Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tickets - Get your Tickets

Its ticket time. Everyone on this earth will soon have to have one. I am not completely sure that the tickets will look exactly like mine, but I suspect they will be similar but not as colorful. As the SGSM counts down and plays out, these tickets will begin to appear every place.

You will especially see them on our completely controlled news outlets and global warming agenda websites. They will be offering the Free Ride Ticket of course. They will attempt to scare you into taking their ticket. While the Control Your Future Ticket will be ignored and talked down or not even be mentioned.

I do have an agenda in writing this blog. That agenda is to inform you, and let you decide if I am a crazy old man or what I am talking about has any validity. Its your choice. My agenda is one of caring about your and my family's future.

How to decide what ticket to take

This coming fall and winter will tell the story. If it is a repeat of last fall and winter, then you need to take the Green / Blue ticket for sure. If the world starts burning up, and there is little rain or snow in our grow belts throughout the world, then you just might consider the ugly Red ticket.

Remember, global warming is going to kill all of us in - Hmmm lets see - 12, 15, 25 or 30 years so why worry?

While I have no money to make a bet, I really think the green / blue ticket will eventually be in demand.

To be truthful, most people choose the FREE RIDE ticket. They do it by default and don't even know that there is a choice of tickets. This is where society has slowly being moved and pushed. The reason is this. What do people actually think about as they scamper to work every morning? They just ate breakfast, stopped by the star people and got a cup of coffee and report in at their job. Back at home the refrigerator is full of  food and cold beer and wine. Their freezer is stuffed with pizza and other GMO delicious things that may be cooked or microwaved. Their house has wireless and cable internet service, and they have a large huge TV in their living room. The heat and the AC work and their mortgage can be handled if both husband and wife work. Their SUV is working just fine.

Life is good

So what in the HELL is the SGSM and why would they ever care?

Tear up your ugly Red Ticket and plant a garden and start or join a community. Its your choice, so prepare.



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