Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Big Disconnect - Flip the Switch

Have you noticed  all the crazy food slogans  and food products being pushed at you lately. Things like the end of meat or the best one is a slogan

"Meat is Heat".

Thanks Ice Age Farmer for the above slogan.

This of course is that animals are causing global warming and we all need to quit eating meat or the world will soon end for all of us. Of course this is the agenda to make it so that only a few producers of food will be there to feed the world. So we see this on the BBC which is amazing for me, but is a look at the very near future, The headlines read:

Is rationing key to managing dwindling resources?
With global human demands said to have outstripped the Earth's natural supplies for this year, should there be limits on what we consume?

Or another from the BBC

Families forced to ration food
A study by Oxfam Scotland has found the poorest people in Scotland are rationing food to deal with food shortages.
The research found 25% of Scots on low incomes have struggled to pay for their weekly shop.
Food prices increased by another 5% in the past year and Oxfam has said food bills have almost doubled since 2008.

14 Oct 2011

  If you think doubling of food prices is rough, just wait for next years prices. Food prices in Europe and in the UK are truly rising. I expect the same thing to happen here in the US as well.

All of this offers us and opportunity     Here come the bullet points:

  • Opportunity One. As things go down hill and food becomes expensive or rationed, let those insane people who want to oppress you and I dish out all the Frankenstein Foods in the works. Just become totally dependent on them and become their food slaves. Just sit on your bottom watching TV. That's all it will take. Simple, easy and stupid.
  • Opportunity Two. Give them the big fat finger and start growing your own food. 

Even growing some food can push opportunity one back. Get or build a greenhouse, cold frame or start a garden. No land, then work with those that do and share the produce. If you are even remotely looking at what is happening, you know where food is going, 

You can see it in the news. things like lab grown meat, Meatless meat etc. If opportunity one happens, you will be receiving your 540 calories of meatless food allotment for the day from your global provider who has your best interest at heart. Fat people will get leaner for sure. People that need 2000 calories to actually do physical work will slowly get weaker. So lets just replace them with AI and a few robots.

Hello Out There Testing 1 2 3
Is there anyone out there that is smart enough to solve opportunity 2? That really needs to take place. We need to return to the earth not a big box store for our food. People once again need to take their future in their hands and provide for them selves instead of a government handout. We have placed our very health, body and mind in the hands of a few. Our complex infrastructure could be gone in seconds if the sun decides to take a large burp. That smart person out there could make trillions if he or she came up with a solution.

Be Your own solution.

We all have it in us. Some where in your brain and bodies are memories and genes from your ancestors who knew how to take care of them selves. 

Its not rocket science. How hard is putting a seed in the dirt and watering and nurturing it until it is ready to eat? Even a SMALL CHILD could do that. So when you can see your ribs and your children are crying for food. Think about the above.
  • Purchase some seeds.
  • Start a garden.
  • Work as a community.
  • You will then have power over the powers that be.
I am now looking at the sun going down here in Central Texas. Today I met some really amazing people which I am thankful for. Grab Opportunity Two. Become the person that you need to be at this very time of your existence. Remember that you are an

Aware Entity (Alive and have a brain)

and not some dumb label or a bug under some rock. Don't become some ones commodity. Think about what you saw in France and don't become a Free Range Slave. You have the ability to live the life you want, not some others idea of how you should live. You are not a Doctor, Mother, Wife, Husband or a zip code. You are not your address or your social security number. You are not a nice person looking for nice things to do. Ya perhaps nice but it is a choice only as its not you. Your are an Aware Entity that has millions and millions of choices available, so make them wisely. All the above things could have been things that you have chosen, but they are not you. You  are really an Aware Entity that can choose these things. Each of us is unique so act like it.

With those good thoughts, good night. Tomorrow is another day. It's your day so grasp it and don't be a label.


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