Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Global Governance

In my last blog I talked about Global Governance and 5G. It looks like 5G is being pushed out big time in the EU. Here is a headline"

The "fifth generation" of telecommunication systems, or 5G, will be one of the most critical building blocks of our digital economy and society in the next decade. Europe has taken significant steps to lead global developments towards this strategic technology.

The graphic below is from your un-elected friendly buddies over at the EU. Looks like a really wonderful system especially if the grid goes down or you don't pay your power bill. But don't worry, with the huge concern about global warming and CO2, it will save the planet. Just think, it will be run with green power. That's power where there is no power when it's cloudy and the wind does not blow. What can go wrong with that especially during the Super Grand Solar Minimum?

Yep its the internet of everything. Without 5G and the telecommunication system it will provide, the internet of everything cannot happen. It would be impossible for some form of social credit system to be setup without it. And having a smart city and home will make all this possible. The internet of everything is an intriguing idea, but the downside is the abuse it would make available to those who want to control the narrative.

What about 5G here in the US? I think we are a bit behind and they better hurry up as the SGSM will soon make having cash for a $125 a month Cell Phone not even possible. So the question remains how will the poor be part of the smart city? Perhaps just let the SGSM takes it toll, then there wont be any poor people around to worry about.

Below is a list I found on where we are here in the US for 5G roll out. Remember to get your 5G tin foil hats to protect your brain if you have any left.

US 5G Rollout  

  • Verizon: Fixed and mobile 5G is live in a few areas
  • AT&T: Mobile 5G for select customers in 21 cities; wider coverage throughout 2019
  • T-Mobile: Commercial 5G service available in parts of six cities; nationwide coverage expected in 2020
  • Sprint: Mobile 5G in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City
  • U.S. Cellular: 5G services coming in second half of 2019
  • C Spire: Fixed 5G services in Mississippi
  • Charter: Testing 5G, but no solid rollout plans
  • Starry: Fixed 5G currently in Boston, Denver, LA, New York City, and Washington DC
What I am looking for is all the equipment that will make the internet of everything work. Like:

  • One huge financial database that eliminates cash and credit cards. Convenience at the tip of your finger!
  • Smart Cars
  • Smart Appliance
  • Smart personal equipment
  • Smart shocker collars for unruly people
  • Smart Ass equipment
Hmm doesn't sound like a world I want to live in, See my blog

A Wonderful Day in CO2 City

While I may be making fun about this, there are some entirely insane people who think this is a good idea. It could be, but not if you are insane. As an old Radar Technician, and RF guy, the idea of 5G RF being every- place scares the Holy and I mean Holy crap out of me. Even worse they will soon be thousands of these things circling the earth and beaming down a literal cloud of RF onto your head. I am praying for an outburst from the sun that will fry all this insane 5G electromagnetic brain warmers from the earth. Well I can only dream. What do you think? More on Global Governance in later blogs.

Wishing you a RF free environment - Jeepers that means no Cell Phone you know?
Dennis in radio free 5G land


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