Thursday, August 1, 2019

Progression is it Happening?

Even NOAA thinks we are going into a low sunspot period as in the predicted values in the plot of Sunspot Number Progression. Looks like they will be trailing off to zero out to 2023 in the plot. As we progress through the SGSM, we should even see cooler times than we are just recently seeing.  This has been a really cool summer here in Central Texas although I am seeing (actually feeling) a more intense feeling on my body when I get into the direct sun. It would not take much to really burn my skin. I am thinking I am seeing an increase in UV here.  But I need to keep telling myself that weather is not climate, but climate causes weather. In the case of the cool weather we are seeing in some places (from the north to south and in my area) tells me that we are seeing climate effects. These effects are caused by wandering jet streams. This wandering will cause some strange things to happen. Like last year when it was colder here in the states then in some places in the arctic. If that's not wandering I am not sure what would be.

The plot below is one from Dr. Waheed Uddin.
 From the Professor: I am a professor, consultant, researcher, former United Nations expert, author of global infrastructure asset management books, and contributor to a climate change mitigation handbook. I have lectured and/or worked worldwide in 28 countries. I invite you to visit my blog where I regularly post my views on protection of infrastructure from natural disasters. Blog URL. DR. Uddin is a very cool guy in my estimation.

If the above plot of sunspot activity from Now until December 2030 is correct, we are in for some really cool / cold times ahead. We are at the cusp of this and the coming years will play out how bad the SGSM will be. Only time will tell and as time ticks by, we are seeing more and more strange weather and cooling. Sunspot cycle 25 should tell the story. Of course every time it is hot some place, the CO2 Heads will be hollering that the world is burning up and we will all soon die. They may be correct, but not because of CO2. There are many serious problems coming our way for the human race and none of them are caused by CO2.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plots explaining how awful and hot the planet is end at the year 2000? The answer is that the year 2000 was the peak of the modern warm period. If they end their plots then, they can point to the recent warming which there was, but in doing that don't have to show what happened after 2020. I have discussed this in some of my blogs. This warm period has allowed you and I to be born. The world grew enough food to feed all the billions which you and I are a part of. The modern warm period was a short intense cycle by the sun that warmed the earth. The modern period was a blessing. That nice warm cycle is over. If that cycle did not take place we would now be looking at an Ice Age. We would have never come out of the little Ice Age. The human race was not ready for the little Ice Age and if it had continued, there would be a lot fewer of us alive today. One nice thing about this warm period is that it has allowed us to develop technologies that will be very useful during the coming cooler times. That is they will be useful if we use them in time. At some point it will be too late to do almost anything if our global infrastructure breaks down, and the world goes into a free for all. Hopefully we will quickly see this and start doing something. Wasted hope?

Speaking of solar Irradiance (SI) below is another plot from the professor with a little input from me.

So are we headed for the following as shown in the graphic below? Will the cooling be as great as the Maunder Minimum? Well stand by, in the next few years we will know for sure.

So are we progressing? It looks like it and every day all over this planet we are seeing a bit more of what the SGSM will bring. Hot, Cool, Cold, Hail and Flooding are just a few examples. There are some amazing examples of atmospheric compression happening every day as our jet streams take a holiday from their normal paths. These things we call anomalies will become just normal violent parts of the SGSM. Winter is coming so get ready. It's hot here in Central Texas, but that's just weather and soon (probably in about three weeks which is the end of August 2019) I will again as I did in July be feeling north wind hit me in the face as I peered out over my Ruth Stout garden.

It's easy now, but don't wait too long to start growing your garden, purchasing seed and start thinking about community. Wishing you the best of progress.

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  1. Hi Dennis, I was wondering what effect this will have on high altitudes in America, and/or all over the world.