so all the food will have to be collected and warehoused in central locations and controlled by a centralized database and system. I bet they have a bunch of friends that will be glad to run the system. If you have extra food, you must turn it in so that there is no hording which will become a global crime.

The new global food distribution system will require that everyone has a global ID card and even better a global RFID chip.

While no such system actually exists at the moment, you can bet when you do hear about it, you will remember my little blog.

In the next two years things are going to get dicey out there at the grocery store. Food is going to get scarce and it's going to be expensive. As I have written before. People will have to decide if they want to eat or do a lot less of  other things. The increased food prices will eventually crash the US and Global economy. Its happening here, in Europe and in China. Just wait until the billions of Chinese realize what is happening. Food inflation is increasing every day. Twenty dollar drinks and popcorn at the movies will be a thing of the past. New cars, probably not. Eating out - you must be kidding - have you checked the price of a drink, a burger and fries lately. New shoes, well the old ones will do. As food prices increase over the next two years, the economy and unemployment will get worse and worse. When was the last time you received a raise? Almost never?

You can hedge all of this and have some popcorn at the same time if you plan now and start a garden. You will be amazed how much food you can grow in a small garden. If left up to my own devices, and had a little water, even at 76 I could grow enough food to feed my self. Might get a bit skinny, but I need that now anyway.

Its slowly getting cooler in Central Texas. Gee those crappy weather and rain gods will bless Texas soon with temps in the eighties and maybe a bit of rain. I have all my popcorn ready for the ice and snow season up north this winter.

Its almost 9:00 PM here and I was up at 5:00 AM, so its time to think about some sleep. I have been dreaming about the SGSM lately, so what sleep I get isn't all that good.

Prepare and start your garden.

Wishing you the best of everything

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

Need Seeds?

These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Dinner Table Conversation Gone Bad.

I have had the above conversation a few times. As you can imagine I was not the most popular person at the table. How many time have you brought up global cooling in a conversation? I suspect you may have had the same results as I have. It's like having fleas, the flu or leprosy.

As of yet, I have not come up with a good way to bring up the subject. Have you? I guess I should just quit trying as the results have been a bit spotty. There has been 24,000 visits to my blog, but few are returning. Perhaps I have bad breath or am blogging about the wrong thing? Probably getting rich or sex would sell better than certain death any day?

Its not very funny, but the the Wales Grand Solar Minimum Channel at this URL  gives almost daily global briefings on global cooling and there are as few as 100 to 200 visitors to each video. That's pretty sad.

If you really want to keep track of what is coming there are many out on YouTube keeping track of what is coming our way. It looks like there is really no interest in what is being said.

I was thinking I could rent one of those large signs on an interstate.

Perhaps that would work?

Well The sun is going down here in Central Texas. I had a good day as I got to deliver microgreens to all my clients. It was just as crazy out there on the roads as it always is. People going here and yonder like a bunch of ants and having no idea that in two years their world will probably be turned up side down. Better drink all that beer and eat all that pizza now as it will really get expensive soon.

It's time to grow a garden and prepare
Wishing you the best of every thing.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

Need Seeds?

These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL