Friday, August 23, 2019

Long Term Storage Foods in a MSBOX

OK, lets talk long term foods. Just remember, that if you don't have a:
  • Garden
  • Greenhouse
  • In House growing like microgreens
  • Cold Frames
  • Stealth foods like potatoes and artichokes
  • Chickens and cute little yummy rabbits

You wont be very healthy eating only the things below

CODE: Mylar sealed bags with Oxygen absorbers = MSBOX

Raw Honey.  It lasts a lifetime or more.
Salt Same as honey if kept dry
Sugar Same as salt if kept dry
Lentils - Good for 10 years and then get out a hammer
White Rice - 20 years - keep dry and in a MSBOX
Beans -See Lentils
Popcorn - 20 years - store in a MSBOX - Need a grinder - Get two or three good ones.
Liquor - Booze - Not for diabetics for sure
Pasta - My favorite. Keep dry - lasts for years
Powdered Milk - Should use a moisture absorber in a MSBOX . 20 years?
Apple Cider Vinegar - use it on your salads
Baking Soda
Bouillon Cubes - Must store really well - MSBOX. Salty
Corn Starch - great thickener
Corn Syrup - This crap is killing us and is in anything - Oh well its the SGSM
Maple Syrup - Expensive - get some soon and keep in glass bottle
Potato Flakes  - Keep dry store in a MSBOX
Ramen Noodles - Oh My Oh My - this stuff is cheap. Store in vacuum seal bags - Trade it before it kills you.
Oatmeal. I like the fast cooking stuff. - Lasts a real good long time. Keep dry and in a MSBOX.
Soy Sauce Loads of salt
White Vinegar - keep in grass container
Whole Wheat Grains - Need a grinder and store in a MSBOX.
Powdered Milk - Store in a MSBOX.

Do I have any of the above? Yes I do and as I stated above you will get really weak and sickly if its all you eat. You need to eat all the green / red / yellow / purple veggies like in the picture above. So what about MREs (Meals Ready To Eat)? Well not a good idea as they don't last long and expensive. If you eat this stuff you may have gastric problems.

While this type of storage is great, there are also some really good storage foods on the commercial market. I prefer freeze dried foods from Mountain House. I know you need to be rich to afford this stuff which I am not. Also caned foods from your big box store are great for at least 8 to 10 years or more.

You need to grow your own food so start a garden. You and your community should have a repeat from above:

  • Garden
  • Greenhouse
  • In House growing like microgreens
  • Cold Frames
  • Stealth foods like potatoes and artichokes
  • Chickens and cute little yummy rabbits
I repeat, you will not make it through the SGSM without a community. Start one or join one. 

You need to eat what you grow in the summer, store what you can (squash, potatoes, onions etc.) and then eat your storage food.

When you eat your long term freeze dried food, know that you are approaching starvation as this is the food of last resort.


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